Anupama 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha and Ankush Plan To Destroy Anupama’s Life

Anupama 20th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama’s smartwatch alarm beeps alerting her to visit Anuj. Anupama excuses herself and asks Hasmukh to go home now and revisit tomorrow to celebrate Anuj’s birthday. Hasmukh leaves with Samar and Toshu. Barkha tells Ankush tomorrow is Anuj’s birthday, but they will give gift to Anupama. They both devise a plan to destroy Anupama’s life. Anupama tells Little Anu that tomorrow is Anuj and Kanhaji’s birthday, but she feels they will get a gift. She hugs Anuj and says his birthday will be special tomorrow. Little Anu questions her why god comes on earth. Anupama says to end sins on the earth; god keeps a pot of sins for the sinners and when it fills, god punishes the sinner. Little Anu asks what if god cannto come on earth. Anupama says then humans will punish on god’s behalf. Ankush and Barkha enter. Little Anu says sinners will get a tight slap.

Anuj and Barkha say they came to fix CCTV camera. Anupama permits them. They fix cameras. Anupama looks into camera and asks how is she looking. Nurse Shilpa smiles. Barkha yells at her to get out as she doesn’t want unprofessional nurse to take care of Anuj. Anupama backs Shilpa and says she is doing duty perfectly and everything would be recorded on the camera. Barkha shouts again. Anupama asks her to get out of Anuj’s room and shout. Barkha and Ankush walk away fuming. Shilpa thanks Anupama and promises that she will diligentlyperform her duty. Anupama looks at the camera. Barkha thinks Anupama is playing mind games with her by allowing CCTV inside Anuj’s room and not giving 100% control by keep her own nurse. She asks Ankush to finish legal formalities with their lawyer and prepare themself to give a shocker for Anumpama tomorrow.

Vanraj asks Hasmukh about Anuj’s condition and wishes with visit him. Toshu stops him and says Barkha will accuse him of attempting to murder Anuj. Kinjal says Barkha will accuse even Anupama. Toshu says they should stop visiting Kapadias daily and should wait for Anupama’s call. Anupama thanks Barkha for fixing camera in Anuj’s room as she can keep a watch on Anuj while cooking and even Barkha can watch her. Barkha frowns. Anupama prepares cake for Anuj. GK plans to prepare a feast tomorrow. Ankush video chats with his lawyer and discusses legal proceedings against Anupama. Power goes off at Shah house. Vanraj hallucinates Little Anu accusing him of hurting her papa. He panics and says he didn’t. Family rushes to him. He insists to visit Anuj right now. Leela insists him not to go citing the incidents happened at the hospital. Vanraj promises her, but thinks he will meet Anuj tomorrow.

At 12 midnight, Anupama, GK, and Little Anu celebrate Anuj’s birthday. GK gifts him a handmade greeting card. Anupama shows him a cup cake and asks him to make a wish. Little Anu asks how will papa make a wish without blowing a candle Anupama sys one’s heart is enough. GK takes Little Anu away. Barkha gets her lawyer’s message. Anupama says she wants to spend a quality time with Anuj and imagines him wishing to celebrate his birthday in a romantic and grand way. She hugs and greets him happy birthday and thinks it was her dream and her dream may come true tomorrow. Next morning, Anupama prays Kanhaji to make today special and bless Anuj. Vanraj prays god to clear his confusion. Ankush and Barkha get the legal document from their lawyer and think real celebration will start now. Anupama returns to Anuj’s room and notices Anuj’s eyes open. She rushes to him and tries to shake him. Nurse says his eyes are open, but still he is sleep. Anupama calls doctor and asks him to visit Anuj soon.

Precap: Anupama grooms Anuj for his birthday celebration. Barkha thinks Anupama is very happy today, she will snatch Anupama’s happiness. Polcie reach to arrest Vanraj on Barkha’s complaint. Anupama warns Barkha or else Janmastami will become Durgastami for her.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Anupama is finally becoming strong and smart..

    Vanraj is also changing positively..

    I thought ankush is not as bad as barkha and adhik but i was wrong..tino ek jaise hai

    1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      I also thought the same.I thought that at least Ankush cares a little bit for Anuj as his brother.But I was wrong

    2. @Bhaswati Bharadwaj don’t you dare say anything bad about Ankush you daughter of a bastard! Die a painful death with your parents, siblings, husband and children

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  3. I’m proud of u my anupama and take care of my little Anu and love her,and also take care of yourself…bcoz m chahta hu ki jb m wapis aaun to m apni dono anu ke chehre par wohi smile dekhun jo m chhodkr gaya tha.M janta hu ki tum Bhai aur bhabhi ko bhi achhi tarah se handle kr logi.
    “Dur nhi hu tujhse par Zara sa gum ho gaya hu
    Sath hu ab bhi,bs duniya ki bhid me kho gaya hu
    Akele mat samjhna khud ko sath mujhe hardam paogi
    saya sath hoga hardam mera tumhre jaha bhi tum jaogi.”

    1. Damn bro.
      Top Notch

    2. @Anuj Kapadia, you are nobody and just a second lead in this show. Vanraj Shah ne aaj tak kabhi haar nahi mani. Anupama meri thi, hai aur hamesha meri puja karti rahegi chahe woh mujh se door rahe ya paas. Sher ghayal hota hai toh bhi sher sher hota hai. Bakri kabhi sher nahi ban sakti. Aaj Anupama ne tere liye mujhko chhoda hai kal koi aur mil jayega aur tujhe bhi chhod degi.

    3. What’s wrong with you V?

    4. Kavya mujhe lgta h ki tum vanraj se behtar partner deserve krti ho.

    5. Kavya, please tum bichme na bolo to hi achha hai. Chup raho tum.

    6. kill this anuj and samar first. i hate this new version of kavya 2.0. purani wali acchi thi. i need my bestie back

    7. ACP Pradyuman

      Achha? Maine kaha tha,
      Na, Kuch na kuch to gadbad hai. 🀨

  4. Lol anuj vanraj kavya samar pakhi sab yahi hai 😝😝😝

    Fake account/bots whatever..get a life..kuc kaam dhaam kar lo thora busy raho instead of doing this nautanki of being characters of anupama

    1. Plzzz surabhi, it’s not any nautanki or bots, it’s just we were trying to spread a little fun and positivity in this negative comment section where everyone is fighting,and even in reality everyone is fishhy so wht’s wrong if we do a little fun here.

    2. @Surabhi..I thought the comments by Anuj, Kavya, Vanraj were hilarious.
      Well done to these fun people for bringing humour into the forum rather than the abuse of some.
      I for one love it, so carry on

    3. You are right Kally, all these comments are hilarious. I wish makers should make this serial as comedy serial and all the characters should do parody of own characters. It will be more interesting thn this typical ronadhona show.

  5. At first barkha and co. Were just plotting behind their backs but now they have come out openly with their intentions. Anupama should also not back down and give tit foe tat. If they can give legal notice to anupama then anupama should do the same and get rid of them from kapadia house and business. Ironically the one person who can help anupama do that in the absence of anuj will be vanraj because he has a devious mind which can deal with fellow devious minds of,barkha, ankush and adhik.

  6. They think because Anupama is uneducated she knows nothing. Is so shameful for Ankush to behave this way towards Anuj. He allowed them to stay I his house but they want to claim his property even when he is not dead. That camera they fix in Anuj room will expose them eventually.they should be ashamed of them selves they went bankrupt and want anuj vast empire. So they can bring it down as they did their’s.

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