Anidita – Love or fire? (Part 5) You or me?

Hey there! Back with my old story. I have recieved many comments to choose 1st Story but some people need 2nd and both to.. I will continue both. Thank you.

 She ended her song. Everyone stood clapped. Anirudh was standstill who was missing her for many years. She firstly saw her mom, her family and of course her birristra Babu! She then saw her friend who was at the door. Waiting for her. He signaled her. She understood. She ran from the stage and said loudly ‘Maa meet you at our home’ Dada Dada are you sleeping? Somnath asked him. No no of course no. Anirudh Stated. The concert is going to start you both are giggling whatever it is. Sit straight. Kaka instructed. “Hello there folks this is me! We are going to start our program by inviting Thakumaa aka Kalindi Das.The host with a favourable face welcomed her.  Please come to stage and say some words. Thakumaa proudly came to stage. Namaste! This is a honour to have you all here. She started. ‘She is boasting like she arranged everything’ Kaka whispered. Leave it jhetjhi. Sampoorna claimed him. Why do you need it? She asked him cleverly. Anirudh who was drowning in his flood of thoughts was seen by Somanth again. He was bored and said Dada Dada I am going out. I am bored. “YES YES GO GO” Anirudh chattered. Somnath slowly went out. He was free. But his eyes went on a girl who was helping a old lady. He gently smiled. And thought to help her. But he was smacked by a fast going car. The girl noticed it. She ran to him and said ‘Dada! Are you fine? Wait. She tore a piece of cloth from her duppata. And tied it neatly. Somnath who was unconisious got up and made his shukriya session. 

Thank you Sorry for short story another part will be posted.

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