Anshi Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana Mushkil hai yaar ( Surprise 3) by shama

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Hello My dear Readers,
I am bshama1239 now B_isha I know many readers won’t even remember my article named “Anshi takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar” as I am horribly late but still here is the next part with a link attached below.
So here’s a link to all my episodes

All Parts here
Scene : 1

The whole oberio edifice suffers a tremor by a begging voice dadi dadi save me!!

Dadi follows the voice and reached a room where omkara was seen chasing rudra just like tom chases jerry and our rudra is not less than jerry being clever rudra said arrey ishana di careful …omkara turns and says ishu with concerned in his voice…rudra takes advantage of omkara foolishness and ran to dadi and om understood he tricked him and walked to dadi

Rudra gives his best puppy face looks to dadi and said dekho na Kitna mara dekho khoon bhi aa raha hai, dadi examined his face and bet him playfully on forehead and said jhoota !

Rudra says to cover up his lie abhi aayega abhi aayega …o agar Aaj mere haseen chahre ko kuch ho ho jaata toh ( caring his cheeks) main haseen ladkiyo ko kya jawab deta huh?

[ see na how much he bet me see blood is oozing dadi examined his face and bet him playfully on forehead and said liar! Rudra tries to cover up by saying now it ( blood) will come o if something would happened to my beautiful face then what would I say to those beautiful girls huh?]

Om gives a his deadly glance and says abhi dadi ne aa ke bacha liya nahi toh tera badhaseen chahre ki toh ( om raises his hand and dadi says ladai bhandh karo )

Shivaay walked in with anika and ishana and said noway dadi we are angry on him and we have the reason.

Bhabhiyo save me ( he makes ishana and anika his shield and said) arrey they don’t know the meaning of apology kya khakh agrez singh Oberio ho shivaay bhaiyya? At least I have guts to accept somya in front of everyone and see yourselves !!

Shivaay and om looks one another with puzzled expressions and asked with curiosity : what to see?

Rudra says pointing his index finger towards shivaay and omkara by ‘see yourselves’ I purely meant see yourselves

Omkara and Shivaay once again exchanged looks both looked at each other from top to toe with a thought in mind that why we are exactly looking at each other in such a way . Rudra says Arre yaar no not in this way I said being the youngest son I had guts to fight back for my wife and you both you haven’t proposed my bhabhi’s yet!

Shivaay and omkara was quick to reply they said at once what’s the need they both know our feelings right (staring at ishana and anika anika was burning just like fire to this reply but both anika and ishana managed to hide their feeling with a light smile )

Dadi tacit anika feelings and makes up her mind that today in reception my billu would surely accept his feelings for anika by hook or by crook. She orders everyone to get ready for the reception.
Scene : 2 (@ walking through the passage)

Anika’s Point of view:

Shivaay words ‘what’s the need she knows’ was ringing in her mind with every single step anika was cursing shivaay underneath her breathe that what did he exactly meant by what’s the need Aare there are many things which we have to express whether we know it or not ….. but nahi agar ek baar propose kar denge toh inki height kam ho jayegi na.

Her train of thoughts were interrupted by a sound she looked towards her left in priyanka room she found priyanka talking on a call with someone in a low voice she sensed something fishy so she headed towards her room entrance from where she could figure out what’s the matter

Priyanka in a shocked tone : ‘what’ ! Are you sure ? You saw her it’s important yaar she’s behind the bars now how can she be there?

Voice ( a manly husky voice): priyanka listen to me please she is the one and I surmise that she’s once again planning something woeful wait I will send you her picture and a video it seems like she’s instructing goons.

Priyanka : ok but be carefully !

@ intruder place

The informer was behind the bushes he managed to click two snaps and now was shooting a video where the intruder was practicing to shoot a bullet .

Anika thinks why priyanka is so uptight? Something is fishy but what ? Should I approach her she moved a bit then halted and thought no let me first overhear her conversation then i will….she hides again behind the room window in fraction of seconds priyanka mobile beeps and she skimmed it ….her face turned pale when she saw the pictures and video which showed a girl holding a gun and was surrounded with full weapons. Priyanka immediately took a seat on bed in shock and the first word she uttered in fear was she’s the intruder behind all this mess.

As priyanka completed her sentence and was looking over the pictures and suddenly her mobile was snatched priyanka turned her face and said anika Bhabhi.

Intruder : Oh wow now I know how to shoot now I can easily finish the chapter of Oberios and the best part is no one knows that I am behind all the mess she laughs like a devil.
Anika said yes me I am sorry Prinku actually i sensed something fishy so I overheard your conversation and anika skimmed priyanka mobile and said are you freaking me out ,She’s the intruder oh my gosh I have to inform all .
Intruder : in between her laughter she says and no one can save Oberios now .
Priyanka held anika from elbow and said no Bhabhi I have a plan but before that call ****** and after a while some people are shown entering priyanka room .
Anika and priyanka smiled to them and closed the door
priyanka narrated the plan in mute mode………….

Anika : ( knocks her forehead with index finger ) wah priyanka what a plan mere saath rehte rehte tum Kitni chantomine ho gayi !

Anika : But wait is she ( intruder) coming in reception ? Priyanka nods and said yes probably as per the information I got .

Anika hits her forehead : uss intruder ki bacchi ko bhi itna Acha din mila raita phelane ke liye. Accha listen Prinku convey our thank you to your informer and invite him in the party .

Agent 2 : Ya there are chances Prinku that we would need him therefore you should invite him and ya wait I have bluetooth for all so that we can connect to each other in party too. She hands it over to all

Agent 3 adjusting the bluetooth: Should we inform acp ranjhawa about all this ?

All said” No ”
agent 4 : says not possible I sometimes feel his evil so it’s better agent 3 that he is unaware and yes apart from bluetooth for discussion we’ll text each other and before anyone reads it we’ll delete it.

All nod in positive

So anika started alloting duties agent priyanka you are supposed to make guests list and make sure that intruder enters easily.

Agent 4 said : Yes once intruder enters her exit will be impossible and we will make sure of it.

Anika to – Agent 2 you’re supposed to handle intruder personal ….. ( agent 2 curses intruder underneath her breathe that due to her I was earning an unnecessary guilt for a while but now you are dead intruder..anika asks are you fine with the plan?, agent 2 smiles and says ok )

Anika to Agent 3 and 4 : You will handle the media , in such a way that they stay in the party but should be unaware of the happenings …. ( agent 3 and 4 exchanged puzzled looks but ends up nodding in positive)

Meanwhile priyanka calls her informer and he says he is always with her and will reach the party in time and help her in executing the plan ,Priyanka grins and says sure i will be waiting and ends the call.
Intruder (in an excited manner) : Oh my gosh , I can’t wait to enter oberio mansion .
Anika says ab aane do intruder ko agar uski oh my mata nahi kar di (in unison voices say) toh hum bhi Oberios nahi.

“Best of luck for this mission agents”. anika stated….
Scene 3

Agent 3 phone beeps….WhatsApp message she saw a notification from agent 4, She opened the inbox and red the message in mind

“Hey agent 3 , is someone around you ? I have to tell you something! .”

Agent 3 scoped her room and typed :

“Agent 4 no I am alone in the room actually i was thinking that how would we handle the media ?”.

A reply popped : “agent 3 , I was about to tell you that only I just got an idea to handle the media the only thing we have to do is tom and jerry wali fight like we always do but this time with a twist .”

Agent 3 was puzzled : “Twist ??”

Agent 4 : laughed as he knew that she is gonna type it only he typed “yes we’ll have a dance fight which will engage media and give them some spice to publish too.”

Agent 3 was woo she said “I can’t believe you have a thing name brain in your head agent 4.”

Agent 4: “oh wow thank gosh you got your eyes back to check out that I have a brilliant brain”.

After five minutes of conflict

Both end up saying” shut up “…
@ shivika room

Shivaay Point of view :

Wow shivaay singh oberio you know everything that which person is where at the moment. But when it comes to panika I am also puzzled as she’s herself a puzzle now where did anika vanished all of a sudden , from last 5 mintues I am searching her to elucidate something but he thought that she must be angry from him as he denied to accept his feelings for her so she is teasing me now by playing hide and seek with me …..

He walks around his bed scopes it to check whether she had hide there … but no the place was empty he checks the cabinet behind the clothes and then under the sofa , then he eyes glued behind the curtains “Chandini” (anika slippers) he grins and take steps forward and says ‘no use of hiding anika you see nothing can be hidden from shivaay singh Oberio ‘.

Anika walks into the bedroom and thought why shivaay is talking to himself ?

Anika pats shivaay shoulder and says kya hua shivaay ? To whom are you talking? Don’t tell me that your talking on bablu….

Shivaay : whose bablu here anika?

Anika : ( knocks his BT) Arre yeh hai bablu shivaay huffed and said tumhara matlab bluetooth anika says ha wahi na…

Shivaay said no I was not talking on bluetooth actually i was…… He was cut off by anika.

Anika gave him a shocked look and said I told you several times not to consume saira banu na na na saira banu nahi what was it americano whatever that kali coffee made you mad

Shivaay nods and then realised what she said , wait a second you called me mad I am not mad . You’re mad

Anika said mad me same to you ,back to you and no returns and yeah because only mad people shout like this.

Shivaay huffed and said forget it he walked to the cupboards opened it from cabinet he took his evening attire and went in to change he closed the sliding door and thought now if god also comes and tells to confess my love for her I won’t.

Anika prays that everything goes according to our plan or else she can seriously zap us .
@7; 30 pm

The whole oberio edifice was covered into a blanket of flowers and lights this was the reception after all so all the guests were invited in a grand manner by the khanna team .

A van halts at the chocolate brown gate and slides the window a gun with slienser shoots the golden lock and the van entered the edifice secretly by the rear gate which used to be always closed .

The khanna team was forcefully engaged in welcoming the guests but they all were reporting anika .

Khanna in conference mam alert ! At the rear portion of edifice our spy camera has sensed something fishy what’s the orders for us.

Anika : Khanna ji stay calm no action let them enter easily. And from this while be extra alert .

Agent 4 : But I wonder how the intruder knows about the rear entry it’s like ages when we closed it.

Agent 5 : ( Prinku) ” it’s not the correct time to think all this rudra bhaiyya .

Rudra/agent 4: ok super Bhabhi and my Prinku pehlwan as you both wish.

After 10 mins ….

The hall was nearly packed by the guests they all were waiting for shivika August arrival in the reception.

{ Anika was dressed in a body hugging attire an off shoulder black chop blouse paired with a graceful graphical multi coloured peach lehanga and mangal surta she let her hair down with some curls at the end}

{And Shivaay was dressed in a black velvet sherwani with gold trews he enhanced his looks with a diamond broch. }

Shivaay and anika came from different directions and bumped into each other

Rudra was dressed in a navy blue floral printed jacket paired up with white trews he said : dadi apni dilo ki dhadkano ko sambhal ke rakhlo kyuki ASLI drama ab shuru hone wala hai .

( dadi hold your heartbeats and keep it safe because the real drama would begin )

Shivika gave each other their best deadly glances

Rudra : yaar in dono ka mute button kyu dabh gaya hai , yeh log kuch bol kyon nahi rahe .

Omkara was dressed in a maroon sherwani he said : rudra mera bhai kabhi kabhi log nahi unki Khamoshiya bolti hai .

(Heck why their mute button is on why both are not saying anything , rudra my brother something people won’t speak but their slience does)

Dadi looks at rudra and then om and says o puttar apna mugleazam ka dialogue band kar aur samne dekh kya ho raha hai!

Rudra : dadi main toh sirf naam ka lady killer hu per aaj bhaiyya Bhabhi se apni feelings confess karne ke baad anika Bhabhi ko Khushi ke mare marne ke baad Sach much ke lady killer ban jayege.

Dadi : kuch nahi karega (he won’t do anything)

Shivika controls themselves and looked at the media and guest with a grin and walked down the stairs hand in hand .

Somya walks in a small white blouse which had tiny sleeves and a deep neckline with a navy blue floral printed lehanga with ishana who was dressed in a one shoulder sand yellow blouse and maroon lehanga.

Ishana stood with omkara and somya just beside rudra when the intruder stepped out of the van and walked in the edifice which ends to the hall where the party is held.

Priyanka was dressed in a majenta cowl neck kurta and grey palazzo she was waiting for someone impatiently when ranveer approached her that for whom is she waiting for ?

Priyanka was perplexed whether to tell the truth that she’s waiting for the informer and ranveer sister when again ranveer repeated the question she looked towards him and behind him the entrance she was about to utter something when her eyes fall on a guy and his presence brought a grin on her lips and she said only a word ” dev Chabbra” and hugged him lightly which gave a mini heart attack to ranveer he passed a suspicious look to them .

Priyanka was still in dev embrace when she whispered thank you my informer for marking your presence .

Dev: The pleasure is all mine priyanka well I must say you look different today . Now can I withdraw my arms ?

Priyanka : priyanka composes herself and tries to grip on her actions but she was hardly able to hide her blush but at the end she asked something which she herself didn’t realise .

Priyanka : what did you meant by different ? I am looking ugly in this outfit dev ?

Dev : No ,not at all priyanka you are an undying beauty always.

Which made priyanka blush to heights .


I was in the party for my own reasons I wanted to meet my darling sister ishika my eyes were in search for my sister when my eyes fell on priyanka she looked so gorgeous today I felt that she was waiting for someone to arrive like I was , I walked down to her I asked her for whom is she waiting I was keen to know don’t know why ? And for what ? When suddenly I saw her eyes twinkling in pleasure with someone’s presence which was obviously not me , before I could turn to check out she ran and gave a hug to a guy now who hell is he ? Who is getting so special attention by priyanka before I could find an answer to my questions I found priyanka blushing which gave me a second attack I was trying to recover by this shocks when I heard her asking about her outfit and then found her blushing . I never felt such thing in my life.

Before I could approach them or unearth the matter I heard shivaay making an announcement so everyone turned there focus there.
Shivaay : Hello ladies and gentlemen , today is an important day of our life saying this he entwined his fingers in anika and looked into her chocolate brown eyes.

Intruder ( the girl without any hood she walked down the passages to reach the hall when her eyes fell on omkara she aimed her gun with slienser to shoot she shoot a bullet which missed as omkara moved further.

And the bullet hits the table by which nearby ishana was standing she sensed intruder presence so she said in nonchalant manner “ALERT AGENTS” she is here make sure everyone pair is safe.

Agent 5 / priyanka: Khanna time for some action close all the doors and you’re following her na .

Khanna: Yes mam I am hiding behind the curtains and she looks irritated as now she tried to shoot omkara sir.

Rudra /agent 4 : what? Catch her now before she could harm my family.

Somya/agent 3:No khanna ji we have no evidences to prove that she had murdered shivin .

Rudra to somya tumhe evidence ki padi hai yaha meri family danger me hai . Somya rephrases the sentence and says meri nahi rudra humari family and trust me nothing will happen to them .

Somya to anika : Bhabhi make this announcement end soon Meanwhile we will announce couple dance for all.

Anika smiles to shivaay and says : yeah its an important day of our life as shivaay said I won’t deny it rather I will say with shivaay my every single moment is special whether it’s small fights or anything . And I prefer moments are for living .

So can I grab a elfin moment she forward her hand and asked to dance with him .

Shivaay was spellbound by her words he was perplexed like with her changed behaviour but he let her his hand and lead him to the dance floor . A slow song starts to play ” Mere haath me , tera haath ho”.

And anika pulls him in a close embrace they both were swaying their bodies with the music and their eyes glued on each other.

It was when somya ordered khanna to turn off all lights and let shivaay and anika be in lime light area

Intruder : now why is the lights dim how would I make sure whom I am shooting the correct person should be killed this time not like the past she recapitulate the past.

When she entered into the mansion and saw shivaay and shivin fighting badly she wanted to kill shivaay but she ended up killing shivin as both looked a like as they were twins.
[5:29PM, 5/6/2017] Ishaa: Slowly each and every couple begin to dance

Shivaay saw bluetooth in anika ear under her hair he whispered anika what’s this? Anika elucidates everything to shivaay .

And when even they have to speak rumya has to cover them with their dance moves so that media will be engaged.

Shivaay was shocked by all this but he manages to control his expression he asked where the hell is she now ?

Anika : I don’t know shivaay somewhere in those dark passages behind the curtains .

Anika to Agent 2 aka ishana : it’s high time ishana you should make a move and confront the culprit as you have all the rights too. Can you do this ?

Ishana exhaled and closed her eyes and said only for omkara. Omkara and ishana were not dancing so ishana just walked out.

Intruder : ok last try ! If this bullet misses I have to come out she again set an aim on omkara but before she could fire a strong kick led her gun fall.

She was shocked but before she could see the person …A voice said welcome back my dear sister “Riddhima”.

Riddhima aka intruder : ?Ishana

Suspense and past revelations waiting ahead
A/N : Hopefully it was good to read please share your thoughts with me I would be pleased to answer your views and questions please feel free and wishes to my fellow authors.

Happy birthday my sweethearts

May 6th : happy birthday dear puvi , I am so pleased to have you in my life sweetheart I truly wish that you stay always happy and blessed love you.

In advance :

May 8th : Happy wala birthday ayath , hopefully you always get what you actually wished of , your life should be filled up with happiness always have a great year ahead ayu.

May 24th : Happy birthday Pri _ 24 , I know that we don’t talk that much but in relationships how much conversation we exchanged that doesn’t matter so a big happy birthday have a great year .

May 27th : happy birthday my support system my life , thanks for being with me always thanks for everything you did for me n a thank you won’t be equal to your efforts but still love you a lot mumma.

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  1. Kavya347

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  2. Kavya347

    (oops sorry it got posted in the middle?)
    So i was saying…ya….the ACP J ho gaya??? it was the most entertaining Priveer scene ever!!!!!!! That’s why i love yiu soooooo much. You are always so unique and so superb…. really a rockstar!!!!!? And that Shivika dance, Anika’s feelings???….-

    – And then came the Biggest….like THE BIGGEST Shock????…The intruderwas Riddhima????And sister???? It’s me going all sso What the wuck!!!!! ? It’s shocking and interesting!!!!!i cannot wait to see what happens next!!!!!plz post soon and Thanks a lotttttttt for coming back…love you…take care..

    ( And here’s a link of the Ishkara OS i recently wrote….have a look…it will mean a lot to me?

    1. Kavya347

      Sorry about the typos…

      1. B_isha

        Seriously I am glad to learn that my comments mean some whereas your comments are a treat to read itself just like others like ur os darling.

        Love you

  3. SamSun

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! Finally u r back!!!! Lagta hai meri chutki me bhi jaadu hai kyunki Kal raat ki Mai yahi soch rhi thi agla part padne ki kab milega ???
    But honestly kya treat tha hamareliye!!! It was quite long and pleasing too. The way you started was the best. Omru ki tom and Jerry with ishkara ki jhalak. Shivom’s line “she will understand”. Anika’s anger. Prinku pehlwan becoming agent and bhabhi-nanad Jodi to khidkitod hai. Agents ne kya plan banaya hai!!!
    Despite this khodkitod part Aap kehte ho ki apko likhna nhi aata hai. Seriously??? Idk padke aise lag raha hai ki aapne puri dictionary dimaag me copy paste karke rakhdiya ho. This was fantastic di.

    1. B_isha

      Aww Khushi Sach me dictionary cut copy paste Omg ….Thank you so much meri Jaan it means a lot and I was just trying to refresh our obros moments which are nowadays mostly not there anyways can you plz share this link to grp sugar was so eagerly asking me like you all

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    Oh God!!!! U surprised me with this ff updtae as well as ur comment in my ff…also….Bshama….seriously after a long gap i am reading this wonderful article….And naah…how can i forget u……dear…..regarding episode this was a zabardast dhamakedhaar episode … i liked it so much dear…i loved rudy so much who hided behind his ishu and ani bhabhi for saving himself from omie and shiv….i was able 2 visualize that part in my mind and thanks for giving that cute scene….intruder aka ridhima….uh…..a big shock….for me….. suspense is well handled and each scene was well written by u….I really felt so nice 2 read ur ff…..Surprise karna toh koi aap se seekhe…..pehale wapas aakar ff dekhe surprise dete ho aur abb yeh article update kar phir se lagatar surprise dete ho….aur pata nahi agli surprise kab aur kaise ?? i will wait for that….bye….love u dear…

    1. B_isha

      Omg di thank you sooooooo much it really means a lot from my inspiration well I don’t know why ? But you guys feel I surprised you all actually i can’t leave any articles pending it’s not in my habit I was willing to halt it as I felt I can’t write but then I thought then why did I start !! I am not the one who can hurt someone sentiments. So somewhere I made an attempt to pen down and the most surprising thing to me was ppl still remember me and this ff that’s a great gift .

      And I am glad you like my comments on your post Wese same feeling yaha hai I love to read your views.

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    Omg shama di…its amazing yaar….
    So finally u r back wd bang….
    Nd plz read my ff nd share ur views dear…thank u..
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      Saku ? You mean Shakshi ? Kuhu and mere meger wala naam itna aacha laga kya Joh Shreyanvi ban gayi anyways if this is someone else I will surely come down and read your articles whenever I find time.

      1. Shreyanvi

        Nope shama di….
        I m saku only…ur pj queen…
        Nd yaa mujhe who naam..sacchi bahot pasand Maine rakh kiya.. aur waise bhi woh mere liye hi tha naa??

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      Hello dear ,
      Thank you for dropping your valuable views and saying that ur fan of mine it matters alot yaar thank you for boosting me and a big love you back to Infinity

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