Anupama 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Bapuji’s Shocking Decision

Anupama 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi taunts Kavya that even young girls of Kinjal’s age won’t get excited for honeymoon like middle aged Kavya is excited. Kavya asks what is middle aged, she is young and even if she is, she is just married. She tells Vanraj they should get some pics clicked. Vanraj says already there was a big drama that she is starting now. She says what is wrong if she is excited. He says its her second marriage. She says if people mourn in their second marriage. Baa says yes just like they are and if this continues, even Kavya will mourn in a few days; Kavya is boasting about the the issue which they cannot discuss openly, already she has ruined their dignity in the society. Vanraj says Baa is right. Baa says people who used to taunt them will shut their mouth. Rakhi says she is right. Kavya tells Baa that she thinks all her decisions are wrong, but she should think that even she can benefit with it. Anu gets into cab. Kavya taunts that family is directly coming home and cannot meet Anupama, Anu should take care of herself. Anu nods yes. She excitedly gets into cab with Vanraj. They all leave the resort in their cabs.

Anu thinks her new journey of life will start from here. Toshu tells siblings that Kavya is accompanying them home, there will be fight with Baa everyday. Samar says he doesn’t want to stay in that house. Anu says to fight, they need 2 people, a single person can vent out anger and nothing else, they shouldn’t react at all; even a new shoes bites, this is a new relationship, so they should maintain their calm. Pakhi says they were staying with mummy in resort and will have live separately after returning home. Anu says she is just staying 2 lanes away and can visit her naani’s house anytime. Pakhi says there is a difference between staying together and staying 2 lanes away. Toshu consoles her. In another cab, Bapuji says how will he live without Anupama. Baa says she doesn’t feel like taunting new bahu, don’t know how will she live without Anu. Dolly says they have to bear Kavya everyday from hereon. Rakhi thinks there would be only entertainment in Shah family. In another cab, Kavya gets romantic with Vanraj and offers him chips. He says no thank you. She asks him to feed her then and leans on his shoulder. He asks her to sit properly. Driver notices them in mirror. Anu tells children that they will live away from maa if they go away for studies or job. Samar says its about future, they cannot handle today. Pakhi cries asking who will prepare breakfast and cold coffee to her and wake her up. Toshu asks who will serve him coffee late night, who will take care of him and fix his cupboard. Anu says Kinjal will. Kinjal asks who will correct her mistakes and teach her. Nandini says she didn’t even get a chance to spend time with Anu that house. Anu says she read somewhere that whatever god wants will happen and not what they think, life is like a river and they need to learn to flow with it. She cheers up Pakhi and clicks their pick. She then cries remembering the time spent with them. Ungli Pakadke..maa.. song plays in the background.

They all reach their locality. Anu looking Shah house reminisces her daily routine for 25 years. She then takes Baa and Bapuji’s blessings, hugs her children emotionally, and tells Kijal that the family’s responsibility is on her and she should take care of the familyi. She then Kavya that she is a bahu/DIL now and not only Mr. Shah’s wife, she should give love in return of love, her house is like a heart beat and she should maintain it, she is lucky to have such a nice family and should respect them. She then asks Vanraj to take care of himself and when he has married Kavya, he should give her a wife’s respect. She prays tulsi plant from outside and asks Kinjal not to let it dry. She then takes her bag, asks Bapuji not to barge on sweets in her absence. Bapuji says he used to have it as she used to stop him, now without her he doesn’t feel like having sweets. She says he should visit her whenever he wants to have her prepared tea. He says he will as he cannot stay without seeing her. She greets Jai Sri Krishna. He stops her and tells Vanraj that he wants to give him wedding gift, asks Anu if she took all her goods. She says yes. He says she forgot 1 thing, he has her belonging with him, and goes in. Rakhi thinks what he must be doing. Bapuji returns and gives an envelope to Vanraj as his wedding gift. Kavya snatches it and thanks him. Bapuji then gives one envelope to Anu and asks her to read it. Anu reads it and asks how can he do this. Kavya asks Anu not to question Bapuji as they should accept elders’ gifts and not argue. Vanraj asks what is written in it. Kavya says she respects Bapuji’s decision. Bapuji says she didn’t read the papers well. Vanraj scolds her that she cannot even read the papers properly, reads them and stands serious. Kavya asks what is written in it. Bapuji says he didn’t transfer his house in Vanraj’s name but divided it into 3 parts, one for son/Vanraj, second for his daughter/Dolly, and third for Anu. Kavya stands shocked.

Precap: Baa brings aarti. Kavya says thank god at least someone remembers to welcome her. Baa stops her and says first aarti will be of Anupama. Kavya says she is bahu of this house. Bapuji says they perform Lakshmi’s aarti and this house’s Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Annapurna is Anupama. He holds Anu’s hand and takes her in.

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  1. If the family don’t want to do any rituals or keep any relation with kavya that’s fine but constantly comparing her with anu and alway doings stuff for anu in front of kavya will only add fuel in fire. The one who has to hear taunts and deal with kavya’s tantrums is anu, and while she is healing this is the last thing she needs. When anu was their bahu, they rarely show any appreciation for her dedication now suddenly anu is so great they praise her every here and there.The truth is the family is using anu as a weapon against kavya, they tease her and when she attacks they know anu will protect them. I hope anu leave the house soon.

    1. Anupama cannot leave house

    2. Let them compare her to anu,that was how vanraj kept comparing kavya to anu,let her know how it feels

  2. From Shivarti till now Kavya wanted Vanraj and his property, and after that before they all went to the resort Kavya was talking to a person about renovating the kitchen. Before that during Paratoish first engagement Kavya saw the love and attention that Anupama was getting. What Kavya did not see was the endless taunts, the countless time the shah family has blamed Anupama. Kavya did not see that Anupama was stuck inside the house 24hr, Anupama being on a tight schedule, not seeing the the disrespect the shah family gave to Anupama. Kavya saw all of the good things and thought that the moment that Anupama and Vanraj gets divorce and the moment that Vanraj and Kavya gets married that all of that love and attention, and the property/money will go to Kavya. Kavya not realizing that Babuji is still alive and well and that he can change who is in or not in his will. Kavya believed that everything is Vanraj forgetting that fact that he has a sister. Kavya honestly believed that after marrying Vanraj that Vanraj will not only give Kavya all the love and attention but also follow her commands. But the thing was that Vanraj was only going after Kavya for lust… he never had the intentions of marrying Kavya… but Kavya never understood that part. Kavya cuddling Vanraj, making him food, trying to have a romantic time with him, will not work cause Vanraj just never wanted this relationship to be more than just friends with benefits. He only promised Kavya marriage because he wanted to keep Kavya for lust and too fulfil his needs. Kavya was told by Anupama many times that he is not worth marrying… and even Kavya said to Vanraj that if it was any other women they would have left Vanraj…. So why is Kavya still with him… oh right to fulfil her revenge.
    Vanraj acting like the victim his just insane. To prove Anupama wrong he ruined 2 lives… Kavya and Vanraj’s life. Not only that but his family’s lives as well… but he wanted to prove Anupama wrong and married someone that he really only kept for lust. Now that he is unhappy and putting all of his anger on Kavya… before he used to put his anger on Anupama now Kavya. He really didn’t change, he only acted. Acted like he cared for Anupama, acted nice, and pretended to be this loving guy… when he reality he is not. Kavya and Vanraj are now in a unhappy marriage…. A loveless marriage, where one person is married for greed and the other for ego.
    I just hope Anupama leaves that house cause that house is only adding fuel to the fire.

    1. Anupama can have her 1/3 property but these shah family will want anupama to stay in that house doing all household chores . So kaavya is free from burden of chores and she will romance with vanraj . How disgusting

  3. No anupama will again become Mahan maid for the Shahs. Why does she want yo fight kavya for a selfish family. Either kick Vanraj and kavya out or if you all want anupama go with her away from kavya. Dobirritate kavya. She is already mad from Vanrajs behavior. Vanraj playing victim card its pathetic.

  4. Makers are again successful in making the audience a fool . We will never get to see a new journey Anupama . All we will get to see is Anupama doing household chores and being the maid of those shah family . Babuji really cares for Anupama but cant he realize that kaavya is also living in the same house . How will Anupama and kaavya live in the same house . Kaavya will be angry but Anupama too will feel uncomfortable . How will she feel seeing Vanraj and kaavya romancing ? If they wanted anupama to be in that house then they should have threw Vanraj and kavya out of that house . these makers will show the same old anupama as maid and getting taunts from the family(as before) as well as kaavya . Disgusting

  5. In a different perspective we can see Anupama living in that house, caring for family & also being independent… then Banraj will realise that a homemaker can turn independent & manage both family & work efficiently… Kavya will burn in her own jealousy.. just coz of vanraj y should Anupama gv up her rights on her kids where her true happiness is…
    Frankly, it’s not easy for Anupama to go to her mother’s house & start a new life.. the main characters of the show will remain the same but the challenge is Anupama coming out as a winner … but if she starts behaving mahaan & maid types then it will be a wrong message to every woman who has a bad marriage..
    I want to see Anupama staying in same house, happy with her kids & naa.. babuji… perusing her career… unaffected by Vanraj, giving a doting reply to Kavya if she taunts..

    1. Vandana Venkatasubramanian

      Exactly. The story will be boring if she leaves the family. She has to stay therr and Vanraj must see how she progresses in front of his eyes

  6. What the hell is going on in this serial?? I just can’t imagine!! ANUPAMAA… Whose efforts were ignored, who was not even liked by her husband, who was always taunted by Baa… That Anupamaa is now the Lakshmi, Saraswati and Annapurna of the Shahs. How disgusting!!
    And that too, now Pakhi wants her mummy just because Kavya can’t stand Pakhi’s tantrums… Because she has her own tantrums in front of V…. And I can’t understand why the makers don’t just let Anupamaa go her own way and the Shahs in their own??
    And Oh God!! There’s Vanraj too… He said, ” Jiski aukaat mere saath do minute khade hoke baat karne ki nahi hai, use aap logon ne meri puri life ke liye mera saathi bana diya??” (If u guys remember) If this is what he wanted then why don’t just let Anupamaa go her way!! U mind your own business… Just utter nonsense is going on in the show!!
    I wish there was Adi!! He’s a great support for Anupamaa… I want him to be back…

  7. I really had though tht Anu and Advait will fall for each other and get married but it didn’t happened and now I am very disappointed with it that Advait’s chapter is closed .
    Bapuji always thought well of Anu but why they decided this property division means I am not against it but again she have to do all house chores even now and that rascal Kavya will just fight with everybody for no reason. I was happy when Vanraj and Kavya gpt married thinking now Kavya will understand how difficult is to be a daughter in law and if it happened then she had spent her some days in learning to balance her professional and personal life and temporarily shah’s problem had been busy.

  8. Why are the Shah’s continuously blaming and saying bad about Kavya. I know Kavya has done something that is extremely bad but even Vanraj had done that. No one is telling Vanraj anything and just speaking bad about Kavya.Like that’s so unfair. And this Pakhi hated her mother before and now when her mother is leaving she wants her.

  9. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Anupama should sell her share of the house and buy a new one and take family members of her choice to live with her 😂😂😂 new chapter rofl

  10. Which ex wife gives a lecture before leaving the house . This serial is too unreal

  11. I don’t like this part at all. What rubbish. They have given Vanraj 2 wives. That is what it Will become when the fire start burning.
    Actually in my town, a man left his wife of 20 years because she has only one child and married another. The family gathered together and built another house for the first wife . On the same plot of land, but different building, different gate. Nothing joins them together that Will bring insult or assault to any party.
    If Anupama will stay in that house, bcs of her children, their should be demarcation. No interference to any party, except there’s threat of harm. We should remember that Anupama is coming out of surgery and needs calm and relaxed mind.
    The sharing should be in such a way that if Anupama does not want to see Kavya, she won’t see her. Vice versa
    Pls, we don’t want to see her turned to a slave or maid.
    Infact she should Never enter Kavya kitchen. She should not cook for Vanraj. After cooking in her apartment she can dish for her children. Then sometimes can give Bapuji or Ba.
    I agree with all those that said this move of the Shah”s is to make Anupama continue serving and slaving for them bcs there’s no any need of keeping Anupama in that house. All her children are grown. None is a baby or kid.
    If Anupama is turned to a shameless woman whom after divorce will hold on to the family and continue to unnecessary give her speeches were it’s not needed then the whole story is bullshit. Ah ah, na witch

    1. Perfectly True Fummilayo.

  12. This show is so unreal. Why will a divorce woman agree to live with her ex- husband and his wife.

  13. “Toshu asks who will serve him coffee late night, who will take care of him and fix his cupboard. Anu says Kinjal will.”

    Now this part really upset me. I was watching this episode with my dad and we both got upset by that part. I thought anupama would say to paritosh that he’s a grown man now and that he should do stuff himself. But no. Anupama said that kinjal will do it. I swear she said that she will accept her as her friend in the early episodes. Friends don’t treat each other this. I seriously thought anupama was a feminist. But I don’t think she is. When rakhi said that she’ll hire a 24hr maid at their house. I was like YES RAKHI THANK GOD!!

    Anupama really has turned s*xist. Why couldn’t she also say that paritosh and kinjal should sort out stuff together and help each other with the chores and office work?? If I were a mom i would have said to paritosh, EITHER DO IT URSELF OR DONT DO IT AT ALL!!

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