Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 9

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Episode 9:
Sorry people, my exams just got over. When I started this fan fiction, I just wanted to improve on my passion for writing. I didn’t expect much but the love you all gave me was tremendous. Now,when I write I just want you all reading this to treat this as something you view in your mind.I want it to be a product of my passion and also something worth your time .People in this fandom, don’t just write , they put their passions on this page. And you all, reading this and giving us specific comments,makes us feel good because it shows us that you have absorbed the essence of the character. Thank you all……!! And Samm,it was awfully sweet of you to write dedicate an ff……This is for you…..And please help,me tell me what I should write next .I am totally confused…….

Annika POV:
All these months, I was at least peaceful, though hurt and overwhelmed. Today, all of a sudden looking around, a sharp pang of anxiety jabbed me ,taking me by surprise. This, of all places in the world,I didn’t want to face him.But people here,clad in suits , reminded me only of him. The first person and the surely,the last person I would see with those clothes and with that attitude. I totally didn’t like his attitude at the start and then it became the butt of all my imitations; it then became something I could laugh off,it then became something to get used to till that fateful day of the marriage. I understood the seriousness of the matter.It was not something to be laughed off,it was something to be seriously considered.Then came the day I walked out of the mansion,or rather was forced out.
The faults of the ones we love, never fade away, they are only eclipsed.
By our deepest passion called Love….
Those faults never change ,till they love us back…
Till that realisation hits home.
To the heart and then to the mind.
The mind which subconsciously, brings in those changes forever.
How much we love, the heart decides; how long ,the mind decides…
That is exactly where our relation went for a toss…
I seriously need to stop this flow and keep to myself, I decided. I had come for a higher purpose .As if on cue,that girl, walked over to the stage.
Akira POV:
I had to give a speech in the presence of this august gathering.I didn’t mind the crowd,of course,the question was how the crowd would take it.I knew nothing of how to bare my heart.All I used these years was my brain. All the matters of the heart, like this home, were the product of my impulsiveness, consistency and almost my sort of a revenge to prove Mr.Chadda ,that I could be a better parent than him. I was waiting for that impulse, but sadly, none came.

What I needed was inspiration,a role model.Like,now.
And then I saw him..

Who would have thought Omkara Singh Oberoi of all people,would be that person?
Akira: Good Evening everyone,I welcome you all, people who have come to adopt children,those who have come to hand in their contributions and to the people who have come here by the virtue of my one invitation,thank you all.Charity comes from the heart, it begins at home.How many mothers over here would have refused their favourite food just because their children liked it? How many dads over here used their secret golf stick or secret family car money just to get something your child wants?Charity begins with you all.It is passed on when the child grows up and realises what you have done.The child takes it one step further.

Children here have never seen that secret charity happening in their lives.We ,at this home,don’t want to see the children live inlieu of their charity,we want them to see charity face to face at your home,as part of your family.My own story is no different,I am from a privileged family,but was not born into it.I was in an orphanage,along with my sister, we lived without knowing what type of beings parents were.We almost thought them surreal beings descending on the heavens. And trust me ,that’s exactly what parents are.There are no good parents or bad parents.Parents are synonymous with good,otherwise,they are just beings that birthed children.We yearned for every piece of love thrown our way.My dad adopted me,which may seem to you all as a noble deed,but separated me from my sister.

I don’t know where or how she is.All I know,is the bits of Poori, Aloo and the liquidy Raitha she stashed away from the orphanage kitchen that never came to us,were far greater acts of charity than my dad did adopting me.That small act of charity was the trigger for this organization.We want your empathy,not your sympathy.My children want to see your love and charity and live with it ,not because of it, Thank you.
She had certainly gone through a lot of pain.Beyond the fleeting,enthusiastic,head strong,righteous girl was an innocent,emotional one earning for love.I felt proud to have such a person in my life,though not a part of it,yet.So wronged and yet so balanced.This was the second girl who I saw so.
The first was my Ex-Bhabi.

Annika,who was listening the greater part of this speech with great interest,struggled to control her emotions as tears came out.Years of pain,separation,agony came to the fore,as her hands came forward to close her mouth involuntarily,perhaps knowing that a loud wail would echo across the hall.Calmming herself,reminding that it was now or never,she stood up. Shivaay, who was looking at her all the time through the speech, was shocked to see the blubbering mess she had turned to.He was worried that she had seen him.Composing somehow, she shouted with no control,” Chutki!”

Chutki aka Akira froze in her tracks.A storm of emotions ravaged and she turned across the hall to see who had caused it.Annika again called out ”Chutki!” .Akira realised the gravity of the emotion and quickly asked her staff to manage the rest of the function.She ran towards the girl,screaming out her name,the name that belonged to her.Just as Annika was about to faint,she held her.
Akira: Hello, You seem to be a little weak.Let’s get you some water.
After giving her water and making her sit down outside the hall,she gave her a pinch of some white powder.

Annika: What is this, Chutki?Why are you giving me powdered salt?
Akira: This is Oral Rehydration Salt.It will help restore your electrolyte balance.
Annika: What?
Akira: Never mind.How do you know me?
She already knew the answer.Her heart screamed aloud that this didi in front of her was her own didi because no one knew Chutki…
Or did they?She stiffened.
Annika: No,no,I have mind.(Pointing to her head)You don’t recognize me,Chutki?I’m your elder sister.I was waiting for you all these years.I’m the same didi who stashed away the poori,aloo and raitha for you? I’m your didi,Chutki.
Akira: Enough of it ,please.I don’t have an elder sister.And I know who sent you…Tell Mr.Chadda that his cheap business tactics are not going to work in front of me.
Arnav Chadda could do anything to bring her back to that house,to fulfil his motives of marrying her to a rich bussinessman’s son for a merger.He would have asked this girl to pose as her didi.He knew that she used to be called Chutki.The details of the aloo,puri and raitha would have been picked up by eavesdropping hers and Mom conversation.She was not going to fall into the trap.
Annika: Who is Arnav Chadda,Chutki?
Akira: My ADOPTED DAD?Don’t tell me you don’t know him?Let me tell you what? I’ll give you twice the money he gave you,never do this again,deal?
Annika stiffened.How she hated the mention of that word. Money did not rule her life,she had decided.

Annika: What nonsense deal?You are the daughter of Arnav Chadda?I didn’t know that. Very good,its an achievement being such a big bussinessman’s daughter.Look,I may look poor,I am a middle class girl who just came her to support your home and your work.Money can never control lives. I have not come here to finalise any deal.I hate deals.I thought I had found my long lost sister,by the way you were giving that speech.With all due respect,to hell with you and your deal.
The Obros, and especially Shivaay felt something inside him break.Eavesdropping was bad,OmRu knew,but when Shivaay barged outside like a madman,they knew he would need reinforcement.

Akira softened.
Akira: Please don’t mistake me,please.My relations with my dad,Mr.Chadda, are so troubled that I assume every random person entering my life to be part of his plan.
It was time to test the thing only two of them knew,the sister’s secret.
Akira: Not hurting you,but I really want to know if you are my sister. Please don’t take it as an affront.Complete this rhyme for me?
‘Ek se dus,sheep says meh..?”
My sister would know how to complete the rhyme.One posing as her,wouldn’t.
Annika racked her brains, trying to figure that out.She had been remembered of her sister,only in flashes,only in nightmares.It was part of her subconscious but her mind didn’t remember it.Akira,blinked back tears,nodded in disappointment and walked away.The obros couldn’t bear to watch the scene.Annika watched her walk away,the reality hitting her.
Girl 1 : Listen to the new rhyme I composed ,didi.
Girl 2 : Arre wah Chutki,Tell me ,no?
Girl 1 :Ek se dus,Sheep says meh,
Girl 2 : Hmm…

Girl 1 : Hamesha saath honge,didi aur mein…How was it?
Girl 2 : Chutki,dear,rhyme should have four lines.Like twinkle,twinkle little star??Sheep says meh is English no?And not sheep,goat says meh,no?
Girl 1 : So what didi,you didn’t like my rhyme?(Pulling a long face ,about to cry)
Girl 2 : No, no chutki,I loved it! Hamesha saath honge,didi aur mein….


“Hamesha saath honge,didi aur mein”,Annika,excitedly cried out and before she knew it,a flood of joyous tears washed all over her face.With the volley of emotions,overpowering her she could no longer stand and flopped to the ground.
Omkara POV:
Wait,a second.Her ADOPTED dad?Annika’s her sister?And her dad’s name,I have already heard it somewhere.
And then it struck,Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi’s business merger party,
Mr.Chadda,or rather,Arnav Chadda.
Akira chadda’s dad?

Akira didn’t not know what she did.She stood frozen and tears over took her.Back in the hall,”Abhi Mujhme Kahin” was being played.She told her staff not to keep it too melodramatic.But the moment was perfect.She ran,fast as her legs could take her and faced Annika,laughing and crying at the same time.She lifted her up.
And the long lost sisters, held each other in a soul searing embrace.
Annika,craned to get a better look of her sister.Akira,not wanting to break the embrace,held her strongly and sobbed her heart out.
The Obros watching this from afar,felt very emotional,especially Shivaay and Om.Breaking their reverie,they heard few more sobs,totally masculine.
ShiOm: What happened Rudra?
Rudra: Sumo’s right.I’m a crybaby.But I’m so happy.

Finally,in donon ka emotional siso moment ho gaya!!!
Shivaay and Om hugged Rudra tightly,smiling from ear to ear,with happiness and amusement.
And across a few meters,hugged two sisters who love for each other,they could not get over with.

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