DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-1)

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Hi ishqbazins. Hope you guys are good. All of you like the promo and that’s a very big achievement for me. Thanks for motivating and supporting me and the information you give me. And yashu thanks for the message.So this is the first part of my story and if anyone missed my promo then here is the link???????. So again orchid is signing in the first ep of- DIL BOLE OBEROI!!

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Plz ignore grammatical and typing mistakes.??????

In Oberoi mansion

A lady is shown in the hall and she was instructing to some worker and by then she say a girl and called her,
Lady:O Prinku goods that you comes plz go and wake up Shivaay it is already lates you knows na that today is mahaarti to choose the CEO of Oberoi empire he should go there at first you know.
Prinku:Ok choti ma I am going to wake him now.

Pinky:Go fast.

Priyanka went to Shivaay’s room and see that Om and Rudra is also sleeping there. Shivkara in either sides and ru in middle. She goes near them and try to make them wake but no use.
She calls them:Bhaiya wake up choti ma is calling you today is mahaarti. Wake up plz.
Shivaay:Two minutes more Prinku plz bcoz of Om’s stupid shayri I have nightmares last night. Plz only 2 mins. And he turns to opposite side.

Om(in a sleepy tone):Not bcoz of me,bcoz of your business calls you have nightmares.
Rudra:Stop both of you let me sleep. Khud to sotehi nahi aur mujhebhi sone nehi dete aur prinku tu bhi ake soja yaha humare sath.(Neither you two sleep and you don’t let me sleep and Prinku you also come and sleep with us.)
Prinku:Rudra bhaiya I don’t want to sleep with you duffers and Shivaay bhaiya sleeping is not Maggie noodles That it will be complete in 2 mins. Wake up now or else I will choose another way.

No response.
Suddenly Shivaay smells something like agarbatti and smoke and he immediately wake up and says no Tia plz don’t start again. I will die if you again start you lecture on universe. All this times his eyes were closed and after finishing the sentence he open his eyes and saw that it was Prinku laughing and she is holding a agarbatti and a plate from which smoke is comming. He give her a what the wack wala look. Priyanka is looking here and there suddenly she shout that Rudra bhaiya look Laila didi has come. And in a jerk Rudy stand on the bed placing his one leg on Om stomach. He shouts:No laila I haven’t done anything that ritesh done that all I haven’t. Plz don’t say it to anyone. Plz plz plz. I beg of you.

Shiyanka was watching all this in a shock and they just burst into laughter.Suddenly Om shout in pain:Rudra do you have any plan to take off your leg from my stomach its paining. Ahhhhhh.
Rudra:Sorry O this stupid prianka frightened me so much(pointing to Prinku) and you is this is a way to make some one awake? Huh?
Rudra:One minute o so prinku say.
Rudra:Om ek minute.

Rudra:O chilla kiyu reheho Prinku ko bolne to do.(O why are you shouting let Prinku say)
Om:If you wait till prinku’s reply then I will I am goingup today.
Rudra still dosen’t take his leg off. So Om pushes his leg and he falls from the bed.Shiyanka cups their faces. Rudra gets up,he is confused by the sudden action by Om.After he get what has happened nsut a min before,he took a glass of paint and angrily says OOOO. I am not gonna leave you. And in a twinkle of eye he throw the paint of the glass in a beautiful painting which Om has draw last night. And then he rushes to a sculpture and he lift it in his hand and then suddenly he throw it down in the floor and it breaks into pieces. Priyanka shouts STATUE!!!!! Hearing her shout Om sat on the bed with a jerk and saw the painting and the broken statue and looked at ru. Shivaay murmur:A Earthquake is coming and Tsunami is also not very far. Rudy is gone.
Om(calmly): Shivaay aj ghar me mahaarti hai na.(Shivaay today is mahaarti in the house right?)
Shivaay(a bit afraid):Yes. Why are you asking?
Om:Dadi ko bol na antim sanskar ki tayaari kare. Kiyuki aj mahaarti nahi kisika antim sanskar hoga.(Plz say to Dadi to make arrangement for post death rituals coz not mahaarti someone’s post death rituals is going to happen.)
Rudra(innocently):Whose Om? Oh I understood your’s statue’s right. He smiles and did his logic wala sign.
Om says:Not statue’s it will be your’ssss. He shouts.

He start running behind Rudra and Rudra hide behind Shivaay. And Prinku holds om’s hand and tries to stop him.Om is roaring like a lion which is trying to get his food but was not able to get it.After so many try everyone gets tired. Om lost all his energies and give up. Due to their catching fight the whole room become a mess.
Prinku look around the room says in a irritated tone:UFF at last you guys stop. I will not wonder if your girlfriends or wifes gone mad and have to admitted in asylum for you.?????
Hearing the word girlfriend Shivaay’s face became plain and he slip into deep thoughts. Priomru notices this and they remember something that has happened 2 years back. Shivaay’s eyes become teary and he excused himself from their saying he is going to get fresh. Priomru understand everything then omru also go for freshen up.

In a dark isolated room

A lady and a girl of mid 20 is standing and they are discussing something.
Lady:You must have understood what to do right?
Girl:Yes you don’t worry mam I will record the video now immediately as the aarti is in evening.
Lady:Give your bear shot and I will give mine. (She means money)
Girl:Mam you are so big hearted.
Lady:So am I.I am giving such a big gift to the Oberois as they give me.
Suddenly another 2 lady come from the back and says’to us as well’.


Shivaay comes to his room after priomru left. He go near the window of his room he look out side itsa bright sunny day. Full of rays of Sun. But there is no Sun in his soul,there is no Ray of sun in his mind,there is no brightness in his heart. His soul is cloudy,his mind is numb and his heart is dull. All this happen bcoz of his mother(he believes). 2 years ago something that happened which has changed his whole life and his relation with his mom. Something that happened which shouldn’t be happened. A drop of tear fall from his blue orbs. He was totally drowned into his thought. Then Rudra and Om comes there call him. He doesn’t response. They again call him this time a bit loudly.

This time he turn towards them and they saw that his eyes were moist and filled with tears but he was as always tadibaaz Shivaay he is trying hard to control his tears and he is smiling. Without thinking rudra n ust rushes to him and hug him tightly. He says’Bhaiya we know why are you upset. Plz forget that bhaiya and move on. Plz we can’t see you in such condition. You never laugh whole heartedly,you always live into your thought. Our family is going to shatter bhaiya and don’t let that happen. Very difficutly we have join it plz don’t let is shatter again.’ And he cries?????? Shivaay who cannot see his little brother crying try to console him and say’No Rudra plz stop crying our family is not gonna shatter again.I am here na. Nothing will happen.I am your superman right then why are you fearing? Plz don’t cry’ and he pats on Rudra’s back.

Om says:’How will you fix everything Shivaay when you yourself is broken? How?
Shivaay:’Om plz don’t get me wrong. You know what mom did 2 years back I can’t forget it so easily.
But how long you’er going to stuck in that thought. A voice come from behind. It is none other than Dadi. She asks again:’Kab tak billu? (For how long billu?)
Shivaay:Dadi aap to jante hain ki ma ne jo bhi kiya usse bhulna mere liya itna asan nehi hain. Unhone kissi ki jaan li. Kiyu? Serf or serf isleya ki uske pass khoon khandan nehi tha. Are meri payaar ke khatir usse chordete. (Dadi you know that what mom did is not very easy for me to forget. She killed someone. Why? Just because she has no surname. She should atleast leave her for the sake of my LOVE!!!

Fb start…..

Precape:Fb————–An accident————Anishranya meeting————————Something shocking in the Mahaarti————Raichands’s entry.

So that’s for today guys. Plz comment it give me energy to type more.
This is Orchid signing off now.
And if you guys want me to make the
ff short then just say it.
Bye bye.

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  1. Orchid

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  2. Lovely…interesting storyline…

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  3. Shivika

    Awesome……u nailed it dear

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  4. Rithik

    Its really awesome please continue

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  5. Gayathri.visu

    Nice episode. I really enjoy it. I want this O’bros moment in Ishqbaaz, but not Shivaay’s pain. What did happen to him?? Is really Pinky killed someone/Shivaay’s girlfriend????? Please…….. post next part soon….I can’t wait..Please…..

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I will post tomorrow dr. Keep reading.

  6. The length was perfect and the story was beyond perfect! I smile just crept on my lips even though i was trying hard to control it as i didnt want my parents to know i was chupke se reading ur story ? i simply loved the antim sankar part and the three brothers fight was hillllarious ?? i seriously regret saying what i said last time but i really didnt intend to hurt ur feelings… ur are a perfectly awesome writer with no need for improvment! I will be waiting for the next one impatiently?


    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. Orchid

      I didn’t mind to your words. At last we all are friends. ???

  7. Awesome omru part was damn good and love narration!keep it up!

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  8. Yashu

    Awesome Waiting for nxt…..

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  9. Razna

    Suupppr start orchid…. Waiting for shivika meeting

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  10. Awesome shivomru part was hilarious

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  11. Kehkasha

    Hey dear that’s wonderful…..and that antim sanskar wala part was……..simply hilarious…..waiting for the next part…

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  12. Fabulous episode.. Waiting for the next update…

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  13. Mrunal

    this was amazing…
    loved obro moment…
    and specially this new prinku…
    wow she dam confident and mischievous…
    loved it yaar

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      Thanks mrunal I have posted the next ep also. Hope you will like it also.

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