Anupama 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Toshu Blames Vanraj For His Upbringing


Anupama 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkha provokes Kinjal against Toshu and suggests her to divorce him and move on. Kinjal thanks for her advice and asks her to leave her alone as she doesn’t want to talk about it. Barkha asks her to call her if needed, she will come if she is free. Anupama video chats with Anuj from office. Kinjal walks to Anuj panicked and says Pari is choking, asks Anupama to return home immediately. Anupama asks her to pat Arya’s back till she reaches home. Anuj calls GK and Ankush for help. Adhik says Ankush and Barkha have gone out. Anuj sends Adhik to call a doctor. Leela learns about Toshu’s suicidal intentions from and asks Samar to take her to Toshu to get him back home. She accuses Anupama of breaking Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage and asks Vanraj to bring Kinjal back home. Vanraj says let Kinjal calm down first. Leela continues accusing Anupama and says Toshu talked about committing suicide, so he should bring Toshu back home at any cost.

Kinjal continues to panic and asks Anuj to find out if he is bringing doctor. Anuj trying to calm her down falls on a table and injures his head. Anupama reaches home and helps Anuj sit. Kinjal continues to panic. Anupama stands blank. Toshu calls Vanraj. Vanraj asks him to come home. Toshu says he just repeated Vanraj’s mistake and instead of supporting him, he supported Anupama and kicked him out of the house; he says Vanraj betrayed Anupama, even then his family is with him, but Toshu’s family is snatched from him, etc. He asks how can his 1 mistake be lesser than Vanraj’s 8 years of sins. He blames Vanraj and Anupma for his condition and says he will never forgive them, he is doing something which will punish 3 of them, he is defeated by his parents and hence he is going to die. Vanraj gets worried hearing that.

Anupama panics seieng Arya and Anuj’s condition and tries to manage the condition. She calls doctor and feels herself guilty for guilty and starts repeating sorri sorri sorri. Anuj and Kinjal asks not to says sorry as she is not at fault. Anupama says she shouldn’t have left Arya and Anuj alone and getting them into trouble. Anuj forgetting his pain gets busy comforting Anupama. Anupama cries that she is unable to justify a single relationship. Anuj gets a call from Little Anu’s school where principal informs that Little Anu’s admission was not possible this year as Anupama failed to fill admission form on time. Anupama cries that she failed in every relationship. Vanraj calls her and asks if Toshu had called her. Anupama asks if something happened. Vanraj says nothing, she need not worry, and disconnects call.

Samar runs to Vanraj and informs that Toshu harmed himself. He gets out of imagination when Samar shakes him and informs him not to worry as Toshu is fine at his friend’s house. Vanraj thanks god and thinks he doesn’t want to give stress to Kinjal, Anupama, and Anuj, but is worried for Toshu. Anuj makes Anupma sleep. Kinjal tells Anuj that she cannot see Anupama’s condition and hence is returning home. Anuj says she should make Anupama feel guilty and prays god to give Anuj a strength to handle everything smoothly. Kinjal asks how Anupama handles everything alone. Anuj asks her to go and sleep as its too late. Anupama murmurs she needs to send Little Anu school, prepare breakfast for Anuj, and take care of Arya. Anuj asks her to rest as its still night and tomorrow is Sunday. He prays god to give him strength to handle Anupama.

Next morning, Shahs makes arrangements for their ancestors’ shraad pooja. Leela gives lecture on the importance of shraad pooja. She thinks once pooja is finished, she will visit Anupama’s house and bring Kinjal back home.

Precap: Leela insists Kinjal to return home or else Anupama will break her house. Anupama says its Toshu and Kinjal’s lives and they should take a decision and not Leela.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Paritosh should do the world a favour and enlist in the army and go away for good and take his precious Baa with him.
    Shah family will find peace once those 2 evil frogs are gone.
    He has the bad qualities of his Baa who only knows to blame Anupama
    But wants her nicely when it is time for doing housework otherwise knows to throw her out.😤

  2. Kinjal needs to understand that she can’t depend on Anupama fully..let Anupama breathe atleast..

    So acc to Toshu, Anupama is wrong vanraj is wrong everyone is wrong only he is right and victim..

    If baa wants to take Kinjal to her home, thn she should take her 100 prcnt responsibility instead of calling Anupama all the time and she also need to shut her gutter mouth and also ask her granddaughter to keep her mouth shut instead of shouting every 2nd day..

    Sometimes I wander ye shah family kaise chal ri hai? Everyone is jobless here infact these people are not even searching stil itni badi family ka guzara aaram se ho ra hai.. atleast kavya got a job now..and who the hell cooks food? Kinjal I not there..kavya has to go to office..lazy baa khana banane se rahi..princess pakhi kitchen me ghusne se rahi.

    1. RIP common sense

      Exactly! Everyone is jobless and still they celebrate all the festivals with full decoration and new dresses.. and even in routine life also they are always well dressed without repetition and ladies with full make-up. for how long such a big family can survive with just investment incomes nowadays?

    2. Akanksha Bali

      Right ,, even in serials main dikhaya jata hai ki sirf bde hi ghar ka khane or unpr hi responsibility hai …. Jbki inko dikhana chaie ki chote sb handle krrhe hai or bde rest … Tb toh log bigad rhe hai

    3. Baa hi banati hai

  3. Stress has caught up with anupama. She should get help. At least get a nurse for Anuj like before and maybe a baby sitter for Arya. It’s not like they are short of money.

    1. @ Razor. So you are now just repeating what I said some days back when I suggested Anuj hire nurses to take care of him. especially in Anu’s absence and to relieve her of too much burden. Some of you said she should care for Anuj first,she should always be there to take of Anuj, he has helped become this and that. So I hope everybody can see how important my prior suggestion of nurses are now?

  4. Baa is so sick

  5. This is when sending your elders to a senior living facility makes sense. With such ppl, how can young ppl live their lives and grow up.
    and before you trolls start with “respect your elders” bullshit, think about this..”To earn respect, you have to give respect”.

  6. Budhape mein kon bacha paalta hai aur paal bhi rhi hai toh shi se kro na. Aur kinjal ji apna bacha khud sambhalna chaahiye logon se expectation nhi rkhna chahiye

    1. Oh com’on mother are not superhuman entity like serials portrait out to be. She won’t know overnight what to do when her baby is choking. She is a 1st time mom and handling a newborn alone is just not possible. New mothers often panic and loose control, it is normal. They eventually learn and over time can handle emergency situations. I don’t get why don’t they just hire a nurse or a career, or a maid who has some experience with children so that person can assist both anuj and help kinjal.

  7. Seriously what’s going on … even normal middle class household in India gets maids etc.. if they needed maybe for short term such as during delivery. Then why this Kapadia family business tycoon has no domestic help and Anu has to do everything. Prepare bfast etc?? What the rest of family members are doing?? Sab kuch hamari mahan Anupama ko hi karna hai🤔

  8. Oh so to Toshu making the same mistakes of his father is considered to be forgivable?? A mistake is a mistake or else it wouldn’t be call a mistake??? His mindset is to justify his mistake n expect to be treated as normal but not thinking of how much he had hurt his wife n child?? And Put all the blame to his parent??

  9. This serial is crossed all the limits of logic. The so called intelligent educated Ellie class kinjal is acting like a stupid illiterate dependent small city belle and Anupama is super-powered she male.
    Hight of idiosyncrasy.

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