Kaira :- iMy Fault Part 1 ( yeh rishta kya kehlata hai)

Hello Kaira Fans … One thing I wanna say… I wrote many ffs on many jodis but didn’t get such a response which I get on this ff on WATTPAD….. I was so happy yesterday that I posted Chapter 1….2….3….4 yesterday only…..

Lets Start…


Naira reached her house after handing over the divorce papers to Kartik .

Naira why you did this? Asked Naitik.

Papa you are fully aware about Kartik and my relation. Nothing is left in it except hate…. anger and bitterness…. Naira replied.

Naira… Problem har relation me aate hai… But it doesn’t mean that you should break the relationship. … Naitik said

Papa… I m sorry but if you want me to engage in this relation… Than I can’t do it. I m really fed up with the Goenka family. They never miss a chance to taunt me… And moreover its my life and I have the rishta to take my own decisions…. Naira said and went to her room.

After sometime…

Naira decides to go back to Udaipur as Naksh really need Naitik by his side. And Naitik wants to be with both of them.

After somedays….


Mandir scene

Mansi and Amol bring their respective families to Mandir for the purpose of their alliance. Swarna was very angry and taunting Naira….

Nandini:- Enough! Mrs. Swarna Goenka. Let me remind you its not only Naira who hide things…. If you remember …Mr. Akhilesh Goenka and Mansi hide the truth of Akshara’s death from my family. If Naira m a DHOKHEBAAZ then they are also… And if Naira is a killer then what you will call Mansi?

Swarna :- Mansi was a kid…and…

Naksh- Kid? Really? I wish k aapke ye khne se meri mom wapas aajati…. You always blame my sister… Always talk about Shubham’s death…. So let us talk about my mother’s death…. In DETAIL.

Kartik:- Naksh we are here to talk about Mansi and Anmol.

Naira:- Telll this to your mother first.

Kartik:- Today she is only my mother n not yours?

Naira:- I lost my mom in a car accident.

All were stunned!

Suhasini dadi:- Naira… Stop it

Nandini:- why she should stop it…. Since 2 years we all are tolerating them … So we should also taunt them for Akahara death like they taunt Naira….. I don’t want to be the MIL of a killer.

Singhanias leaves…..


Naira and Kartik were at a meeting with their lawyers .

Kartik was trying to find emotions on Naira’s face…. But there was nothing…. She signed the papers and left.

Kartik follows her…..

Naira…. Kartik call her name

Naira stop in middle ….and turns to him

What? Naira asked

Is it that easy for you to break the relation? Kartik asked

Its better than the experience which I m having since 2 years. …. Se said and sit in her car and leave .


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