Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Samaira provokes Kuldeep against Harsh and Shubhra

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep leaves. He says I am sorry to Shubhra. Kuldeep says Samaira coming here was unexpected. I will make sure she stays away from you. Whatever our relationship is like, Rishi and Roli will stay with you. Neither I nor Sam can take them away from you. No one can be better than you for them.

Scene 2
Everyone is at the breakfast table. Samaira comes there with Kuldeep. She says did you see? Should I be shocked or surprised? There’s a good-looking guy with Shubhra? She found the replacement so fast. Kuldeep says what’s wrong with you? She says it’s with your ex-wife. She is in love, look how happy she looks with him. Kuldeep says should we change the table, I want to have breakfast in peace. Samaira says tables have been changed. Why did you hide this from me? Kuldeep says he’s Rishi’s doctor. Samaira says in a resort? Is he treating Rishi or Shubhra? Kuldeep leaves.

Samaira comes to Harsh and says hi? Harsh right? Kuldeep told me about you. I am Samaira. He says you’re his friend right? please come join us. She says if I join no one would eat here. Btw congrats. He says for what? She says welcome to Kuldeep’s ex-family. I am sure they would stop running after Kuldeep now. Samaira says don’t stare at me Shubhra? If I do it’s a sin, if you do it it’s a pious thing? You should have signed the divorce papers at least. Not bad but not better than Mr. Chadha. The hearts are exchanged, the family gave approval too. When is the ring ceremony? Have the kids accepted him? Or are you still using the kids to.. Shubhra says you came uninvited so you better go. Samaira says Biji, your cultured DIL got a new papa for the kids. Congrats. She gives her a drink. Harsh tales it and says why congratulate her? Congratulate me? Cheers. Thank you for entertaining us and congratulating us. But now this entertaining is getting overdone and irritating and I don’t want to spoil my family breakfast because of an outsider so, please.. Samaira leaves. Harsh ays you might not have liked but people like her should be answered. Who is she to dare to question you? This is your life and no one has a right over it. Narain says well-done. What you did was right.

Samaira comes to Kuldeep and pulls him. He says what are you doing? Have you decided you don’t want to see anyone happy? What drama did you do at the table? Can you let people live? Samaira says I love you. Can we sit and talk? He says why? She says so we can have breakfast. Wanna hear a story? The title is one mama and two papas. Kuldeep shouts Sam. She says keep your anger controlled. You told me there can’t be a better mother than Shubhra for your kids? Then where did this second papa come the story from? He says I pity your thinking. She says it’s the truth but you hide your face like an Ostrich. Rishi is just an excuse. Harsh told me he wants to have breakfast with his family in peace so I should get out. He underlined family. If he’s a doctor why is he having breakfast with Shubhra? The doctors don’t have time for their own family. He’s spending time with your family. 24/7. But thank God I got the divorce papers ready. One papa out and one in.

Scene 3
Roli asks Phirki what has Samaira sent for me? She says pizza and fries. She makes Roli it. Shubhra is coming to the room with Harsh. She says Roli must be hungry. She loves parathas. Shubhra is shocked to see Phirki feeding her. Shubhra says you allowed you to bring breakfast to my room? Get out of here. Phirki says I only get my didi’s order. And my didi ordered me to feed Roli. Shubhra says your didi’s orders work outside this room. Get out. Feed this to your didi. Never dare to enter this room again, get out. Harsh says the door is there. Roli says mama why did you do this? It was such a good breakfast. Samaira aunty sent it. I am upset with you now. I don’t wanna eat. Shubhra says okay don’t eat. In anger, it doesn’t take good either. I should make Harsh eat. The parathas are so tasty. Harsh says yes I am very hungry. Give it to me. Roli takes it and eats it. She gets happy.

Samaira throws things in anger. Kuldeep says what’s wrong now? Samaira says are you kids nothing to me now? I mean nothing? I can’t send Roli even breakfast? Phirki said Kuldeep sent it but Harsh asked her to get out. Do you understand the story? Why is Harsh standing with Shubhra? Do you get all this? Shubhra was making Harsh and Roli eat. One mama and second papa now. You will be kicked out of kids’ hearts. Kuldeep leaves.

Scene 4
Narain says I want to clap and appreciate him loudly. What a man. Madhura says who? You see something wrong with everyone? Then who’s this Mr. perfect? He says Harsh. He broke Samaira’s face. Harsh stood in front of Shubhra like a mountain. Kuldeep hears all this. He said all that to silence her but what if it becomes true? Kuldeep is shocked. What if he actually becomes a part of our family? She says don’t say this in front of Shubhra. She will get very upset. She will go away from Harsh and Rishi’s treatment will discontinue. She’s not in a state of starting a new relationship at the moment. He says you are her mom. Talk to her. Why is she stuck in this useless marriage? What’s her age? She will be alone once kids grow up.

Shubhra collides with Harsh. She says it’s okay I will pick. He says 50-50. I can do that. Shubhra says you’re already doing a lot. For Rishi’s happiness, we started this story that we are friends but since Samaira came with her filth I feel like you have to pay a big price to be in our lives. I am really sorry. It’s my job to treat ill minds. I can see that Samaira’s mind is ill. She needs treatment. She can’t hurt me. She says but I get tired of all this. I want to give my kids a good life but this filth comes in front of them every time. You’re a doctor, I am normal. I get hurt. Harsh says I will treat your hurt. Rishi comes and says Harsh you didn’t do right. Harsh says what? Rishi says why did you do this? Shubhra says what is he doing? Rishi says he’s checking out. I just saw. The staff was taking his bags out. How can you leave me alone here? Harsh says I was about to tell you. My conference is over so I have to go. Rishi hugs Harsh and says I won’t let you go. Shubhra says he might have work. Rishi says I won’t let you go. I will hide your bags. Kuldeep comes there. Harsh says you can always video call me. We can play online games. Rishi says I won’t let you go. I will hide your bags. He holds Harsh’s legs. Shubhra says what are you doing? Rishi says please ask him, he’s your friend too. Shubhra says how can we ask him to stay? He has work to do. Rishi says please ask him once. Please. Shubhra says if you can manage your work, please stay. Kuldeep recalls what Samaira and Narain said.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kuldeep brings a doctor and says she’s a very renowned child therapist. From now on she will treat Rishi. Shubhra is shocked. He says don’t you want Rishi to get the best treatment? She’s the best. So she will be Rishi’s doctor now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Sick mentality of kuldeep and samaira. Kuldeep leaves wife and children to live with another woman, but shubra can’t have friends. Sick minded people

    1. So agree omg just hope he gets lost. I swear if the makers sent shubra back to this idiotic kuldeep, I’ll just flip and they would be sending out the wrong message.

  2. The mother in law sick is being extremely unfair for a woman. From her introduction into the show till now.

  3. Agree with above comments. the Mil should first try to get Keldeep to break off with Samaria. That she cannot do. Where’s the logic in pushing him towards Shubra? His needs have not changed. He still wants to make it big and fast. Shubra’s father should tell Biji to ask her son what his plans are regarding Samaria. Not what she wants him to do. But regardless, Shubra should move on as a strong independent woman. I wish she would tell Biji that Rishi’s happiness is most important to her and that it is not with Kuldeep. I love how Shubra’s father gives her fitting replies. Poor Rishi. The new therapist situation will break his heart. I wish Samaria would take her Mr Chaddha away. Why doesn’t anyone tell her to be a mother to her own daughter? I see a divorce case in the horizon, an ugly one. Samaria is something, advising Shubra to wait till divorce to start a new relationship with Harsh, what has she done!

  4. Kuldeep’s mom is very partial to me, she will be caring to shubra in her face but once she’s not there turn to Samaria and kuldeep pls leave shubra and carry your Samaria away. Rishi is a very strong boy and Roli hmmm though she’s still a child and can be easily influence Sha

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