Anupama 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Back To His Arrogant Self

Anupama 22nd January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Pakhi that where there is a goal, there is a way. She says Samar was not good at studies, but he knew his goal; even Pakhi should find her goal or else she will be tired walking aimlessly; every child is different and has a different dream, some want to become a doctor, singer, dancer, engineer, etc., but Pakhi doesn’t have her own dream and is listening to her friends. She continues her moral gyaan and says once she finds an aim in her life, her mother will not rest until she reaches her aim. She gives final verdict that she will not go to US until she knows what she wants to do in life and suggests her to study hard and gets a scholarship like Toshu suggested. Pakhi angrily says fine. Anu says all the best, sometimes their mind get adamant for wrong things and they need to change it before life explains them painlessly. Bapu says to lighten up the environment says let us end this issue here and celebrate festival. Malvika asks her to cheer up.

Anu walks on terrace to check on pickle thinking Pakhi sometimes gets adamant for wrong reason. Vanraj walks to her and says she was trying to prove him wrong; she lectured him in office regarding Mukku and at home regarding children; she maybe a teacher, but he is not her student and not a fool to not understand what is right and what is wrong for his children; he made a mistake only once and is always not wrong. She says he thinks wrong always like he is now, how can he consider everything is regarding him, she said that to correct Sweety and not him. He asks then why did she stop Muku. She says it wasn’t necessary there; it was an issue of their daughter and nobody can interfere between parents, be it Mukku or Anuj. He says he kept quiet as it was regarding his children, but he will not if Anuj interferes if she cannot let Mukku interfere. Anu warns Malvika and not Mukku. Vanraj says she was Malvika but now Mukku. Anu warns him not to do this. He grins and says he hasn’t started yet.

Shah family performs Sankranti pooja. Vanraj performs aarti and gives thali Mukku. Mukku gives thali to Anu next, leaving Vanraj frowning. Bapuji says today is a festival and when there is happiness in mind, each day is a festival. Baa says let us celebrate festival then. Anu prays god to give her courage to handle everything and wishes happy makar sankranti. Shahs go to garden to fly kite. Mukku excitedly says even she will fly kite. Anuj says he needs to talk to her and says friendship has its own place, but they should interfere at some places. Mukku says she knows and apologized. GK says its Anupama’s relationships first and then theirs. Mukky says she knows and hence she apologized and says let us go now before best kites are picked. Anu says she should remember that Vanraj is just his friend and she should be careful as his life is complicated, she should fly kite carefully or else if thread entangles, everyone would be in problem. She nods yes.

Anu searches Nandini and thinks she needs to speak to her. Kinjal calls her. Bapuji announces kite competition. Vanraj says he will win. Baa reminds that he lost to Anu last time. Toshu says mummy flew kite for the first time last year. Vanraj says he and his situation have changed now. Anu says whether situation changes or not, he changes often and should not think opponent is weaker than him. Samar says let us start. Anu brings sweets for them and apologizes Mukku for scolding her in front of everyone. Mukku jokes who is she, how did she come here, who is she and what is she talking about. Anu asks what? Mukku say she forgot everything and even Anu should, then apologizes Anu. Anu also acts and laughs with her. Anuj feels happy seeing their bonding.

Anu then notices Samar sad and suggests her to go and convince Nandini. Mukku asks what ends so easily. Baa says sweet. Vanraj says secret. Mukku says why did he give the right answer so soon. Pakhi thinks she should choose the best kite first and thinks if she picks pink, Samar will taunt her, and if she pinks yellow, Toshu will taunt her, which color should she select. Anu suggests her to select one she likes and decide what she wants in life or else she will be clueless her whole life, etc. Kinjal announces a game and asks to pick chits and whoever’s chit is blank can choose their partner. Vanraj picks a blank chit. Baa picks GK’s name, Kinjal picks Samar’s, Bapuji picks Mamaji’s. Anu, Anuj, and Mukku get blank chits. Vanraj writes Mukku’s name and Anuj writes Anu’s name. Anu notices Vanraj manipulating chit. Anuj asks Anu if she is ready to be his partner. Vanraj asks Mukku to get ready to win and grinning at Anu thinks he forgot to lose from hereon.

Precap: Shahs dance. Vanraj competes with Anu and says thread and game are in his control. Anu says not a player though. Kavya enters and cuts Vanraj’s thread.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. nobody
    literally nobody
    me after reading precap–

  2. Now finally Nandu ki Maasi came to cut Banraj’s Kite😂
    Vanraj thinks he will win like previous time but he is forgetting that this time Anupama and Kavya are on same team and together they are totally 🔥

    1. The precap is exciting

    2. My Kavya darling is back, without her the show felt so boring.
      Understood that Anupama was helpless, but why you are giving up? you have everything to pursue whatever you want. Malvika/Anupama are not your real enemy, but Vanraj is/has problem, mend/bend/expose/insult him so that his unnecessary ego is broken.

  3. I feel sorry for all the boys out there names VANRAJ
    because this name, suits such men.. as it is synonymous 2 so many things

    1. 😂😂😂😂

  4. mark my words…
    one day.. both ANUJ and VANRAJ will get a tight slap
    ANUJ— on 14th feb.. for his over-confident pro flirting
    and VANRAJ— on 8th mar.. for… umm… u know…

    1. I dont know… someone tell me please

    2. @Khushi, I would have told u, but if I start I will reach my grave and exceed the word limit of the forum
      still I won’t even complete 1%

    3. That’s International women’s day dear….. He’s surely going to get a tight slap that day…. No matter if it is from Anu or Kavya

    4. It’s from all women in the show, Baa against negative upbringing, dolly/pakhi against being blind follower, Anu against being fully submissive, Kavya against being jealous and blind in love, Malvika against being too innocent.
      All thanks to great Vanraj

    5. Why Anuj will be slapped now Anupama loves him and ye written update mein wrong likha hai sirf Vanraaj ne chip mein Mukku ka naam likha hai Anuj ki chit pe pehle hi likha tha. kai baar ye updates wrong hoti hai.

    6. Me confused about that chit cheating by V.
      Did he silently steal another chit where Mukku name was written?

  5. Vanraj Back To His Arrogant Self: Writers back to their stupidity (as usual)

  6. mother— we’ll send u 2 US when u will decide, which course u want 2 pursue
    nobody… not even a single father
    Le Vanraj– how dare someone say no 2 me, and on the top of that break my daughter’s heart

  7. First time loving Kavya the way he cuts that Cheap Vanraaj kite , Anu-Anuj(MaAn) wins

  8. @Red- Anu loves Anuj now . May be on 14th Feb Anupama will propose to Anuj.

  9. Abee oo Ravanraj…… Teri toh….. As i have always seen father’s are more possessive when it comes to their daughters future o them going away….. Here he’s like it’s ur dream so go get it….. Mukku hain naa paison ke liye….. Agar yahi baath Pakhi kuch time pehle bola hoti toh V would be like Nahi beta, I’m sorry….. Now he’s like go enjoy…… Idiot……

    When Anu is correcting he’s asking her to not interfere yaha sab ke saath agar Pakhi esi hain toh agar US gayi toh kya hoga uska….. 15 din mein wapas aane ki zidd karegi, Mukku ho ya Nandini they have all been with their family for atleast sometime n then started exploring world…… If ur going to study also it makes sense lekin nahi she only wants to go to enjoy n nothing else…… 2 din agar mummy ki yaad nahi aayi toh dekh lena……

    For the first i was Soo happy seeing Kavya….. Hahahaha V ka chehara dekhne layak tha…..😂😂😂😂 Abb dono Kavya aur Anu milke band bajao saale ki…..

    I just hope ki Kavya V saath haath naa milaye Mukku ki property ke liye….. Cause both r money lovers n egoistic

    1. They are not exactly shown as money lovers, Kavya gave away her property during her divorce to Anirudh, returned the shah propery papers back.
      Vanraj wanted to leave house/had left house to stay with Kavya, so that rest of the family can stay in peace.
      But yes they both are egoistic and have superiority complex.

    2. Another idiotic negative characters backer. Really you are troll paid by the makers to justify their idiotic writing

    3. Strange that idiots keep viewing and cribbing without understanding/asking.

  10. Back/don’t back, idiots exists in show/real life.

  11. Why all these functions are taking place without kinjals parents? where is rakhee dave? we are missing her taunts.

  12. They can’t put Anupama up to Anuj’s level so creative team are now bringing him down to Anupama’s level.

  13. But they are bringing show to vanaraj level which is pits and bottom. Ofcourse trolls are there in this group who’ll back perverts

    1. Yes I agree the show is all about Vanraj Shah now , perhaps he is good buddy to creative team.
      There was no need to bring up Mukku in this story . Totally baseless

  14. Literally never ever thought that i will be so happy with kavya’s entry ,honestly i never had issues with her but only twice once when she even after knowing about anupama’s cancer was giving her tension and stress and second time when she put allegations on anupama’s character regarding her partnership with anuj but except that i used to like her during the beginning of the show because though she had affair with vanraj still she used to care for anupama even she motivated her to go for that cooking teacher job even she fought with vanraj too and she was a complex character sometimes on a positive side sometimes on a negative side and then she became complete grey character honestly she and her one liners are entertaining too especially when she fights against vanraj i just love it for upcoming episode i will be welcoming her with whole heart until and will be flipping to her side now because she is against vanraj shah .I agree kavya is also wrong in many cases but she is not wrong alone so why only she gets hatred and vanraj gets forgiveness punishment should be for both and forgiveness also for both ….whistle podu entry kavya ….aiyo what an entry yaar seriously i was smiling like anything when she cut vanraj’s thread now again anupama wins this time anuj being her side is the main point as well.Really happy anu wins against vanraj ,MaAn wins against vanraj shah and more importantly vanraj lost because of woman whether it be kavya or anupama whom he always thought weak.I hope he lose from malvika too and i m really hoping that muku should teach him a lesson too instead of getting trapped in his trap and trust him ,And now after anu versus vanraj,i am looking forward to anuj versus vanraj too ,in a way MaAn versus vanraj too.

  15. This Mukku storyline is really foolish. This woman has some sort of PTSD from an abusive relationship. She heard Anu share her experience of finding Vanraj and kavya together on her anniversary…yet this same Mukku is shown holding up this man hand and listening to his crappy sob story with so much emotion as if he’s the next best thing since slice bread. Yet she is smart enough to taunt Kavya about taking someone’s husband.

    Which reality is this based on? Makers continue to give importance to Crassraj Shah and all Anu keeps doing is jumping from one problem to a next. And poor Anuj is gone to the back burner.

  16. Some people are like Vanraj, speak about anything their ego is hurt. Outstanding understanding.

  17. @Magic exactly Anu Anuj ko thappad nahi maregi ab woh Anuj se pyar karti hai & yes written update mein wrong likha hai. Vanraj ke paas blank chit tha sirf Vanraj ne cheat kiya hai Anuj ke chit mein pehle se hi Anu ke nam likha tha.

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