Anandiba Aur Emily 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Aarav saves Emily from punishment

Anandiba Aur Emily 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi trying to relax and do yoga. Gulab comes and angers her to get a slap from her. She asks him to go. He asks her to just fulfil the promise and slap him. She shouts just go. He leaves. She calms down. Gunjan sees Anandi doing yoga. She goes to Emily. He asks her to go to Anandi, she wants flowers. Emily goes. She sees Anandi and recalls Gunjan’s words. Gunjan stops Pinky and says don’t go, it’s a part of the plan. Emily runs to the kitchen. She enters and gets the white powder container. She asks Anandi to have the churan. Anandi doesn’t listen. Emily feeds her the churan and water. Anandi scolds her. Emily says you got well so soon. Everyone comes. Emily says Anandi got an asthma attack, so I fed her the churan. Aarav asks why did you hide this illness from me, I will get you treated, we will go to America. Anandi says nothing happened to me. Emily says you were breathing like this, I thought you got an asthma attack. Anandi says I was doing yoga. Emily says I heard this from Gunjan and Pinky. Gunjan says we were talking about our mum, don’t tell me you entered the kitchen to get the white churan. Emily says yes, I took it from the fridge. Gunjan asks what. Emily says I had to go there. Gunjan asks what did you do, you didn’t obey Anandi’s command. Anandi scolds Emily. Gunjan asks her to calm down.

Gunjan says you should have asked me, Emily. Pinky says Emily called you. Gunjan says maybe she didn’t call me aloud. Anandi says no Gunjan, Emily did a mistake, she entered the kitchen when I refused, she has to leave this house. Emily cries and recalls Anandi’s words. Aarav practices telling Anandi that he will go with Emily. Jaman comes. Aarav says my dream is getting fulfilled, I will also go to America with Emily, give me the visa. Jaman says you can’t go to America. Aarav asks why are you saying this. Jaman says your America visa application is postponed. Aarav says its bad, Emily can’t go there alone, I have to stop her. Emily meets everyone. She thinks I couldn’t win Anandi’s heart. Aarav says no, I won’t let you go. He jumps over Gulab and says I have pushed you to save your life, the chandelier was falling. Gulab asks him to get away. He gets up. Gulab says you pushed me, when the chandelier is so far. Aarav says I thought you would get hurt.

Anandi defends Aarav and says his intention was right. Aarav says intention matters, a person shouldn’t get punished if the intention was good. Anandi says yes, mistake can happen. He asks her to forgive Emily. He says she really thought that you have an attack. Gunjan says she should have called me. Pinky says she called you. Aarav defends Emily. He says she did that to save your life. Anandi says you are right. Gunjan says she didn’t make a big mistake, she just entered the kitchen and broke Anandi’s rules, she can’t be forgiven. Anandi says yes, but ousting her will be wrong, I have decided to let her stay here, but I will never talk to her. Emily says don’t do this. Gunjan says Anandi is punishing you. Anandi says I won’t talk to her, and listen to her. Emily cries.
Emily shows the form filled. Anandi says this time, we will lose because of Emily. Emily says I will win the competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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