Ziddi dil mane na -. Don’t hold me that close I will break

This is my first ff plz feel free to comment and give suggestions..

Pov: They had just won the task dhappa, and have won themselves a picnic.

Everybody was excited!!

Monami was super proud of herself she had nabbed Fiazi..she was elated.

She was all smiles..

But her smile faded away when she remembered what karan had said..koi bhi ladki 😑😑 seriously??

She just jumped on her bed and was just staring on the ceiling..This not the first time she is feeling such numb in her life..rather her whole life she had been silently struggling with her feelings..her feelings for her dad..

Though he has never shown love towards her..though all she received from her father was all taunts she couldn’t hate her father..may be coz deep down she still yearned to be his little girl..

But her feelings for karan was something new..she never felt such a connection with anyone..may because he too had gone thru a trauma of losing a loved one..that what made her empathise for her she didn’t know!!

When she was contemplating her feelings a pillow fell on her face..she came to reality and got up it was sid

She immediately threw the same pillow again at sid yelling at him..sid catches it Monu ti abhi bhi us dilo sholo ki baare mein soch rahe haina??

Monami adjusted herself and said no..tu batha picnic ke liye ready hai tu?.

Sid smirks topic change ha??

She gets up from her bed and faces the window and while holding the window says aisa kuch nai hai sid

Sid peeps her from sideways pakka??

She gives a small smile and said he just did job and he would have done any other girl so… It doesn’t really matter…

Sid: ok..phir hum picnic plans karte hain booze toh nahi honga bit we will enjoy..

Yea and just gave a small hug from behind and went..

She was started starring at the blank sky she somehow felt connected to it like they both were too blank..for she wasn’t sure for her feelings for karan? Nor she was sure she would pass or get the best cadet, if ever her papa would love her be proud of her..so much questions no answers..she was just starring..

There sid was walking fast and excited to picnic he didn’t notice sanju and they bumped into each other their shoulders just hit and sid lost his balance and was about to fall on his knees..sanju held him by his shoulders and helped him stand..

Sid noticed snaju’s hand on his shoulder and had a smile but he didn’t want her to make her feel uncomfortable so he composed himself and said sorry mam wo.. picnic ke liye excited tha..so …and walked passed her .. silently..

Sanju too shrugged off and left with a slightest smile on her face…

On the othr hand karan keeps on thinking on faizi’s words .

That’s all folks..do tell me how it was…any please do feel free to comment on the length my writing anything I could improve..

Nexxt part : they go all go to picnic and karan tries to talk to monami..Faizi finds something off with koel..

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