Ishkara OS:- His Darling

Ishkara OS:- His Darling…

Ok…So I won’t even give an intro here. If anyone remembers me, I am sure he/she is very angry… I have not posted for like a month for my Ishkara ff, and I totally vanished from TU for couple of weeks due to the exams. Even after the exams, I had a lot of competitive-stuff going on, and even now the classes. So it’s just sups busy..But Here I am back now. With an Ishkara one shot and a hope that I can post the epis regularly soon. Now I will stop, as I’m sure nobody wants to here these boring bakbaks….so back to the story…
I am really really disappointed with the show makers for destroying my Love Omkara’s intense wala pyara artist-shayar profile?. And (you guys agree or not), ISHANA WOULD HAVE BEEN A MILLION TIMES BETTER PAIR FOR OMKARA than anyone?…no offense, gaurika fans, but DBO is just going in my head…and I swear it feels like each day it’s murder of my feelings I once invested in the show and got in love with the characters. And the worst part is NO O-BRO MOMENTS???. I once thought that I can’t miss anything more than I miss Ishkara-meets that intense-beautiful couple. But oops…The love story of O-Bros is something I miss more. Their kitchen adventures, those ‘lafzon ka ye rishta nahi’ moments…omg, it feels like crying.
So I had an overflow of these feelings, and I finally decided to come out of the shell, all can wait for a while, but I cannot…so here’s my new OS.?

It’s a total work of fiction on Idea which popped in my mind, about last night and now I am writing a story on i. It’s a short one, and maybe a little stupid and shitty idea, but I think it would have been quite cute?… So read it…and share your views and keep giving your suggestions, love and new encouragement through your comments and replies?

Here starts the story…. ???

Mumbai Airport… A girl landed on, in there 6 am in the morning. She got down the plane…Her brownish hair waved with the morning breeze as she peeped out, to take a glance at the morning scene at airport?. Her eyes reflected a storm of emotions, the past memories; the time when she had left this place…she had left HIM…
Ishana took a sigh, and managed to take all her luggage out, heading for the waiting area. She was getting a little irritated by doing all this on her own a bit. The simple fact was that she was not really a morning person, and she never could be?. With this, again his thoughts occupied her mind. How much Om loved mornings, the sunrises, his intense shayari and the cup of kullad he used to make☕…All those memories stormed in, and she shivered with the thought of meeting him after all these years again.
Almost 5 years, it was after-all five years without seeing him, well 4 years, 7 months and 3 days to be precise. Staying away from him, his love, going away from the guy she loved to death, whose name her heart used to beat with?. That was the hardest thing she had ever done, or the hardest thing she ever had to do for the sake of his betterment?.
All those years ago, before he would have insisted, or done something causing her to give up on all her determination to prevent ruining his life, she had silently taken an exit from there. Leaving him all alone. It was not that she didn’t knew he liked her, (oh damn?…whom was she kidding she was sure that he loved her.) It was just that she didn’t want to break the solace, the purity of his truthful life, with her lies. She wanted him to be with a person who deserved him. It didn’t make any difference that he had forgiven her for that betrayal, because she was still not able to forgive herself for that. He was the most perfect guy in this world and deserved the most perfect girl for him?…someone whose life was just as pure as his..Maybe someone like Gauri??????

Her heart went crying and piercing as she thought what if they two had been married till now,? maybe Om having a happily married ever after end for his life and here she was still hoping that he loved her, he had something for her in his heart. She laughed at the stupidity. “You gave up on, he was never yours to give up on”, She said to herself in determination and put on the head-phones for her fav-songs, this was the distraction she would always use to get away from her never ending ‘Omkara thought’( If having imaginary, romantic couple dances with him, was not included in them?)

But that Omkara, as her Prince-charming dream broke too, as she saw Anika’s call on her mobile. Though she had left all the Oberois back, she always was in touch with Anika ( she was like a big-sister to her after all). But she left all of the others…Dadi, Shivaay bhaiya, Rudra, Tej-Janavi, everyone…Just to stay away from Om’s life and prevent any burden on him. These long years…They made her realize what she used to mean for him..or maybe she still did mean for him. She didn’t know. And probably, she had lost the chance to know that too. ?

“Hey Ishana?…FINALLY you are back!!! I am just so glad and excited yaar, at last we all are gonna be together!!! After almost 5-years isn’t it?. Oh yeah!!! Now come to the ‘living Paradise’ Hotel right now. All are there, well, except me and Shivaay of course, we’ll arrive soon, ok? Reach fast”, Anika was still in that same cute, fast adorable tone….

“But Anika, I’ve my reservations already made in other hotel and why would you all be in the hotel for me”, Ishana was hell confused.?

“Offo, Dumbo…Not to welcome you madam, I am talking about the program and also Mine and Shivaay’s fifth marriage anniversary”, Anika chirped.

“WHAT??? Well, congratulations on first note and sorry I didn’t remember.”, Ishana said genuinely

“Don’t tell me Rudra messed up with sending you invitation too, oh god!!! Shivaay is surely gonna kill him now for this…anyway, reach fast you know the SSO will be surely angry if his sis Ishu misses this event, especially when she’s in town, so come fast…Ishana, You know you are a really-most-waited- person here.Bye sweetheart, and don’t make us wait till long..Byeee”, Anika kept the phone in hurry.

And Ishana was all puzzled here. Wait!!! It was the Oberois program, a marriage-anniversary party at 6 am in the morning???? ?Oops, how can I forget, it’s also Daadaji’s birthday on the same day.
There must be some pooja and then the function…
But that didn’t help at all. With the dress she was wearing right-now, the casuals or the messy…whatever… Jeans, with a black crop-top and a white frock-style jacket with those shoes and the headphones…that was surely not a look for the function. She didn’t even have any heavy-dress or jewellery as she had no idea. She barely had any Indian attire. It was not like she had all those heavy-jhumkas and dresses she once used to wear to impress Om?…She again almost was lost in those memories, where the taxi-driver waiting for her broke the trance, asking her where to give the luggage. Ishana realised that she had very less time to get-ready and go, so she headed straight to the hotel.

To her luck, she had a simple yet gorgeous anarkali packed in her luggage. She wore that yellowish shade?, with a peach coloured beautiful dupatta and simple earrings and THAT pendal?, the one Om had gifted her, carrying his and her names in a heart….

She again rushed downstairs, quickly buying a beautiful gift ?from the gift shop (Thank god…it was open at this early hour) for Shivaay-Anika…And got in the cab, leaving for the hotel Anika had addressed.

And again, in the cab she began to think about HIM…OMKARA…??? the reason she was still bounded with all these people, this city after all these years. Throughout the journey she was lost in the moments spent with him. His laughs, his tears, her noises, her hurts…THEIR LOVE, SUPPORT, those precious moments…She kept on foddering the mobile in nervousness all the while. After all 5-years was a really long time…for her it was like 5-lifetimes. Only she knew how much it pained. Shivaay-Anika, Rudra-Soumya, Ranveer-Priyanka…all of the youngsters were married now. Just she was left and…Om. She didn’t know why, but just now Anika’s call somehow gave her a relief that Om-Gauri were not married?. After all you don’t call your sister’s sautan at your marriage-anniversary, Ishana thought…
‘Ishana, You know you are a really-most-waited- person here’, didn’t that signal to Omkara and her?? Ishana’s heartbeats started raising unevenly at the thought.

Remember how she had said herself that she would stay away from him, yeah…THAT WASN’T HAPPENING ANYMORE.
Moreover, the thing was that she came back only for this. She was now finally an honest, independent person, away from that once-a-con-girl life. Today, even if she wanted to, she could not stay away from Om. She was directly gonna go, and BE WITH HIM… ‘But does he still love me…does he even remember me? Is he excited about me coming or….?’ Her thoughts broke with the halt of the car…She had reached.

She entered the hall where the whole family welcomed her warmly. All those happy faces, the loving gazes, it felt so nice to meet all of them again. Tej-Janavi, Pinky-Shakti, Dadi, Ranveer, Priyanka, Saahil, Soumya, And the goofball Rudra of course. As soon as they saw her, they just rushed to her giving her hugs and scolding her for that sudden exit from their lives, and not being in touch with them.
The happy-shock for Ishana was, when Gauri made her meet her husband?, Shlok Agnihotri, a leading businessman…Both looked a really adorable couple. Ishana congratulated them as well. Receiving this warm welcome from everyone, especially from Gauri, as she and Ishana were never in best of terms before( You know, girls, jealousy and all?)… It was sweet surprise…

But her eyes…were searching for him…Only him.Her love…Her Omkara. But to her disappointment, he was nowhere to be seen around.
She lostly, absent-mindedly moved away from the whole family looking, desperately searching for just a glimpse of him. And there he was?… Wearing a black-coloured sherwani, very-well suiting on his tall-muscular figure. His eyes the same intense and hair silky-shiny as always. The most handsome smile adorned on his face, he was talking to someone on his phone.

She kept staring glances at him with immense love where as unknown to her, everyone else present there from the Oberoi family, was smiling seeing that…Ishana’s love still in the same place for their Omkara….?

Ishana moved towards Om, in trance which was by then broken, as his voice reached her. His words stroked her ears and she stood NUMB… (now, note that the dialogues given below re said by Om, while talking on phone)

“Awww My sweetheart. How are you Darling?”

“I missed you too dear…even more than you possibly did”

“Oh really?? But I missed you trillion times more!!!”

“Offo…My darling is angry haan..Okay baba, I’m gonna buy you all the gifts…Just tell me what you want.”

“Yeah Love…okay, now come fast. I am waiting for you…I love you too, my darling…”

Ishana was hearing all this, and now THAT WAS IT. She couldn’t control more. As soon as she saw Om, keeping the phone back, smiling to himself?, her jealousy and anger broke the walls of her patience?. It was just too much to handle. This silent, shayar-intense Oberoi behaving LIKE THIS…She was not gonna leave this Zulfi Singh Oberoi Alive today. How dare he say all that to some girl except her!!!?

She swiftly went past everyone towards him…and grabbed his collar near his neck and torso and pulled him closer to her, till their faces were in private proximity…Everyone’s mouths were opened wide in shock seeing her so furious…?

And Om…???, He was shocked. Just numb. There were no words to express his feelings. He saw in those beautiful doe-shaped eyes after 5-years. He felt her touch after 5 years!!! He saw the love of his life after those damn 5-years?… How much he had missed her. Her presence in his life, his every single step. Her comment on each f his work, her noises to irritate him, her unconditional love she showed with every little thing, her commands for him, that chirpiness, the authoritative tone…And now..she was back. His cham-cham, his dancing-princess, His LOVE was back… His Ishana was back!!!

With this thought, Om smiled, first time in all these years, WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!!? He kept looking at her with his intense gaze until he was brought back by her dangerously loud and sudden outburst…

“Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi!!! WHO WAS THAT GIRL???”, Ishana yelled at him, completely breaking our handsome artist’s dreamland…?

“Who”, Om was now seriously confused and glanced his both sides?, only to find his family smirking at him.

“Don’t you to pretend now!!! That girl whom you were going all cute and cuddly with on phone…All sweetheart and dear and love and those mushy-mushy things..”, Ishana was clearly annoyed.

Her Omkara. HER Om…Saying I love you to any other girl, just stabbed her heart. Her eyes were getting teary, not with the jealousy, but with the heart-break …

“How dare you say I love you to some other girl than me???”, Ishana was sobbing by now….?

“You don’t love me anymore Om??? Why will you…i don’t deserve it. You deserve someone far better than me. I am so sorry Om…so sorry…I just gave you pain all the while, And I know how much it hurts…It hurts like hell…I know it, Because I have beared the same pain…For LOVING YOU…I love you Om…I love you so much, with all my heart. For all the time…”, She broke down into his chest crying badly, ignoring all the possible things.

Om stood still…???
Shocked…Surprised..Overwhelmed… His happiness knew no bounds?. His love, the dream he had been carrying all this while in the depth of his heart, had come true. After 5 years of wait, his life finally felt blissful. He hugged Ishana in a moment, as he felt his kurta getting soaked with her tears. He smiled widely with tears of happiness moistening his eyes. He finally felt complete. He gently stroked her back, with immense care and love filled, for the girl in his arms. The love of his Life…His Ishana?
He just kissed her forehead in return and uttered the words he had buried deep down all these years, something he always dreamt of saying to her…
The thing which was his life…”I love you too, Ishana”.

Ishana realized what had just happened. Her head shot up, with his words, and her teary eyes carried a questioning gaze now. Now, as everything was settled up, she was back to the normal-Ishana mode aka bossy, possessive for her Om?.
She moved away from him a little, coming out of his arms. And crossed her hands across her chest, “If that is so…then who was the girl on phone”…The possessiveness again took over her.

Om was totally amused as he now completely understood that his Ishu was jealous now ? and he decided to add more up to the fire. He couldn’t help but just smile at her cuteness and innocence, thinking ‘She looks so adorable…My Ishu..?.and she is still the same, stubborn and childish.’ He came out of the trance as she waved her hand in front of him with a ‘SAY’ look.

He again smiled widely and naughtily this time and said
“Oh!! That girl!! Well, SHE…She is my Darling. The light in my life. Her smile is the most beautiful one. And she is the naughtiest and most chirpy, talkative girl I’ve ever known in my life. She brings the happiness to me. She’s my everything, MY DARLING”, Om continued with his description looking in her eyes and Ishana couldn’t just believe it.
He was praising some other-stupid girl right after the confession of their love ?. She was dumbfounded by his words and totally confused of what’s happening around.

“ Om!!! YOU???..I Will…What do you think of yourself Zulfi Singh Oberoi…How can you say this to me. I am not going to leave you!!”, She felt the rage and anger flowing inside her as she moved forward to grab him once again.
But she heard the sweetest, most melodious voice talking to her..

“So never ever leave him…Pinky promise na???”

In utter confusion, Ishana turned back, to see who it was, but found nobody behind her. She again turned to Om?…

“Here…, where are you looking? I am here only!!! Your Om’s Darling!”, again the sweet voice replied.

Om’s Darling??? Anger boiled in Ishana’s veins and she turned furiously. “Who the hell is this…” and her voice broke off, by seeing the sight…

There stood a cute 4-year old girl wearing a white-coloured fairy-frock?with a sweet tiara on her head and adoring a beautiful smile on her adorable look and not to forget her gorgeous blue eyes?…

Ishana’s anger vanished somewhere by that cute smile?, but now her mind was flooding with tons of questions…
“ Who was this cutie? Was she his Daughter? Is he married? How did he confess his love then? Where is his Wife? What is happening? Have I lost him forever this time?”

Her face was filled with anxiety and fear of losing him forever, she met his eyes, who was still staring her with a naughty grin…?His grin and the chuckled around her by everyone brought her back to reality. She looked around and found happy and satisfied faces of the whole family…
at last she spoke, “Will anyone tell me, what’s going on here?”.

That cute girl came forward and spoke sweetly, “Hi…I am Shivika…Shivika Singh Oberoi. It’s so nice to meet you my future chachi”.

“Chachi???”, Ishana muttered to herself, trying to make a meaning of things happening, when she heard two other familiar voices…

“Hi Ishana”…. “Hey Ishu”,

Shivaay and Anika’s voice echoed in the hall, and they both came forward, giving her warm hug.

Seeing her puzzled, Shivaay finally spoke,proudly and gladly(Ishana never saw Shivaay this happy before) ?
“She is our daughter Shivika…Good looking like me and naughty like Anika, isn’t she?” ,Shivaay spoke smiling as Anika hit his arm slightly with a cute angry look?.

“Stop it Shivaay, except for your eyes she is all me”, Anika fought back at Shivaay, both were still the same cute, adorable, cat-fight couple.

So, all the confusion was clear now. Om’s Darling was his 4-year old niece, and NOT what Ishana thought. She smiled, embarrassed for her all the possessive-behavior and the misunderstanding she made for herself. She bent down to Shivika’s height giving her a sweet peak on cheeks?. That bundle of cuteness of really adorable.

“You really are a darling, Shivika”, Ishana said smiling.

Shivika kissed Ishana’s cheek in return and said, “Just like you.” She tilted her head, to have a glance at Om and said, “Right Om Chachu?”

Om smiled and nodded with a ‘I told you’ look as Shivika ran to him and he took her in his arms?. She stared at Ishana, and gestured ‘best’? through her tiny fingers to Om and both of them shared a high-five, laughing their hearts out.

“Now Leave me and give your new darling a hug, she’s waiting and It is bad manners to keep girls waiting, you know!!!” ,Shivika winked to Om who smiled and pecked her cheek.

He left Shivika and moved towards Ishana?. With the every step he took, Ishana’s heartbeats were racing and she was blushing all the while. It was a feeling she loved. She stepped back, still blushing but Om pulled her by her waist and she was in his warm embrace again, meshing into the warmth of his body. Everything around them seemed to stop, as they were finally with EACH OTHER, both felt living after such a long time???…

“Ahem..ahem, we all are still here, give a break to your romance”, Shivika gave a fake cough bringing them back from the world of their dreams.

The ladies were busy adoring them, where all the men were giving ‘finally Om’s bachelor-life broke’ look and Shivika was giggling all the while

“She is a kid and talks like this…stop teaching her all this Rudra”, Om snapped at his duffer.

“What will she learn if she had got Shivaay bhaiya and Anika bhabhi as her parents, O it’s not my fault”, Rudra was clearly defending himself?.

And all the family laughed at the cute equation of OmRu and Shivika?…

“Actually, Rudy chachu, you know it’s Om chachu who keeps teaching me and talking about love all the time. You know, Ishana chachi’s Zulfi Singh Oberoi”, Shivika said naughtily…?

Ishana turned a shade of red, while Om ruffled his hair giving a look to Shivika who ran and hid behind Tej and Janavi to add in the fun already going on?…

“You are gone now Shivi”, Om moved toward Shivika only to be grabbed by Ishana who was giving him a deadly glare.

– “Don’t you dare scold my darling…”, she said in a warning-tone
Om was left with his mouth open in a wide O shape?…leaving everybody else with a hearty laugh…

There they stood, as a finally happy and complete family. As finally, the most mature, artistic and understanding guy on the earth got his HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH HIS DARLING…???????

All that ends well, is always the best, isn’t it!!!

THE END on a happy note with a lot of new beginnings of their love and happiness….????

Tannnn tadon!!! Finally done with this. Actually was planning to make it a short one, but don’t know how it reached seven pages. Hope it was not boring and you all had a good-time reading and imagining it. Please tell me whether you liked it or not guys…
Type fast!!! Waiting for your comments. Let’s see if Ishkara fans are still there…? Drop your views. I know, many are missing Ishkara just like me even now, just let’s know each-other again, guys…. Keep reading, keep commenting and keep loving ISHKARA…keep missing them!!!?

Lots of love and a sweet, shiny, happy summer ????…..
to all my Darlings…??….

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