Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra and Kuldeep try to get proof against Sam

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 20th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep tells Shubhra that I.. how do I tell you.. Shubhra says just tell me, you can share anything with me. Kuldeep looks away. Shubhra takes him to their small mandir and says now tell me what you want to. God will hear you, I have shared a lot with him about you. Kuldeep takes her from there and brings her to the balcony. Shubhra says I am your wife, everyone is asleep. You can tell me anything you want. Kuldeep is reluctant so Shubhra hugs him tightly, she says I can hear your heartbeat and I want to hear it for life, you won’t ever leave me again, right? Kuldeep hugs her tightly. Shubhra says your heartbeat answered me and it says you will never leave me. Shubhra says you are hugging me too tightly. What happened? Kuldeep moves away from her. Shubhra asks what happened? you were silent when our relationship but I can’t bear your silence anymore, if you hide the truth from me again then we will be separated, tell me. Kuldeep says I will tell you everything.

Sam is enjoying her drink and dancing to herself. She looks at Kuldeep’s photo and says he will come back to me soon, he doesn’t have a choice.

Kuldeep wipes Shubhra’s tears and says I promise you I won’t spare Sam. Shubhra is stunned and says Sam killed my father? how could she.. she is about to fall down but Kuldeep holds her. Shubhra says how did she enter the house? Kuldeep says I am sure she was behind his death, we need evidence to get her arrested. Shubhra says I can call Harsh. Kuldeep says we will talk to him in the morning. Shubhra cries and hugs him. Shubhra says Sam took away my father from me, she won’t stop there, she would snatch you from me also. Kuldeep hugs her and says I won’t let her. I did a mistake last time, I was not with you but I am with you now. We will face Sam together. Shubhra cries and says baba.. Kuldeep hugs her.

In the morning, Sam sends a voicenote to Kuldeep that she has been waiting for him. You are still not here, it’s not fair, if you don’t come fast then I might cross another limit. Shubhra is angry hearing that.

Scene 2
The doctor meets Kuldeep and Shubhra. The doctor says his report says he died because of a heart attack. Harsh is there too. The doctor says if I had a doubt then I would have requested for the postmortem. I am telling you with my experience that nothing foul happened in his death. Harsh asks Shubhra to calm down. The doctor says if you can’t tell me something then you should talk to the police. I will help you as much as I can. He leaves from there. Shubhra is restless. Kuldeep says we can’t prove it medically. Shubhra says we should go to the police. Harsh says this is not the right time. I have called someone to help us. He calls the inspector lokhande. He says I help him with criminal cases so I have called him here to help us. lokhande sits with them. Harsh says I told him about Sam and her condition. He also knows about her relationship with you both. lokhande tells Shubhra that I am sorry to hear about your father, I will help you. We don’t have a proof, we can’t even do postmortem now so it’s very difficult to prove Sam was behind his death. Shubhra says she is a psycho, she tried to poison Kuldeep also. lokhande says we didn’t have proof that Sam poisoned him. Even if we say that Sam was involved in your father’s death, we don’t really have proof for that. His house was cleaned after death so we won’t get any fingers print. Sam just has a picture of your father which she might have deleted by now. She is smart so we can’t file an FIR like this. He asks who was with her father at the time of death? Shubhra says my Ayi was with him, she takes a sleeping pill so she went to sleep when he died. lokhande says so nobody saw Sam entering the house. There was no sign of forced entry in the house. We have no proof or a witness against her. Shubhra says she is very dangerous. She can do anything. lokhande says you can file an FIR against her but you should talk to your Ayi first, she is the only witness that might give us some information that we don’t know. Shubhra looks on.

Shubhra and Kuldeep come back to their house. Shubhra sits outside the house. Kuldeep says let’s go inside. Shubhra says Sam can do anything, if she is responsible for baba’s death then we all are in danger. No one is safe from our family. Kuldeep says that’s why we need to talk to your Ayi. Shubhra says maybe Sam was lying? Baba died and she is using it to get you back? Maybe she was not involved? What will I ask Ayi? If I tell her that maybe Sam was behind baba’s death then she won’t be able to take it. Sam wants to win you again so maybe she is lying about all this, she might have made a story. She would want our family to hate you. Kuldeep says we don’t have time for all this, we need to talk to Ayi first, let’s go. He takes her inside the house.

Kuldeep sits with his family. Shubhra brings Madhura there and says Chandrani made your favorite dishes. Madhura cries looking at the food. Shubhra says baba used to like this food. She hugs Madhura and says we won’t eat if you don’t. Chandrani asks her to eat something. Madhura says I can’t forget him. He was so happy, he didn’t even wake me up. I would have done anything to save him. Shubhra hugs her and asks how was baba on his last day? Madhura says we went on shopping then we ate together. He took his medicine then he was watching Rishi’s video. He started practicing dance. I should have stopped him, it’s all my fault. Shubhra hugs her and says no. Kuldeep looks on. Rishi is angry hearing all that.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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