Imlie 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie Spoils Cheeni’s Plan


Imlie 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rathore family attends a marriage function. Imlie meets her bride friend Parul. Parul introduces Imlie and Cheeni to her friends who praise Cheeni’s beauty and dressing style. A body praises Imlie’s beauty and extends a friendship hand. Cheeni stops him and asks if he can’t see more beautiful things around. Imlie says if everyone pays attention to Cheeni, she will get a nazar, so let it be. She applies nazar ka teeka on Cheeni. Cheeni says she is a stupid. Narmada joins them and scolds Imlie. Parul’s mother asks Imlie to keep Parul’s mehandi in temple for blessings. Rupali applies nazar ka teeka to Imlie and says one who is worried for everyone needs nazar ka teeka most. She says she is a copy of her mother and reminds of sr Imlie. Imlie gets emotional and says her mother’s story looks like a fairytale. Rupali cheers her up.

Rana family attends wedding function next. Parul’s father thanks Rudra for coming to bless his daughter and introduces him to Sundar. Atharv feels bored. His cousin taunts him that he may find his Katrina/life partner here. He walks away scolding cousin and busy over phone bumps on Imlie, keeping his hand on the mehandi. Imlie bends to pick up mehandi bowl. Atharv notices Cheeni and wals towards her. Arpita notices bride’s mehandi on Imlie’s hand and says she will also be married soon. Imlie says her hands are made to write poems. Arpita says she can write poems for her husband. Imlie keeps mehandi in front of god’s idol and prays.

Atharv searches for Cheeni. His cousins mock him again. Atharv scolds them and searches for Cheeni again. Imlie returns to Parul’s room and seeing her crying asks if she is crying for her parents, she can visit them whenever she wants to. Cheeni reveals that Parul loves someone else. Imlie says parents love their children, so she should discuss about her love to her parents. Parul says her parents will not accept a poor boy. Cheeni suggests Parul to elope with her boyfriend. Imlie says her parents would be in disgrace if she does so, so she should accept alliance her parents has selected as parents never think bad for their children. Cheeni shows Parul and her boyfriend’s pic and says they love each other so much.

Imlie realizes that Parul’s boyfriend is a drug peddlar because of whom she was caught by police. Cheeni says he is not the one and asks Imlie not to misguide Parul and go out of room. Imlie walks away. Cheeni thinks Imlie cannot be right always, she will make Parul elope with her boyfriend at any cost. Imlie thinks she will not let Parul elope and ruin her parent’s dignity. Cheeni walks to Imlie and asks her not to call her sister again as she opposes her decisions always. Imlie apologizes her. Cheeni thinks she will not let Imlie win always. Atharv continues to search for Cheeni.

Rudra’s friends ask him if Atharv will join family business or will continue to play music. Rudra says soon Atharv will mend his mistakes and join family business. Athrav plays music and DJs the event. Cheeni thinks she can make Parul elope while everyone are busy dancing. She misleads Imlie and sends her away. Atharv smiles seieng Cheeni. Rudra’s friends say Atharv is insensitive, but has a great sense of music. Imlie standing in balcony identifies Atharv and prays god to keep him happy always. Her dupatta falls on Atharv and she walks down to get it. Cheeni takes Parul aside and asks her to elope soon. Parul asks what about Imlie’s advice. Cheeni says Imlie is outdated and senseless, so she shouldn’t bother about her. Parul hides seeing Imlie.

Cheeni asks her not to worry about Imlie and mixes alcohol in a juice for Imlie. Rupali takes the glass and asks her to get another glass for Imlie. Cheeni hides alcohol mixed juice glass and thinks she knows Rupali always guards Imlie and tricked her. She gives glass to Imlie and forces her to have it. Atharv bumps on Imlie, and Imlie drops glass. Cheeni thinks her whole plan is spoilt because of Imlie.

Precap: Atharv agrees to help Cheeni in exchange of some reward. Rana likes Imlie for Atharv while Atharv likes Cheeni.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Didn’t Snr Imlie get mehndi on her hand by accident?
    Rupi – she just turned up out of the blue as Imlie’s bodyguard?
    She also doing Imlie bakut constantly, just as she did previously.
    Rupi should marry Imlie herself!

    1. But you know what…for the first time, I felt this episode is really good… after decades..of course just by reading.
      Sr. Imlie used to get information miraculously say through someone in the crowd whispering or just by ‘ji ghabra raha hai’ instinct 😂.
      Atleast Jr. Imlie got to know about the information of the bride Payal loving someone else through Payal’s mouth 😂. And now if she spoils the plan of Cheeni to help the bride elope.. I think this will be her first reasonable noble act. Something some noble people do at such occassions.
      And about Rupi… instead of her, the team should have called for Nidhi and Dhruv …they were nice characters though they quit due to Covid restrictions and low cast maintenance due to Covid.

    2. So what’s wrong in that??? Even my maasi is very protective of me so that means she should marry me? Cmon kally season 2 ended and your dear r**ist malini died too so just move on, Stop being obsessed with imlie and her daughter, don’t you have anything else to say rather than taunting jr imlie?

    3. @Roshni.neither Imlie is a blood relative to Rupi, hence my comment.
      Rupi should be worrying about Cheeni who IS her brothers daughter.
      Why is she running around after Imlie?
      I lead a busy life dear, don’t watch the programme but like to read peoples views, we can taunt who we want, the characters that is not bash the people who write their views, free country you know!

    4. True I’m not a Malini or Imlie bhakt…but whatever Malini became was the outcome of how she was treated and same for cheeni…why preferential treatment for Imlie

    5. @Roshni. Never saw you on the old Imlie forum. May be I missed you out, or you were there with a different name, otherwise, how would you know @Kally so closely to endorse a personal comment! Allow me to add my personal views about @Kally (Kally, hope I have your permission to do so?, and @Shri are you on the listening watch?). When I joined that old forum it was under hijack of a group called Arlies who had simultaneously created an imaginary group called Adilies as their adversary, and while they used it as a punching bag to enhance their unity, solidarity and credibility, they fiercely attacked any dissenters like a pak of hounds to either finish them or soo them away. They did it with me also because in my opinion Aryan and Imlie were sinners, and because I sympathized with Adi and Malini (imagine, had I been an Adilie, they would have torn me into pieces). But I held ground. Gradually, like thinking commentators led by Kally joined ranks, and some like Shriharshita supported us now and then on merit (actually they swung on either side of the line, or acted as referees). Within 3-4 months we crumbled the Adilie’s citadel, and within another 2-3 months forced Gul to start afresh. So Dear Roshni, whatever new fresh breeze you are enjoying (there is hardly anything to enjoy) in the recast serial is courtesy Kally. Plz thank her. Lastly, we hated Imlie and sympathized Malini, all on merit of the case, without being any of the lees (Arlie or Adi lie).

    6. @Chanda.thank you my dear.
      My comment was how Rupi is behaving now.
      She should be supporting her OWN niece, not running around after someone else’s daughter!
      Rupi should be making Aditya positive to Cheeni not praising 1st Imlie to 2nd Imlie, that is down to Arpita!

    7. True. But then as you are aware, Rupi is yet another unpleasant and irritating character from day1.

    8. Kally rupi very well knows about her disgusting brother and sister in law and I’m glad she isn’t saying anything about them to her, as everyone can see cheeni is exactly like her pathetic mother so it doesn’t matter even if rupi make anyone positive around her she will do the same what her mother did

    9. Ohh miss chanda i am a silent reader of this forum since the show started and i know each and every person here and i know how they are so obsessed with imlie instead of their so called dear malini and let me tell you something, to turn good or bad it’s upto you nobody can make you a sinner, maybe she is being wronged but that doesn’t mean she will do the same with others atleast with those who are innocent, I despise aditya coz he is the blo*dy reason of every problem, so stop crying over the same thing everyday and do search something better to do

    10. Mysterious Person

      “even if rupi make anyone positive around her”
      To make anyone positive around her, she herself should be positive first😂 She is the most negative, annoying, irritating, frustrating etc etc from day 1🤣 Her mere 2 min presence is enough to ruin people’s mood. Looks like you’re Imlie’s fan😂 And yes when Imlie shamelessly ruined Malini’s life and dreams, why should Malini not take revenge. I agree Malini went too much overboard and her sins are not to be forgotten or forgiven but your Imlie is no less than sinner. I still remember her shamelessly hanging around Aditya-Malini’s room and listening couple’s private talk. The first and biggest sinner of this serial is the FL itself.

  2. For the first time.
    Don’t know why ,Just throw out Rupiya and I’m seriously liking Imlie 2.O
    She may be timid,But she is reasoning out the things.She doesn’t get 7G vibes.
    So OK now I may be able to write something here😂now on
    And Basically I liked Karan too.He was technically rowdy but right in Mehak(Super Hit it was at that time)and Krishna Chali London (Super flop because of the og male lead)
    But at least he doesn’t need zoom in zoom out like FK(Not a hater but don’t know why he always had same expression and same repetitive dialogue).He cried all the time in Crap ATBA and here the poker face without analogy.Most of the fans liked him coz of his Handsome face and sxy abs.If only they had seen him 10 years ago ,I bet 🤐
    But no one can match Sumbul in acting and Gul simply made a sattire out of her.Even didn’t do anything in Costumes and hair .
    Hope Sumbul gets better projects🤌🏻

    1. Shaurya Khanna 😍
      Please ATBA ka naam bhi na lijiye…sadhe se sadha show tha 🤢

  3. Of all the people in the world paruls boyfriend just happens to be the same drug dealer that imlie ran into at the concert. Mother of all coincidences.

    1. a real concert, it’s very hard to find your friends!

    2. 🤣🤣🤣

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