and i became the world’s luckiest man– a shrenal SS — part 2

durga and susheel (shrenu’s sisters) made shrenu carefully sat on the sofa as the guests came towards her and showered their blessings on both her and the unborn baby.

kunal sat with his brothers, feeling blessed to see shrenu smiling. seeing his love happy made him happy.

guest 4: arre where is papa to be hiding?

sanjay: right here.

guest 3: kunal beta, why are you hiding?

kunal: why would I be hiding? I was just with these two idiots.

shrenu: kunal, they aren’t idiots.

guest 3: if you saw sanjay and satya when they were little, then you would know how stupid they were.

guest 4: anyway kunal, come here and sit next to shrenu.

kunal: ok.

he goes towards the sofa and sits next to shrenu.

guest 5: here shrenu. you know that all of us have been making this book since last month and we finished it yesterday.

shrenu: matlab? I didn’t get it.

guest 5: no problem. most of us are mothers and we realized that this is your first child so we made you an advise book.

shrenu: wow that is so sweet.

guest 6: and we also made ‘open when’ letters. these are advise letters if you can’t find the book.

shrenu: aww thank you.

as the guests were giving gifts and money, shrenu felt weird for some reasons. the pain in her stomach was like a knife stabbing her. kunal noticed shrenu feeling restless and said: you can rest if you feel any pains or tired.

shrenu: thanks kunal. um guys, I am going to rest. I am not feeling well.

guests, sanjay, satya, sunil, durga, susheel: please stay! one game at least.

kunal: shrenu, you shouldn’t tire yourself out.

shrenu: it’s just one game. ok I’ll play it.

durga: so in this game, let’s guess the gender.

susheel: considering these two won’t even tell us the gender.

shrenal look at each other laughing.

shrenu: you say it.

kunal: no you say it.

shrenu: why me? you do it.

durga: say what?

shrenal: even we don’t know the gender.

all: what?!

shrenu: we didn’t want to know.

kunal: because we wanted it to be a surprise for us.

satya: NO! you both betrayed us by not checking the gender. Bhabhi, you of all people, didn’t even check!

kunal: oh stop being dramatic. now guess karo else shrenu can easily go and rest.

sanjay: fine. come on guys, guess and I want reasons!

guest 1: I think it will be a girl kyunki socho shrenu is so pretty and cute, just by looking at her I can tell the baby will be a girl.

kunal: well said aunty. you read my mind.

guest 2: accha! and I think it will be a boy. and that is because I will see kunal on the streets at night buying something sour for shrenu and if shrenu is craving sour things then it is bound to be a boy.

shrenu: thank you aunty! see kunal, it will be mama’s prince.

kunal: oh hello! my first child will be papa’s princess.

shrenu: oh hello! this is the first and last child. I can’t bear these immense kicks.

kunal in her ear: oh really? wait and watch shrenu. wait and watch!

as he said that, he brushed his beard against her earlope but shrenu didn’t squirm because of guests.

durga: and their argument of the day!

susheel: anyway I think baby is going to be a girl. at least durga, we can have someone to enjoy with. shrenu di is always busy.

satya: and we think it is going to be a boy. our cool bro.

susheel: oh hello! don’t get your thoughts that high! it is going to be a girl, final!

satya: no no it is going to be a cool bro.

as satya and susheel had their non-jhok, shrenu was feeling more weird. the pain in her stomach was growing more stronger and she couldn’t bear it.

shrenu: guys, I am feeling really tired. one game I have played. please may I rest?

kunal: yes shrenu, if you want then do.

durga: yes di, go ahead besides you look as if you are in a lot of pain. everything fine?

shrenu: I’ll be fine once I rest for a while.

durga nods. slowly shrenu stood up. as she went up the stairs…

kunal: I’ll go check on her.

he goes after shrenu.

shrenal’s room:

as shrenu was trying to find something to change into, kunal came and locked the door.

shrenu: kunal, what happened? you should be downstairs na.

kunal: I came to check on you.

shrenu: why?

kunal: shrenu, are you fine? during the baby shower, you looked at if you were going through some pain like really strong pain which you should be feeling in your last month.

shrenu: kunal, relax baby. I just feel tired. you try being a girl who is pregnant.

kunal: thankfully I will never be one.

both laugh.

kunal: so what are you searching for?

shrenu: something to sleep in. I can’t find my salwars anywhere.

kunal: here.

shrenu: yeh kya?

he trapped shrenu in his arms and kissed the tip of her nose.

kunal: pagli, your salwar. now change and rest. if you need anything, call anyone. ok?

shrenu: ok and relax, I am fine. now go downstairs. soon to be papa is needed.

he kisses her forehead, then her baby bump and then unwillingly goes.

shrenu changes and goes to her bed to rest.

however as she was trying to sleep, she kept tossing and turning. the pain in her stomach was growing stronger. she kept her hand on it and said: baby, mama ko maat parashaan karo. pretty please?

however the pain didn’t go.

shrenu: god yaar! why am I feeling this pain now? baby, stop troubling mama please.

shrenu tried to sleep but the pain was as such that she started to feel something weird.

within five seconds, a scream escaped her mouth.

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