Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 23) by shama

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Hello dear readers I just want to request that if you like my article or writing style in this episode also so please do drop your comments and those who are busy or silent please just drop a ?smiley?thumbs up?thumbsdown?superb ? or punch sign it will be enough to understand for me…
Present Episode : { part 23}
Scene: 1
At the marriage venue
The marriage finished smoothly and now the pandit said khushaal jeevan ke liye aapne bade buzoordo ka aashirwad le
( for a happy life take blessings from the elders).. Anika had a strong feeling that shivaay is close to her she could sense his presence but neglected it she scolds herself that anika when you know what that person thinks about you so why you love him no you can’t … Somewhere you too know that we are not compatible for each other so why again and again I am thinking about him … Now I am married and I should be loyal to him and not to my first love now my husband is my life he accepted me with my first love and past so why I am facing difficulty in it when he is so loyal so transparent so why I can’t be?

@ shivaay point of view
I am sorry my anika I never wanted to marry you in this circumstances I wanted you to accept me what I am ! And I am shivaay you must know it because your so clear transparent with your feelings that it straightly reflects in your eyes and straightly gets down in my heart and now after marriage I am guilty that I had to hide the fact of being shivaay and not shivaay I want this relationship to stand on truth and not lie

@ anika
Mark a word in your mind heart soul anywhere that a married girl has to be in her limits now I am known by the name Mrs shivin and now I have to accept that I am married to him his my husband and as soon as this happen then this shivaay ka bhoot chala jaaye ga …. But before beginning this new relationship I have to confess my old feelings so that my relationship gets a base of truth

Both get up from their places to takes blessings where anika moves forward first and due to alliance ( gathabandhan) shivaay is also pulled and anika comes down from mandap and bends down to take blessings from dadi and Somya’s nani and shivaay too
sarla ( Somo nani) says to kalyani ( dadi): that dekho in dono me kitna pyaar hai joh ek saath jhuke hai
( see they both love each other so much that they bended together)
Dadi smiled and blessed them bhagwaan tum dono ki jodi Sada banya rakhe … Sarla says dudho naahao putto phalo …
And in bending position shivaay sees anika and anika sees shivaay…

Then they both were blessed by Somo mom she said beta ek advice hai bacho ke liye jaladi mat karna take your time
Shivaay and anika again gives each other looks and tries to clear the situation and somya understands it and says aai please
Then anika stands straight and moves forward and suddenly stops as tejanvi was in front and shivaay bumps into her and they both disbalanced and prevented each other from falling down… Both rested their hands on their partners arms
Nazeedik hai dil ke
Phir kyu lage mil ke plays

And Rudra takes a snap and says aaila takkar so cute… He looks at the snap and smiled and started his work somya and sahana sees him busy and goes close to him and poked their heads to see what is he doing on the left shoulder sahana and on right somya … Rudra looked at his heavy shoulder and gets back and says what are you guys doing you know I was feeling like ravan that I have sereval heads ..
Om comes from back and hits him playfully and says Rudra tujhe yeh khubsurat ladkiya kiss angle se ravan jesi Dekhti hai
Somo and sahana what? Hum aur ravan Nahi ….
Somo shouted oh duffer oberoi agar main ravan hu toh tum taarak ho
Rudra was like tadaka ( tempering) huh ?? He knocked his forehead with index finger and says oh Somo you mean I am hot thanks
Om gives a kabhi na sujhre ga wala look
Somya says no …. Rudra called the person and got a protein shake he was sipping it when again shivaay bumps into anika while gathering blessings he said sorry jaan and Rudra spits the shake and says to om ki bhaiyya anika didi I mean bhabhi ko jaan bulate hai…
Om pats his back and says anika shivaay ko chand just imagine chand aur jaan ki jodi

Ishana called out om.. Om please yaha aao and om goes and the very moment rehaan entered he was invited by Somo mom he was accompanying them
And Rudra sees rehaan with a sarcastically look and murmurs aa gaya paneer me haddhi! ( bone)
And sahana tries to rectify him but before she could say somya says paneer me haddhi !! Oh god no duffer oberoi woh paneer me haddi Nahi kabab me haddhi hota hai
Rudra gives a bechara look and says ha woh main kabab Nahi khata isliye mere liye paneer me haddhi hai and by the way tum haddhi Nahi hadda ho …
Somya was like??
Sahana was watching all this and said so cute nok chok she was sipping a shake as if she was watching a movie …
Rehaan comes to somya and says you look pretty today..
Rudra says no she always looks as she is pretty
Somya was like so cute Rudra
Rehaan says yaa Rudra but wait yesterday I called you na but the line disconnected suddenly what happened !?!?
Rudra was like yaa woh network issue and in mind he said Kash main tujhe disconnect kar pata somya ki life se
Sahana says don’t worry I did it …
Rehaan coughs and somya offers him juice he drinks it and after awhile he was blowing fire as the drink contained mirchi ( chillies) mixed by Rudra talented saali…
And Rudra was like yeh rehaan break dance kyu kar raha hai… Sahana says jiju mirchi juice joh piya hai…
Rudra was like ?? in mind he was dancing…
Hi hi mirchi ,
Ooh ooh mirchi,
Uff uff mirchi,
Fuff fuff mirchi ……..?????

Sahana too joined his mind dance
Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karu..

Meanwhile SHIVIKA takes everyones blessings and both of they was like kamar toot gayi aaaa….
Dadi calls om Ishana and they both come with a plate full of puffed rice grains and stood straight… Dadi says anika puttar pandit ji said that muhurat is going so I decided to skip jhute chori rasam in which groom shoes will be hidden by his saali and in return she will get cash but as I said due to time shortage I will straightly go on vidaai ceremony.. Where the bride has to face the exit door and she will be asked to fill her hand with puffed rice grains and throw it back without looking back and the females over here especially bride family will collect the grains in their palu OK puttar understood the ceremony …
Anika nodes in yes and SHIVIKA turns towards exit and Ishana comes forward with the plate and anika filled her hand with the rice grains and closed her fist she was in tears as she was missing her mom badly she thought that why Mumma you are not here you know in every girls life this phase comes where she needs her mom more than anyone else and today you’re only not there with me … Tears falls… And she thinks whomever comes in my life but no one can fill your empty place in my life.. Omru and Ishana sees anika in tears and om keeps his hand on shivaay and silently looks at anika shivaay understands that Om is trying to tell me look at anika shivaay turned his head and saw her tears and keeps his hand on her shoulder and his eyes was says I am always with you dear and she wiped her tears and thrown the puffed rice grains and all females over there was in tears….
Vidaai bgm plays….
Janvi cries and tej can’t see his janvi crying he lifted her chin and wiped off her tears with his thumb and said please don’t cry and she smiled and said thanks tej… He asked for what dear? She says for everything ..
Ishana was walking with anika step to step and she was cries om was like please ishu he started walking with her and says zindagi ki raaho me… Ishana was not in mood she said bhaad me gayi raahe seriously om tumhe iss situation me bhi shayari sujh rahi hai …. Om sensed his wrong timing and said sorry and walked with her and said in simple language that I was saying that I am also with you… Ishana smiled and said see sometimes Hindi bhi work karti hai per tumhare system me toh Urdu hi fixed hai …. Om made a sad face and Ishana sensed it and says I am sorry mere zulfi Singh oberoi and he smiled…

Somya was also in the same condition and Rudra goes to her and says pushpa I hate tears and she looked at Rudra rubbing her eyes she said Rudra yeh kya stone age ke zamane ke miss call mar rahe ho.. Rudra holds his ears and says accha baba I am sorry but what should I do for your pretty smile shall I sing piya piya…. Or shall I dance …
Somya says no lehange me Nahi ..and he asked sabko mera lehanga pehne se kya problem hai doesn’t I look handsome somya ?
Somya remembered his look and laughs
Om opened the car door for anika and shivaay they both get into the car and om closes the door and the very moment in the mirror he sees the reflection of shivin and he turned and unknowingly covered the mirror he was looking at shivin when from that car two beautiful girls get down tulsi and shreya….
Om was hell shocked that what his eyes is showing him his eyes was glued on Shreya shivin shouted anika shivaay….. By till that their car goes…
And a slow voice of shivin reached anika ears and she saw through window and shivaay asked her what happened ?
She says nothing ?
Shivaay says jaan I have to say something important to you
She says important OK tell me !!
Shivaay says I am shi…… And before he could complete his sentence anika phone rings……
It was Preksha she looked at the Name and said mumma just a second … Preksha says ki anika beta shaadi ke baad ki sare ceremonies oberoi house me hogi because the people are chit chatting about shivin so ….
Anika after a while of thinking said I can understand and she thought that shivin is also trying to express the same she puts down the call and says I know what you want to say !!
Shivaay was shocked he was like really you know
She says yes I can feel it from the beginning…
Shivaay thought oh thank god I was tensed that how should I tell you this!!
Anika keeps her hand on his and says you never need to explain me anything..
O jaana khoya khoya rehata hai dil tarap ke kehata hai tu hi hai jeene ki wajah….
Scene changes
Shivin sees the mandap the burned hawan holy fire the plates which was not containing sindoor mangal sutra he was like no I can’t be late … No this marriage can’t be finished…. No no no… He thrown everything around him … Plates ,artificial pillars… He throws ganga JAL in holy fire he says anika you can’t be shivaay’s so easily you are mistaken that was shivaay not me …. And who can think that my own mom will ditch me why mom why you did this??

@ the entrance of the venue.

Tulsi said to Shreya that tu pagal ho gayi hai I told you not to give him lift but you gave now see his acting like mad person on earth and now see we are late for the book launch

Shreya says I had to give him lift as it was the matter of losing love and I guess we are late and the marriage is done and he losed his love and I can understand his situation and trust me its the worst experience of life
Tulsi keeps her hand on Shreya shoulder and asked are you alright?
Shreya silently nodes in yes…
Om was senselessly heading towards Shreya and Ishana turned and said chalo shaadi ab sampan hui om and she finds om walking towards Shreya and she thinks ab om ko kya hua??
Om pats Shreya shoulder and she turned both were face to face both were shaken Shreya with teared eyes said om and steps back in shock and tulsi holds her

Ishana feels somewhere wrong between omkara and shreya she was confused and om said tum … Thik ho… I ..I ..
Shreya looks into om eyes holds tulsi hand and wears shades and says chalo tulsi.. Om holds her hand ….
Ishana was hell shocked….
Scene changes
And now shifted to camp site

Where weather was chill as ice naina comes out from a tent with a bowl full of Maggie and she was eating it and she bumps into prinku and Prinku was about to fall when ranveer holded her and made her stand straight and ranveer says aap thik hai priyanka ji
Prinku: Nahi jab aapse door jaaogi tab thik hogi..
Ran: ab aapki yeh wish toh impossible hai jab tak aap yaha hai
Prinku : yaa aapki yeh shakal dekhne ke liye
Ran: why ? I am not handsome or what?
Naina says who said aapko dekho kar toh ladkiyaa mar jaayegi …
Ran: oh thanks
Prinku: handsome or aap handsome Nahi handpamp kese dikhte hai aap Aur Sahi kaha naina ne aapko Dekh kar toh sach me ladkiya dar ke mare mar jaayegi
Ran: excuse me !!
Naina : always excused well aap uski baato per dhayan dijiye … Dhayan dene ke liye bhahut kuch hai
Prinku: jese tu right

Naina was about to answer but she saw guitar in a solider hand and ran towards it and takes it and plays…….
She stands on table and sang
Chali re chali re
Junoon ko liye
Katra, katra lamho ko diye
Ranveer said what a singer to prinku and she said I can also … Ranveer said oh you joke nice. .. pinku stamps her feet and goes and snatched the guitar and sang…
Khudi se Maine ishq kiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya jiya re…..
And ranveer was mesmerized he gets a call from shivin and was shocked

Prinku gets a call from somya and was like bhaiyya ki shaadi mere bina
Priveer was ??
Naina was looking at both and said suddenly yeh weather itna hot kyu ho gaya hai?
Shivaay and anika reached mansion Rumya in tension… Ishana shocked ranveer shocked Preksha shocked…
After marriage rituals with fun
Sorry for short one
Next one I will try to make it as spicy as I can

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  19. Hey Shama . I m a silent reader. But Shama I have read ur first ff and i liked it a lot . Well i do not read ff often bcz of lack of time . But i have an idea of an ff which i would b very happy if u execute it.

  20. But no offence i think i will try to write it myself if i ever get time , though not sure. After all u r so busy wid your work and i really appreciate your talent.

    1. Dear thanks that you thought of me to execute ur ff but yaa I am also facing time lack but thanks dear I am really glad

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