Anupama 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Condition To Anuj

Anupama 20th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bapuji suggests Anupama not to get weak with Vranraj and his team’s taunts as they don’t have to attend office and Toshu is a son-in-law in Rakhi’s office. He gives her bag and feeds her sweet curd emotionally and gives her car keys, leaving Vanraj and his team jealous. Kinjal wishes her all the best. Bapuji asks if she is not taking anything wrong, then she need not worry; she should go out and listen to her heart which path she should take, Anuj’s office or her home back. She accepts car keys. He says Kanhaji will show her right path. She takes Baa’s blessings, who turns her face frowning. Kavya asks her to touch her feet and take her blessings. Anu says she doesn’t want to waste her precious time replying her and leaves house with Kyun Rokna Bhi Hai Karwan, besabriyan.. song playin the background. Bapuji, Kinjal, and Samar waver her off.

At AK’s office, he is busy discussing strategy with his team and writes Anu and the changes it to Anuj. Anu enters office. Receptionist greets her whom she wants to meet. She says Mr Kapadia. Receptionist informs AK that Anu has come. He says 10 minutes and remember Devika’s suggestion not to open hotel trusting Anu. He peeps via window and smiles. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai.. song plays in the background. He walks out of cabin and welcomes her nervously thinking she came, but don’t know if she will say yes or no.

Kavya provokes Baa that though Anu is not her bahu anymore, she didn’t obey her and went to meet AK disrespecting her and whole family. Anuj asks Anu if she has coffee or tea and asks what she thought of partnership. She says whatever Kanhaji wants happens like he is keeping her with her dear ones even now, etc. He says he knows her since college days and didn’t offer her partnership as a friend, but because she is talented, she doesn’t have to think that way. She says she said yes. He gets happy. She says she even sent prasad last night. He says there was no sender’s name on it and hence he ate it without washing hands. She takes out contract papers and says thank you Anuj. He asks her to repeat it and recites shayari in his mind. She says she wants to clear something before accepting partnership and says it may be a small thing for a big businessman like her, but for her, her world is in her house and its big for her getting out of house, opening bank account, etc., so he needs to teach her everything as she has very less exposure; she is very weak in English. He asks if she knows Gujrati. She says yes. He says English is just way of communication and not everything, she can communicate in Gujrati. She thanks him again. He jokes he needs to get a piggy bank to share so many thanks and offers her project details file with GK’s input.

Kavya continues provoking Baa and frightens her that people will badmouth about Anu and Anuj’s relationship like they did her and Vanraj’s relationship. Anu finds magnets in file and excitedly says it reminded her of college days when she used to play with it in college and it got lost in college. He nervously says even he got it now, revealing its Anu’s magnets. She returns it and says she may lose it. He says he keeps things safe and disconnects upcoming calls. She says she doesn’t know shayari like him and speaks straight; they were together in college and will be at work, he should act like boss and behaves strictly with her like he does with other employees; whatever his feelings were for her in college. He says that will not affect her a bit. She says she is a daughter, mother, and MIL now and even now leaves house with respect, and hence he should maintain just a professional relationship with her. He says yes and says at least she speaks straight and assures her that her professional life will not be affected. Kavya provokes Baa that if a man makes a mistake, its called a mistake, but if a woman makes a mistakes, its called sin. Baa burns in anger.

Precap: GK asks AK what is is wrong if Anu’s family celebrates Ganesh Chaturti with them like they celebrated Janmashtami. Vanraj orders family that nobody will visit AK’s festival celebration. AK tells GK that either Vanraj doesn’t like Anu’s success or his friendship with Anu; if something happens where Anu cannot handle things, he won’t be able to control himself. Kavya suggests Vanraj to vent out his anger on Anu as Anuj may be dangerous for them.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Anuj is so cute with his gestures for Anupama 🤗💞

    1. Susan D Daniels

      yes, you are right

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Most people say karma is a b*t*h…..but I say Kavya is a b*t*h 😡…..isn’t it enough that she already stole everything from Anupama?…. but here she is…filling Baa’s ears with a crapload of vindictiveness…. and foolish Baa…. pretending to forget all Kavya’s wrongdoings🙄…. is sitting quietly listening to her disgusting taunts for Anupama😡…….has that Baa forgotten all the damage Kavya inflicted in that household??…… not to mention humiliating the whole family in the process??……plus the fact that Kavya was the one to ruin Anu and her son’s marriage!!! …..I really hops Bapuji continues to ignore that stupid Baa…..SMDH
      As for pathetic couple Vee and 👀 Kavya 🙄…..I am hoping for a scene where Anuj offers them a job……and when they get there Devika is in charge of the interview…..and has to consult none other than her ‘boss’ Anu before hiring them 😐…..double the trouble 😂😂😂
      Precap: it would be interesting to see who obeys Vanraj’s order…….and who doesn’t 🤔😐
      Bottom line: Anupama needs to leave that house and let cheapo Kavya deal with that no good mil and worthless husband !!!

    3. @Yolande. I like what Kavya is doing. Let her continue to fan the flames so that Anupama’s exit from Shah Prison becomes a reality 🙏
      Kavya is exactly the DIL Baa deserves 💯 Desresprctful,incapable and uninterested in the general well-being of Shah’s because when she had the opposite, She spent years denigrating,disrespecting and demoralising ANu. She didn’t change. A leopard can never change it’s spots and I just can’t wait for them to lose Anu forever and ever

    4. yes kavya should of married anuj if he is so dashing and rich. kavya is a f**king moron who only knows how to do her eye brows. she is only with vanraj as she only wants A SMOOTH p*nis AND s*x. I REPEAT s*x

    5. @ FGHJK I highly doubt Vanraj can even provide that adequately to a woman.🙈🙈 He’s too interested in himself to care

    6. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @FGHJK…..🙄😬….oh dear 🤦

    7. @YolandeA.k.a.Naina…..tbh I just come on this forum to read your comments (-:

  2. Hahaha loved it when Babuji violated vanraj and paritosh way 2 go 😄😄😄😄

  3. Kavya talks about being an independent woman and being so educated but she really is not that… in the beginning she might have been but now she really isn’t and there are multiple reasons why she is not independent. The first thing is that she relies on Vanraj so much for championship, since the beginning of the show she has always been looking for Vanraj’s validation. Looking for Vanraj’s approval, and seeking Vanraj’s love and attention. Yes she may have wanted Vanraj to be her partner/ husband, she knew Vanraj was married and still pursued him. Kavya would see every single time that Vanraj would leave her (Kavya) for his (Vanraj) family. Kavya used to work in a big company but because of her lack of people skills, and her lack of attention beside her she failed miserably. Kavya would use the people around her to make her look good or to hurt other people. Like using Pakhi against Anupama, same with Kinjal. Kavya shames other women (Anupama) with the work that she (Anupama) does. Kavya threatened to throw everyone in jail because Vanraj was not there ready to marry Kavya. When Kavya got fired she blamed Anupama, when her maid got fired she (Kavya) blamed Anupama. Kavya always tries to blame Anupama no matter what happens and Kavya is never willing to take responsibility for anything. But let’s compare her to Devika, Devika is always there to support. Who lives in her own house, does not rely on someone, is a working woman who does not rely on her uppers to secure her job. Adding on Devika tells the truth to everyone, when Devika knew that Vanraj and Kavya are having an affair she told Anupama straight in her face, not like Rakhi Dave speaking in code or insults. The show portrays so many women in this show but the ones who are truly deserving of the spotlight are Devika and Kinjal. Rethinking about how Rakhi Dave used to be this fun character, how she is a really strong, independent woman, she shows a mirror to everyone but in reality she is really toxic. Rakhi Dave, Kavya, Baa, Pakhi all manipulate, deceive, and they play with people’s emotions to get what they want. Even when they are thinking about someone else they always end up hurting someone in the long run. This show’s main character, who is the lead, realized that the house that she is in is Toxic, that it is not a good idea to stay in that house, Anupama knows that it is weird and not a good idea. Yet she still lived there, even after living there nothing really changed… She was expected to fight her own battle, listen to everyone’s commands and then listen to everyone’s taunts. Devika, being reasonable, came to talk to Anupama and actually pointed out that Ba is not really nice to her. Anupama talks about how Ba supported Anupama when the affair came out, but Devika did point out that Vanraj did something so horrible that Ba really could not support Vanraj. Anupama still holds her in-laws like family, and talks about how they are a family when in reality they are not. Family are people that care for each other, that are there to support each other during the good moments and the bad times, But here people still pull Anupama underneath when she is succeeding and drags her down when she is failing. Family is not what you are born in, or get married into… families can be just your friends because you take care of everyone and they would do the same for you. While in Anupama’s case Ba, Vanraj, Kavya, Pakhi (somewhat), Paratoish really won’t do anything for Anupama, while they expect Anupama to do everything for them.
    Another thing this serial shows is how men can get away with everything, and elders. Vanraj cheated on his wife of 25 years with his co-worker for 9 years. When it was exposed he blamed the victim. Vanraj would yell, abuse, isolate Anupama, kick Anupama out of the house, but gets away with it. Not only that but Vanraj wants Anupama to still listen to his orders and commands. Ba can taunt, abuse, make Anupama suffer, yell at Anupama, hold Anupama back because she is going better than her son, prevent Anupama making friendship with someone else because they are the opposite s*x. Or even hating Anupama’s friend (Devika) because she took her out of the house when Anupama was not supposed to. But Ba got away with it because she was an elder and was mother-like to Anupama. Paratoish yelling at his wife, commanding what Kinjal can and not do, when Kinjal had a false pregnancy, Paratoish blamed Kinjal for everything, follows his mother-in-law, disrespects his mother but gets a pass once he says he is sorry. Or Pakhi getting away with things that she shouldn’t have because she is the father’s favorite. While Samar always got yelled at and was never accepted. Kavya points out in this show that what Vanraj did was just a mistake, but if Anupama were to do it it’s a sin. Having Anuj, Samar, Kinjal and Babuji support Anupama is great to see but this show is actually very backwards and regressive. I have made so many comments talking about how good some things are but generally speaking this show has very little progress and more drama and insults. This show could have been new, and a breath of fresh air but it really lacks so much. There is a typical Saas Bahu drama, there is a Vamp, kids that do not respect their mother, an ex/ husband that can be abusive and it is okay. This show tells that Kavya is modern because of her clothes and her education while Anupama is benji. Kavya can not enter the kitchen without taking a shower, Kavya needing to know that to break a fast you can not eat garlic and ginger. That Vanraj and his side piece can live in that house (to Paratoish that makes sense), but his mother can not divorce his father because they are not supposed to be like that. Having your daughter’s parents out there trying to get you, that are trying to pull you down. That slapping someone is good, yelling is good. That everyone else is allowed to party except the Bahu. Anupama is living in that house to be with her parents and kids but having to take care of them. That it is a bahu’s job to do all the cooking and the cleaning while the mne and the elders just sit and watch. That if Vanraj or Kavya were making progress and got the deal it would have been fine but because Anuapama is taking the deal it is not fine. Vanraj can talk back to his parents but Anupama can not even explain herself. This show does show Anupama’s progress but at the same time it really shows you horrible stuff. This show could have been better if they talked about mental health, issues women have to deal with, how it affects a woman whose spouses cheated on them, what women go through when they are being harassed. How society sees women of all. Women that are dealing with infertility, women that are dealing with abuse. How the cycle of abuse works and how to get out of it. This show can talk about the difference between men and women and how our society is wired. How to deal with negativity and being able to move on. This show does tackle some of these issues but in the old fashion way… through yelling, screaming and making the woman who is in no fault ashamed and humiliated. Having Anuj is a breath of fresh air but one positive change does not make it better. I hope this show really changes and stops with the constant manipulating, taunts, screaming, yelling and abuse.

    1. The thing is whatever the show is showing all the struggle of Anupama , taunts from mother in law etc is real, it happens in the real life also. And I love this show for showing the struggles of a simple woman.

    2. You want to say that after divorce still women live sin same house with ex husband and her sautan? And do all house chores and listen taunts…really???

    3. @Nobody,
      that make sense that they show taunts from her mother-in-law, but Anupama’s reaction is always sadness. I know that if I kept getting taunts I would be getting angry after a certain point. It just feels like all of these characters only have one emotion and that is all they protray.

    4. Anupama type of woman exists and society calls them Emotional Fools.
      Kavya type of woman also exists.
      Such woman might not do every single action they took in the show but atleast some for sure.
      Kavya and Anupama covers all of them so that such type of woman in real life may find it at some point of time and feel ashamed and mend it. That’s where the show will win.

  4. Susan D Daniels

    Comment removed.

  5. We can ignore those idle brats who literally have no work. They will always do some toxic Khichidi. We should Ignore them like Anupama Ignored them and moved.
    Whatever they do…all gonna fail and instead will Burn them more. So ne need to bother.
    Although I saw Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations on the set and ofcourse there is dance. Kavya is looking most Gorgeous there.
    It’s a fact that show going late since Ganesh Chaturthi over. So they will move fast surely
    Another beautiful fact that Anuj going to offer a Apartment to Anupama on Ganesh Chaturthi and we all know nothing would be more auspicious moment than Griha pravesh at The Ganesh chaturthi and Anupama is very lucky to have it on that day.

    Another Fact that it takes time to build a mature love and nothing else would be best if the Base is Friendship.
    It will not be hapazard…unusual romance,etc. like other shows.
    It will be slow and realistic.

    1. what apartment ? ye update kahan se mila ?
      Shit theyl just kill her with taunts if she gets an apartment n all

  6. Slowly Anupama will start comparing how anuj treats him to the treatment she got from her mil vanraj and toshu… Being a frog in well she assumed whatever she got was the maximum love and respect she deserved
    Now coming out of house when she will be genuinely appreciated for her hard work, treated with respect and mostly as an unique individual she will slowly realize her worth and her place in her life

    1. @Jazz Bee That’s what I was thinking too. She will realize all of those small gestures from anuj and will compare that from others.

    2. You are right. I can’t wait

  7. Oh c’mon makers do something about this chudail kavya,I’ve always noticed the show makers being very soft towards her,they give her thorny dialogues and blood boiling expressions to puke and she keeps puking that all the time but not a single character is there to slap her face with befitting reply.thank god that anupama is the lead character otherwise makers would really make anupama beg infront of her,anupama even serves chudail on the dining getting it chudail is getting advantage of being a daughter-in-law to an old superstar mithun.whenever chudail makes a taunt no matter how shameless or disgusting that is makers cover it by humble ignorance of anupama ,no matter if chudail orders her to stop by snapping herfingers,makers are like kavya ko thodi kuch keh sakta hai voh mithun ki bahu jo hai ,anupama ke baad sabse zyada salary bhi toh vahi uthati hogi or kahin father-in-law ka hi paisa toh nhi laga hua show par jo makers itne soft hain uski bahu ke liye.

    1. No. For your kind info Makers give salary according to importance of roles. Kavya’s pay is less than Samar but more than Toshu. And for your kind info Makers only considers Anu’s hard work as hard work. And others hard work as nothing. Almost every actor got awards from both shows in their respective categories. But Producer mentioned only one that’s Anu. Anyone will get irked if they see their hard work is taken granted. And for me Kavya and Vanraj are amazing actors that’s why we hate their characters from the core of our hearts

    2. Ya great! I don’t mind if u like kavya and vanraj’s acting what i oppose are the odds existing in the show ,let me clear it pointwise
      1. anupama sharing roof with her ex husband and her sautan.
      2.anupama serving kavya all the time and tries to befriend her even after admitting that she doesn’t want to be a door mat, ironical isn’t it? Infact she has now become a rug for her.
      3.anupama can’t take vanraj’s words of humiliation but can easily digest kavya’s taunts
      4.makers forgot that rakhi has scores to settle with kavya she can’t bear anupama’s humbleness but can easily give up to kavya’s taunts.
      5.anupama is devi,but kinjal would stand and watch her mother being humiliated by the hands of her step mother-in-law ,was just unbelievable. No matter how bad is rakhi but kavya’s yelling at her should have bothered kinjal to speak up at that particular moment.
      Anyway! there are much and much more incidents when the people around kavya had to bend before her unnecessarily many times and this shows makers’inclination towards her and a special soft corner for her,otherwise why on earth any realistic person would bother in answering back this dark than darker lady. I didn’t mean to write such long answers but the synopsis of how irrelevant this show is to the real world according to me had to be reflected in some way. So that was it have a good day!😁

    3. If u limit yourself, you will never know what can happen. You cannot expect.
      U believe what u see and u think what u hear but may never know what if ex and current wife stays under same roof in real life also.

      Life is unpredictable. Anupama never wished to stay after divorce. All your points actually happen in real life but u will not believe unless it comes across u.
      Ever thought that girls will rape boys.but it happens…ever thought does God really exists? But u still take it na..same just take this show too..
      @Pri talked about how cast are credited behind. It’s better if it’s a misunderstanding of her. I like every character and I feel each character development deserve proper growth and all the actors should get fame ,much much fame

    4. Thanks for understanding my point of view a little. I never hated any actor. But I just said that if producer will just consider only 1 actor’s hard work as hard work then anyone will feel bad. And Judging Madalsa on the basis of Mithun Da is absolutely pointless

  8. Most importantly, Whether Anupama wants to be with Anuj or not should be her choice…. It’s not her duty to be single because of her age or society!
    If Vanraj can remarry so can she

    1. That is exactly my point, i dont know why she is trying soo hard to please them & lock herself in a lonely sad life by promising them nothing is gonna happen between her & Anuj!!! Like seriously, she doesnt owe them any explaination nor do they have any right to dictate for her how she lives her life!!! Now she has promised Ba that she is there to work & nothing is gonna happen between her & Anuj but ehat if it does, what if she starts to feel something for Anuj due to how he treats her??? Will she not be happy coz she promised Ba & am sure Ba will use this promise to taunt & stop her from progressing coz everytime Anupama progress or gets appreciated or get recognized theyll just say she isnt worth all that & she is getting it coz Anuj has a crush on her, just like how they said it when she got the contract

    2. That’s what I fear too @Zena… I think first it will be shown that Anupama is actually talented enough and her accomplishments are due to her own hardwork… After that her feelings would bloom
      Although baa will definitely taunt but she would have already proven herself by then

  9. Dhire Dhire baa je sabit kar rhi hai sas bashak maa ban jae lekin koi bi sas je bardasht nhi kar sakti ki oski bahu oske bete se age nikal jae

  10. Anupama always says that she id doing right,but cries for everything. Your character is being built up Anupama. Start acting like one. Pace is slow . please change your habit of giving speeches. One has habit of lecturing,other has habit of shayari. Hope they become a good combo. Dont pour in cruelty in this show.

  11. After what she(Anupama) went through in the hands of Vanraj & Ba, they are the last people she should consider when she has to choose between her happiness & their stupidity!!! They are very selfish & very toxic!!! It really pains me to know that such people exist but still i still think theyve really exagerrated Anupama’s greatness coz no sane woman will really choose toxic people over her happiness especially after divorce!!! Now if the stories are true that she will get a house offer from Anuj obviously this will make Ba & Vanraj question her more & in the process Anupama is going to cave in & stop herself from progressing coz Ba & Vanraj will tell her that Anuj has hidden agenda for giving her a house or helping her in progressing & as usual Anupama is g9nna believe them!!! Ans why does she have to promise that she wont have anything to do with Anuj or any other woman for that matter??? She is not married so ehats wrong if she falls in love & move on in life!!! And what sin is Kavya talking about??? Anupama is not married so she aint commiting any sin that she should be ashamed of!!! She is the one who committed sin, her & her V!!! I know Vanraj’s tantrums wont stop Anupama from progressing but am really scared Ba is gonna pull Anupama back!!! And by the way where is Anupama’s biological mother??? Why is she giving soo much importance to Ba & calling her her mother & all ehrn her real mother is alive???

    1. Instead of Anuj giving her a house/apartment, Anupama should move out on her own and get a rented apartment. It is time for her to move out…maybe Bapuji can suggest that it is time for Anupama to move out. The creators of this show should find a good way to move Anupama out of this house and maintain the storyline with rest of the characters (if they cant let go of these characters).

  12. Anupama should be Pakhi for 1 week

  13. Precap- I find it funny Vanraj gives orders to the family.🤦‍♂️😂
    Ganesh Chaturti in Anuj home I hope Divika is also invited. 🙏
    looking forward to Bapuji and GK,Anu-Anuj,Samar,Kinjal,Divika

    1. the office scene was sweet, just imagine Anuj proposing to Anu and he is waiting for a YES his reaction will definitely be double cute. 😍💖😍

  14. I want Anu to pay the loan of Rakhi and get out of that toxic house as she promised. She should have a life with people she loe and those who respect her. Vanraj and kavya should be left in that house. Why she is serving those mean people.

  15. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I want to see what Kavya will do about Vanraj’s order because Anuj offered her job and she tries very hard to be in Anuj’s good books😂

  16. Lets see wat happen tomorrow

  17. To me the only way to stopyyour enemies or people from looking down on you is simple. ‘SUCCEED’. The script writers of this show should deviate a bit and show us how stubborn and liberated Anu is progressing. Amy’s classmate is in the scenes now, she’s been given a partnership in his company, Anu should be portrayed as a woman who is moving on in her life. The greatest mistake was she living in her ex husbands home…. Who does that? It is not as if her kids are in kindergarten or toddlers. The psychological trauma from some members of the house is inhuman. Let’s us see where Anupama is upgraded to learn on the job with travels around, somewhere she’s alone and is thinking or exhausted about her job instead of her divided and insecure family. Where she’s taking one day at a time in her new freedom. We are going round in circles please. Enough or less taunting and drama. Vinrag, Kavya and Toshu are not educated. Education is more that the four corners of a classroom, they lack this. This is a madhouse where children talk back at their mother and look down on her, this is a house (Not a home) were a grandma is weak in the upbringing of her own son but is controlling another woman’s daughter to be perfect, this is a house where a grandfather’s advice is not respected, this is a house where a teenager insults her own mother, not once but many times…. This is a house where a son prefers her father’s girlfriend/wife to his mother. A house where a son is irritated because his mom is not presentable or polished etc. It is becoming boring and unreal. Anu should be flying and smiling. Hypertension is not far from getting to her and not just cancer.

  18. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Can you imagine:
    – Vee’s face when Anupama decides to move out 😝……or better yet…..
    – If he sees her sitting behind a desk in Anuj’s cabin 😂😂😂
    ……oh boy……I just can’t wait for payback 😃💞
    * Kavya is a b*t*h🙄

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      * I meant…..KARMA… a b*t*h😃

  19. Are comments disabled for 21st September episode written update?

    1. I think so

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