RadhaKrishn 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Vasu Learns Truth

RadhaKrishn 9th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aayi orders to weigh Shankar and Alok’s wealth and whoever weighs more will marry Gauri. Bhargavi prays that Shankar wins. Srinivas thinks love will win today. Shankar wins, leaving Aayi in shock. Alok’s family leaves saying Aayi played rama and insulted them. Bhargavi asks Aayi to keep her promise and perform Gauri and Shankar’s marriage. Villagers back Bhargavi. Aayi agrees.

Padmavati with Srinivas reaches Pavan mahal/palace and says she loves this palace as it’s very beautiful. Srinivas thinks he considers only the place where Bhargavi stays as beautiful. Gauri and Shankar’s wedding starts. Vasu stands besides Bhargavi and says he is happy to see her again. Bhargavi asks how are her parents. Vasu says they are fine. She asks what about Srinivas. Vasu thinks she is still worried about fool Srinivas and changes topic. After marriage, Gauri and Shankar take Aayi’s blessings and thanks Bhargavi for her help.

Srinivas enters pavan mahal with Padmavati. Servants shower flower on them. Bhargavi also experiences flower shower on her. Srinivas thinks he is accepting flowers as Bhargavi loves them. Flowers shower even in Kailash. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why they are experiencing flower showers. Mahadev says its a symbol of Bhargavi Srinivas aka Laxmi Narayan’s love. Padmavati thinks now she will make Srinivas love only her and will not let Bhargavi interfere between them.

Bhargavi thanks Narayan and says its proved that her and Srinivas’ love is pious. Vasu enters and feels disheartend hearing that. He realizes Bhargavi ignoring him repeatedly as she loves Srinivas and determines to take revenge. He walks to Bhargavi and describes how he helped Shankar just to keep Bhargavi’s words and expresses his love for her. She stands silently. He says he knows she loves Srinivas, but Srinivas is not a right person. She says he misunderstood Srinivas. He says if Srinivas loves her, he wouldn’t have married Padmavati the same night Bhargavi left Venkatgiri. She refuses to believe it. He asks his soldiers to justify him and reveals that Srinivas has gone for a honeymoon with Padmavati at pavan mahal. Bhargavi shatters hearing that.

Precap: Bhargavi tells Vasu that if Srinivas doesn’t meet her in a day, she will consider that Srinivas never loved her. Srinivas decides to visit Karvirpur. Padmavati stops him and says if he didn’t want to follow the duty towards her, why did he marry her.

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