Agar Tum Na Hote 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram threatens to kill himself if Niyati refuses to accept his demands

Agar Tum Na Hote 21st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram and Gajo both are fighting, they exclaim they have been quiet because of their friendship, Shugun think if because of their fighting, Saira recognizes her then it will create a lot of problems, Amma jee in anger warns them both to stop fighting as they have not been able to talk with each other, Gajender exclaims that Ram has not even allowed to speak till now, Gajender explains that Abhimanyu left this house because he was trying to stop him from meeting this girl, which is why left this house and they cannot even tell him the truth because his mind has deteriorated a lot more then before primarily he purposefully took shock treatment because of the wedding of Niyati and Aanad, he was not able to bear it so has forgotten everything, Gajender asks Ram to learn something from his daughter, since that poor girl has been doing all she can to save her husband without worrying for what might lie ahead, but Ram is creating a scene, Manaroma requests Ram to calm down as neither Niyati nor Abhimanyu are in the house, until they are found then they must remain calm, Manaroma and Sulochana make them both seated.

The guard informs Saira that she can go inside, she immediately rushes when Shugun is shocked to see them, Saira gets really tensed, she immediately rushes to Sulochana and hugs her while crying, Shugun thinks what will happen if she recognizes her, Ram questions what is she doing here, even Sulochana asks her to say but she is not able to reveal anything, Gajender asks them to bring a glass of water, they all question her what has happened to her and who did this, Saira reveals in a hesitant voice that Dr Aanad asked her to go at the house of Dr Sharma and when she went there, Aanad questions what happened there, Saira reveals she heard him talking on the phone with someone that he did the treatment of Abhimanyu exactly the way he was ordered, everyone is really tensed after hearing what Saira is revealing, she explains he accepted that he on the order of that person gave Abhimanyu the extra shock, this might be life threatening for Abhimanyu but he doesnot know why is he doing this all to him, Gajender is shocked questioning about the extra shocks, so Gajender exclaims that Abhimanyu was purposefully given the extra shocks on the night of the Gouna, Saira exclaims that when she heard their conversation, they kidnapped her, she even tried to run away from that place but that was when they brought her to Lucknow.

Gajender tries to question who those people were, he assures that he will not let them stay alive, Gajender demands her to speak the truth when Saira apologizes saying she did not see their faces, she is hearing which Shugun feels relieved when Saira reveals she knows the two girls who were holding her in Lucknow. Gajender asks if she knows the location of that house, Saira recalls that she saw a banner, so mentions Aminabad, hearing this Shugun gets really tensed. Gajender calls the DCP asking if he found out about Niyati and Abhimanyu, DCP informs that his team is looking for them, Gajender asks him to send his team to his house, the friend of Niyati was kidnapped in Lucknow and so has come to his house, he must arrest them since he also wants to find out who while being in Lucknow is meddling with Gajender Panday.

Mr Panday informs Saira they have to search for Abhimanyu and Niyati, but she must go with the police team to that house, they might find a clue against the people who wronged Abhimanyu, Mr Panday instructs Kinkar to go after them in a car and overlook the entire operation. Shugun prays that her friends should not be arrested otherwise her entire plan would be ruined.

Saira is walking out of the Panday Mansion with the police team, she leaves with them while Kinkar is following in the other car.
Niyati stops in the auto, she is walking into the house when is shocked to see her parents standing there in anger, she calls out to both her parents, Sulochana is not able to control herself, she hugs her daughter and starts weeping, Amma jee calls Niyati asking where is Abhimanyu, she reveals he pushed her out of the car and went away, Gajender questions what is she saying, she starts revealing the entire incident that happened, how she followed him in the auto but was not able to find him, Manaroma exclaims her son cannot leave now, she made a vow to him, Niyati informs his mobile was left in the car and she tried calling him but it was turned off, Ram after clapping exclaims that the person because of whom she refused to marry Aanad and left her parents, job along with everything. That same person left her on the main road. Manaroma starts crying when Bua jee asks her to control herself.

Ram exclaims this was the problem of Abhimanyu as first his mind was not well and then he lost his memory, finally he himself left, Gajender gets angry, Ram replies people tend to get angry after hearing the truth, Ram says that she challenged him, that she will make sure he gets healthy, and spend her happy life, so where is her peaceful world, Gajender is not able to control his anger, Ram is constantly questioning Niyati, he asks Sulochana to pack her belongings. Aanad smiles as his plan is going to be fulfilled. Ram exclaims his daughter is going back with him right now, Niyati tries to reason however he stops her in anger exclaiming he has tolerated her stubbornness a lot but not anymore, he cannot watch her life go in ruins like this, Niyati mentions that it is not as simple as it seems but is the exact opposite. Ram mentions her husband is in love with this girl and even ran away from the house so what is left to understand, Shugun requests ram to not involve her in this all as it is not her fault, she did not even know Abhimanyu, and he did not run with her nor because of her or for her, this is why she came to this house so Niyati doesnot bring the goons to her house once again. Shugun apologizes, assuring she doesnot have anything to do with this. Shugun turns to leave the house with a smile.

Gajender is really tends, Ram once again orders Niyati to come back with them at this very moment, he is not even ready to listen to any argument. Amma jee questions if he has gotten mad as she is their daughter in law, however Ram replies it is enough as his daughter has fulfilled the responsibility of being the daughter in law of this house, and she should allow him to take his daughter, Niyati tries to request her father that he listens to her, Niyati replies he has not run away but there is something wrong, everyone is shocked, Gajender questions what is she saying, Niyati replies she is sure he has not run away but something wrong happened that he vanished like this.

Mami jee informs he has run away from this house, Niyati replies he ran from this house but they should think why would he leave his car on such a road, Aanad exclaims because he knows that a lot of people are looking for him so it was better to dump the car. Niyati agrees but questions why would he leave his car in a place where there is no transport, she can accept it but after that found something in his car to cement her doubt, she takes out the mouth blower, Gajender and Manaroma are shocked to see it, Manaroma coming towards Niyati informs that it is of Munna, Niyati replies he left it in the car, she knows Abhimanyu takes it where ever he goes.

Ram questions if she has also gotten made after living with him, he has just left the hawker in the car, this doesnot mean he will not run away, Ram asks her to see the truth and not make stories in her mind, Aanad takes the side of Ram mentioning he might have forgotten it, she is just overthinking, Niyati informs this is a part of Abhimanyu, he cannot forget it so casually. She feels there is something which is not right, she can feel it because of her heart and she will surely find the truth. Ram exclaims this means she is once again not listening to his orders, Ram leaves the house, going to the guard sees the pistol an enters the house putting it on his head, he makes she needs to decide of either going with them now or will stay here and perform the last rituals of her father, the entire family is shocked.

Ram insists that she make a decision, Gajender tries to stop him but he doesnot let anyone come near him, Ram exclaims he only wants to hear the decision of Niyati, she must make it carefully as they will find out if she desires just her husband or father, Manaroma stops saying that this house would not sacrifice any more life, she informs Niyati it is better that she leaves with her father, everyone is shocked at the decision of Manaroma.

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