And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya) Part 5

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Rakhi was thanking God for sending Aditya for Kritika Preeta came there.

Preeta:- Mummyji you are crying? What happened?

Rakhi:- Preeta puttar I m really happy today… Whatever happened with Kritika in the past after that we all were broken but today she get another chance to start a new life.

Preeta:- I can understand mummyji…. I too faced the situation…. Life give a second chance to me also. Rishabh ji came as an angel in my life. He changed everything.

Rakhi:- tu hai hi itni pyaari… Ekdum pari jaisi.

The saas-bahu shared a hug

Preeta leaves … She went to her room and stand in the balcony.


Dr.Singhal:- we have appointed an another physiotherapist in our hospital. I will send her to your house .

Dr. Singhal cuts the call….and called preeta in his Cabin

Preeta:- Yes sir

Dr. Singhal:- Dr. Preeta, We have a patient she is not able to walk much so you have to visit her house.

Preeta:- OK sir… You tell me the address.

Preeta entered the house.

Lady:- hanji aap kon?

Preeta:- I m Dr. Preeta , Dr. Singhal send me here to treat Mrs. Baani Luthra

Lady:- OK ji…. I m rakhi luthra, let me show you Mummyji’s room


Rakhi takes preeta to Baani’s room .

After sometime…

Preeta:- So how are you feeling now?

Baani dadi:- my pain has gone!

Preeta:- Aaj itni hi exercise krenge… Kl aage ka process shuru krenge. Bye

Baani dadi:- Bye..

Preeta leaves the room… Karan and Rishabh were coming . They noticed Preeta

Karan:- Excuse me…. Who are you?

Preeta:- I m Mrs Baani Luthra’s new physio

Karan:- Oh let’s see bro …ye kitne din tk tikti hai

Rishabh:- Stop it Karan…. Dr. I hope dadi didn’t show much tantrums?


Preeta leaves

Flashback ends

Rishabh holds Preeta

Rishabh:- Are you OK?

Preeta:- yes…of course, I was just thinking about the day when I came here for the first time for dadi’s treatment.

Rishabh ‘s POV (flashback)

Badi hi soni kudi hai..m mummyji ka dard chhuu mantar hogya …Rakhi said to Karan n Rishabh

Rishabh:- That’s very good. Dadi did you like her

Dadi:- She is good…. Better than the others.

Karan:- And she is beautiful too…

Rishabh:- Karan…please kisi ladki ko to baksh De tu..

Karan:- Chill Bro

Rishabh:- I will call in the hospital and tell that this Dr. Suits you.

Rakhi:- Rishabh … Did you like her?

Rishabh:- yah…. Not in that way mom.

Flashback ends….

Rishabh lifts preeta and lay her down on the bed and switched off the lights.

Next Morning

Karan:- Sherlyn and sunny is coming today.

Preeta:- I know

Karan:- You know?

Preeta:- yah … Sherlyn called me.

Karan:- Oh.

Preeta:- You are not happy?

Karan:- I m happy

Preeta:- Then?

Karan:- Actually I have planned something for Sherlyn but at the last moment everything get spoiled.

Preeta:- I have an idea….

Karan:- what?

Preeta whisper something in Karan’s ears.

Karan:- wow… Preeta you are the best. Thankyou.

Preeta:-Ab jao tayari karo.

Karan leaves….

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  1. Superb
    Loved it?
    Flashbacks were great
    Excited to see karan’s surprise
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smiling??
    Stay blessed??

  2. Jasminerahul

    now we know how rishta met.waiting to see how rishta fell in love and got married.waiting to see how karan is going to surprise sherylin

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