Anamika 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 9th September 2013 Written Update

Jeet insists on going to Bebe and leaves from the temple despite Chhavi and Shalaka trying to stop him. Bebe senses Jeet coming home and just then Jeet really comes. The family is shocked and happy seeing him. he apologizes to everyone for playing such a game. But Pratap slaps him and then hugs him LOL He asks why he did all this but Jeet says he would tell later, first he needs to meet Bebe. After meeting her, he tells them that Anamika was the evil spirit who was behind her and that Chhavi was fighting for him. Chhavi comes along with Shalaka. He then tells that Anamika was the one responsible for Rano’s death too and that none of them believed her. Meanwhile Anamika reaches temple and then gets confused where Jeet left. The family then apologizes to Chhavi. Jeet goes on to tell how and why Shalaka made this plan of his false death. Shalaka then tells that this night is very dangerous, and that he needs to go to the temple right now. Jeet says he would fetch Mata Rani’s statue from his room. He then goes with Chhavi to his room and fetches Mata Rani’s statue. He tries to apologize, but Chhavi asks him not to waste any time and leave from there. They hug each other and just then door bell rings, shocking and confusing everyone who could be ringing the bell continuously. Balraj goes to open the door but Shalaka stops him saying its Anamika on the door. She takes Jeet and Chhavi to a room, but just then they see Anamika inside their drawing room itself. They get scared.

Anamika comes and says now she does not need to hide from them as since Jeet is aware of her reality, then the entire family too must have come to know it by now. She then says, let’s come to the point: hand over Jeet to her and in return, she will spare all their lives. Pratap asks her what’s her problem. She then says she has waited for 350 years, and she cannot wait for her love anymore and be cheated by her love because of the entire Saluja family as he does not want to leave them. She then calls out to Jeet saying if he doesn’t come here, then she will come in her real avatar. She grabs Jasleen’s neck and tries to strangle her. Jeet comes hearing her screams and asks what’s her problem. Why she wants to take him away, and that a human and evil spirit cannot have a relationship. Anamika says that she wasn’t evil spirit always, she became one after waiting for him for 350 years. She says he will have to go with her, its his destiny; Jeet says his destiny is his wife Chhavi. Anamika says she has waited for 17 births to be with him. Chhavi interrupts her saying that she would not let Anamika take Jeet away ever. Chhavi says that she reminded her of Rani who said the same thing and got her killed making her an unsatisfied spirit. She again tries to take Jeet away, but is unable to touch him because of a holy thread which Shalaka had tied on his wrist. She calls out for Shalaka who comes and says her game is over.

Precap: Anamika making the electricity goes off and after that something is wrong with Pushpa.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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