Anupama 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Wish


Anupama 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi calls Samar and Toshu for Bhai dhooj tika ritual. Baa feels sad that Dolly will not visit them for the festival for the first time. Kavya thinks she needs to act as a good bahu as per V’s orders. She greets everyone happy bhai dhooj, but nobody replies. She says she will get milk for Baa. Bapuji says he already gave her. Anu calls Baa. Baa excitedly picks call and asks how is she. Anu says she is fine, is busy at office and hence cannot visit them, love for children, and Baa should take care of herself well. Kavya asks if she should call Dolly for bhai dhooj ritual as Dolly will not deny her request. Vanraj says let it be. Kinjal says Pakhi will perform papa and Bapuji’s tika as it auspicious today.
Pakhi sees everyone sad and remembering last year’s festival sings Jhola Bahon Ka Aaj Bhi Dona Mujha dances with Samar and Toshu and performs their, Bapuji, and Vanraj’s tika. Dolly thinks its her family and she needs to convince them as Vanraj’s way to heart is via this family and not stomach.

Anu prepares chocolate fudge in her house and remembers cooking at Anuj’s house. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song plays in the background. She then thinks Sweety must have applied tika to Samar and Toshu. Vanraj calls Baa outside and says he wants to talk to her something important; he knows Kavya will repeatedly make mistakes and Baa will scold her. Baa asks what is new in it. He says he will not stop Kavya’s mistakes, let Anu visit them as per Baa’s wish and if there is any tussle, let her and children handle at their level, Bapuji will not interfere in anything, and Baa as a MIL shouldn’t misbehave with Kayva like she used to with Anu. Baa asks if she shouldn’t stop Kavya’s misbehavior. He says he is left way behind in life and wasted a lot of time; they named him Vanraj shah, a jungle lion, everyone used to fear him and he had a respect and name in market, he wants to regain same respect; its true that Anu never used to let family issues to him, hence he used to concentrate at work; he wants to prove that Baa’s son is not incompetent, children’s father hasn’t retired yet, prove Anu and Anuj that he hasn’t shattered yet, and finally he is a same old lion, so he doesn’t want any issues at home. Baa agrees, blesses him, and goes to get tea for him. Kavya noticing them thinks if they were conspiring against her.

Anuj waits for Anu at office. Anu enters office. Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi.. song plays in the background. She notices magnet in Anuj’s hand and remembers Bhavesh telling she noticed their childhood magnet with Anuj, Bapuji asking her to let Anuj in her heart, Samar also saying same, etc. Baa informs Bapuji what Vanraj told. Bapuji says he never spoke before and now he will never speak, Vannraj is his own enemy, his adamancy will make him succeed, and prays god to let him take right steps. Baa says he should trust their son. Bapuji says Vanraj should bother about himself forgetting other’s issues. Anuj welcomes Anu and gets happy smelling chocolate from her bag. She offers him chocolate fudge box. He praises chocolate fudge and says I love yo, he wrote his life’s first poem/shayari for it. Anu stops hearing that. Anuj reciting shayari continues praising choc fudge. she realizes its for the dish and not her. He enjoys dish. She checks magnet and realizes its her magnet.

Toshu asks Kinjal if she will shift with him to pent house as he will not get a job and pent house without her. She says he shouldn’t make penthouse as his identity and forget his own identity. He asks if she will not shift with him or not. She says she will not as she has more responsibilities and after what he did. He asks what did he do. She says he insulted his mother and went against her for a pent house, when he couldn’t be his family’s, how will he be hers. Kavya comments a person can have different perspective in life than others to succeed in life. Kinjal ignores her and leaves. Toshu asks Kavya to go and help Vanraj in cafe. She asks why don’t he himself go and help or else he wants to go to only penthouse. He fumes that everyone insults him. Anuj finishes choc fudge smearing his lips with it. Anu says he is modern day Kanhaji, Kanhaji used to have butter and he has choc. He laughs followed by her. GK passes by and smiles seeing them laughing. Song continues playing..

Precap: Pakhi calls Anu to visit her PTM meeting. Anuj takes Anu to meeting. Anu tells Devika that she has to think about Anuj like he thinks about her. Devika asks her to accept her love for Anuj.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Love u Deviika and Bapuji!! They both helped Anu to realize Anuj’s feelings for her!! They both r very supportive…. And what do I say about Samar…. He’s been telling Anu since the very start about Anuj!!!
    Fingers crossed now!🤞🤞

  2. As I said yesterday, Maan scenes very less more focus on Shah house. Next week I guess 50years anniversary celebration will go on till Saturday.

  3. Pakhi calling mummy for her PTM. That’s an improvement.

  4. Bruh… Kavya trying to act like the good bahu when she already screwed herself over so badly…

    Also Vanraj Shah talking about being back… like you have been saying that since January and you made no progress.

    Anuj and Anupama scenes were so cute! 🥰

  5. Enough now!
    We want more of Maan scenes, Ak n Gk scenes, office scenes, devika, Anu’s mother and everything else and less of shah family issues

    1. If they don’t show us the shah family issues how would they strecth the story😂 honestly, I love ak and gk scenes more than the stupid problems of shahs. In one episode vanraj acts as postive character but in other one he’s negative. I guess I’m still confused who’s neg and who’s pos. Nowadays, pakhi is behaving like a good daughter/sistr/gd but we don’t know for how long.



    1. Ya i agree. They are all more than pathetic. They are worst.

    2. Are you being sarcastic or what?😭😭

    3. And Amar is most horrible

    4. Oh okay thank you.

    5. Shruti Kulkarni

      I didn’t get you! Means..

    6. awwww so sweet to hear . I will make sure to ANNOY U MORE

    7. Thankyou for your compliments. Well I cleared that I’m commenting till the time my college reopens. As I have to focus upon my B.Sc final year. I just came back from college because my Zoology teacher was absent today and saw your mention. Thankyou for your compliments as your compliments won’t make me loser or pathetic as the blood of a family who only thinks in a correct manner runs in my viens. And Mr. Amar I don’t understand what you’re thinking. As suddenly you goes against most of the writers and suddenly in their support. But Mystery, Wolky Dolky speaks the truth like me. And it’s a Sanatan Sach that people who speak truth have haters around them. And many people who thinks that makers shouldn’t show Shahs let me clear you Gaurav sir joined just 3 months back. While whole cast is doing hard work since 2020. And it’s due to their hard work that show garnered first 2 highest trps of 3.9 and 4.0. So they can’t ignore hard work of whole cast for a character just 3 months old. And I’m loving the way Anu is realising Anuj’s love like Nandu realised Samar’s love in realistic way gradually. Not like that 2 din wala crap pyaar of YRKKH. Because one can only get attracted in 2 days. But pure love is a gradual process. Which they first showed through SaNan now through MaAn. And one thing one who tags others as losers Just because their opinion doesn’t match with that one single person is the biggest loser himself not accepting to welcome others views

    8. I said that to myself too
      That’s of course a sarcasm like you are accepting that its all compliments and not insults.

    9. @Pri . Thanks for your compliments . 🙏🙏 . And yaa they should not critize the other caste members but I am feeling the makers are somewhat trying to whitewash Assrajs character . Even These stupid Sbs(Saas Bahu aur Saazish)people are trying to set a love angle between AnuRaj which is even more pathetic . Just hope AnuRaj isnt the endgame🙏🙏🙏🙏

    10. Btw Pri what Amar said was sarcasm 😂

    11. Thanks for saying my comment it is pathetic… I’m super happy for such rude comments when I was never rude to anyone. Thank you, your comments mean so much.

  7. I think vanraj atleast said one right thing to baa. To atleast treat 2nd dil rightly. I know kavya doesn’t deserve it, but since she is dil of that house baa needs to treat her properly unlike anupama. Also, I think kavya’s real problem is not the family, it is anupama. Cuz, everyone are so obsessed with her, that she gets really jealous and insecure. She did try few times, to care about the family, but her jealousy and selfishness makes her do horrible things. Even in today’s episode, she stated that however the family is, it is hers, so she needs to do something. So, I think she does care about them. She screwed up a lot, but still she keeps trying to become a good dil, to get accepted in the house. She wants the same level of affection anupama recieves, but doesnt realise that anupama never really receieved such affection except from kinjal, samar and bapuji. Kavya can become a good person, if she stops thinking about anupama and minds her own business.
    And vanraj, i don’t care whatever he does, he gains success, loss, I dont care abt it as long as he doesnt disturb anupama.
    It was really cute to see pakhi enjoy with samar and toshu. I totally loved it watching how pakhi trying to lighten up the mood and make everyone happy. She did change a bit, instead of being self centred. And the fact, she called anupama for ptm….she really changed. But, I just hope she doesnt turn negative again.

    1. @Amulya true!
      Kavya is not wrong, just she is different from mahaan bahu Anupama.
      All the new age girls are somehow similar to her. Its better to treat her as any other respectable human being rather than a naukarani.
      Loved Vanraj again while sending out this message. We need this message loud and clear.
      MIL and DIL have century old disputes. Its time to settle them for smooth running of household.
      MIL and DIL have generation gap and no one is wrong here. So better both get adjusted.
      Normally the son/husband bridges or widens this gap with understanding or by being biased.
      Yes Kavya is insecure because of Anupama, even I become insecure when everyone praises my elder sis and scolds me. I do all the possible nonsense. These comparisons are detrimental.
      Yes Kavya can become very successful professionally and personally by focusing on her own business or by joining team Anupama honestly.
      Pakhi was adorable as you said. And Kinjal is understanding as always.

    2. @Amulya and Subha, are you both serious? Are you really justifying the actions of a person by putting a tag of jealousy in there? Just because something is, as you boldly put it, common, does not mean it is right or should be even reasoned with. Just because she cannot contain her ‘jealousy’, she is ruining the life of another woman, coincidentally, with whose ex-husband she had an extra marital affair with. She just wants to see Anupama suffer.
      And I am sick and tired of people like @Subha making a big issue of someone being too good. Being good is what we aspire to be. Are you really ridiculing a person who has managed to become like that? Better get your priorities straight, both of you.

    3. @Lokesh, you think I have issue with Anupama. No I don’t have issue with Anupama at all.
      I have issue with the treatment our Anpamas get.
      I have literally grown up seeing my MOM like Anupama, So I understand Anupama and her sentiments very well and I am rebellious since my childhood because of this.
      All I demand is that respect and right they deserve.

    4. I have never seen Kavya behaving like other vamps creating trouble for Anupama.
      Like making Anupama late to office, spoiling her dishes, trying to kill her etc.
      All I have seen is she tries to win people by her side leaving Anupama.
      Wherever she goes Anupama weighs more and she is insecure about it as no one values her.
      And this is my personal opinion and it might not be correct.

    5. @subha U got one thing ssoo wrong here .. kavya is justified till the point she feels jealous of Anupama cause she too is a human for that matter even if she can’t love baa the way anu does its understandable..but no ..she has tried to instigate people against Anupama that’s not what a normal new age girl would do.. she might not have gone to the extent like pure evil people but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done her share of f**ked up things .. sure can’t help the way she feels about anu or anyone but she can control her actions which she doesn’t.. u tell me if u don’t like someone u will just ignore them but u won’t go around planning n plotting against them .. the only new age girl representative in this show is devika n Kinjal ..devika is on a slightly detached side while Kinjal on the attached side as fr as relationships are concerned.. there is every justification for what kavya feels but no Justification for how she acts …

  8. Just enjoying MaAn scenes amid shah circus drama house . Finally we are seeing pakhis character growth . I hope the makers maintain it and dont ruin it for drama .
    btw I want to see some college scenes of MaAn . When Anuj used to simp Anu . Can we get to see . Also the scene when Anuj said that he went to ANu’s house to propose her but saw she was happy . I want a sequence like that . Anyone who agrees?

    1. Yesss
      That sequence is important

    2. Even I want those scenes. I thought they’ll show us anuj’s love for anu via showcasing those scenes but he told everything like a story. Maybe they don’t want to act like college students. ofc we want gaurav and rupali to perform those scenes not like how they earlier showed the dummy actors who portrayed anuj falling at first sight for anu in “pehla nasha” song.

    3. They can cast someone else (who are 18-20yrs ) for this . Just a opinion

    4. Me too…… I want to see as well, it wud be sooo good to watch🥰

  9. Well …. Not motivated enough to watch the show… so satiating with only these updates…. But after reading I have a doubt… what on earth is vanraj’s actual problem… kavya ditching him or anupama leaving him??
    Coz even now he wants to prove anupama and anuj that he’s not shattered… does he have delusion…?? Doesn’t he know that they do mot bother…!! Apni biwi pe focus krne m koi masla h kya use….??? Always he revolves around the other woman.. some psycho he is….!!!

    And this BA… slow claps 👏 for her… she’s toh more mahaan than anupama… that fellow… her dearestestestestest….. son threw her out of the home… instead of schooling him for misbehaving with parents… she is again into that mera beta bhagwan h mode… gajab paagal h… koi naraazgi nahi … afsos nahi.. regret nahi … nothing at all….

    1. A freak called Taesha is someone who thinks not watching the show but commenting on updates or other people’s comments is “hypocrisy”. She has not heard of ‘Free Speech’. Pity this person does not have the power to blank comments that disagree with his/hers!!

  10. If anyone has watched the episode please translate Babuji’s talk to Baa properly, I think the update missed a little bit

    1. Baa says Anupama has moved on, children are moving on. Vanraj wants to be successful and stay out of family quarrels.
      Bapuji says he never spoke before when he was the head of family and now he is staying as a guest and he will never report about the family issues to him.
      Bapuji says Vannraj is his own enemy, his adamancy will make him succeed, and prays god to let him take big steps instead of wrong steps.
      Baa says he should trust their son. Bapuji says Vanraj should bother about only himself forgetting others.

    2. Thank you @Subha

  11. Great watching anu and anuj scenes but seeing these shah especially toshu and vanaraj is a torture. The contrast between Maan and shahs are huge possibly that’s the reason Maan scenes standout

  12. Now that Kavya has shown her teeth and what she’s able to do to fend herself Vanraj talked to his Mother and told her to spare the family the fights!! It is a take home message . Cry and people would make you cry more, stand helpless and forgive and be prepared for more suffering. Enduring evil is not a virtue .

    1. Correct! But women were that helpless few decades ago, there was no way out for them.
      Now as the time is changing ladies have to make use of it and prove that they are worthy of it.

  13. i think the story lone has to take a leap now
    vanraj will get the house back and file for a divorce anu should marry anuj snd the rest
    of the shah family move on with their lives the leap has to happen so soon now
    Kavya is a just a typicsl slapper after money and wealth many women like her type in england so thats story line not new at all
    tees from England

  14. Vanraj?
    Please explain why does everything got to be with Anu and Anuj. Not once did they call him a loser or a good for nothing, so WHY KEEP ON REPEATING THE SAME THING! HE SHOUTS at Kavya when she mentions their names but
    when he does it, it is nothing at all. Kavya is different and that what is the truth, but it does not justify her taking the house but at the same time does (50-50)

    Bro😂😂😂😂Anuj killed me today. Like. BROOO!! You can never be so greedy in your life for so much chocolate. Chocoholic😂😂😂Anu wish she made some for herself. What a sweet moment, nothing to care in the world. Devika must be jumping hearing about Anu and her feelings (well tomorrow). Plus Pakhi is taking Anu to the PTM!! Wowowowowo!! That is progresses. I know it is irritating seeing the Shahs, but firstly yes it called Anupamaa but again the Shah’s and their problems effect Anu plus these actors have been acting there longer and so it is onky fair to give them 50-50 screen time. But they should not isolate Gaurav.

  15. I guess this Vanraj is again soo into himself…….. Even after Kavya has done Soo much he still wants to show Anu Anuj tht he’s not less….. I mean did they ever speak bad to him o something …… Common man if u want show something show Kavya pls…… Spare our fav pair……

    I’m eagerly waiting to see more of Anu Anuj scenes 😁

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