Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th September 2013 Written Update

Koki tells JB not to talk like that. She tells him that they are not disturbed with Radha’s presence and Hetal agrees. She assures him that Radha is like their daughter. She tells him not to embarrass them by apologizing. Koki tells him that Radha is immature and she will change with time. She tells him to let her stay there. She tells Baa that they can break fast. Urmi asks if she can eat in Rashi’s room as her back is hurting and Hetal agrees. She tells Rashi to take Urmi to her room with their food.
RaJi room
Rashi jokes with Urmi that if she had a twin sister then she could marry Ahem’s twin brother Swayam. Urmi tells her to shut up and curses that the swing broke when she sat.
Radha is crying in her room and decides to ask Rashi why Ahem scolded her so much when he knew everything and was with them.
She comes to Rashi’s room but stops outside on hearing Urshi talk. Rashi tells Urmi that Radha is sucha a gawar and Urmi agrees. She says that only Radha could believe this stupid story. Rashi asks what if Ahem actually had a twin brother. She laughs that they could get him married to her own twin sister Kashi. Rashi laughingly asks Urmi if she wants balm or white glue. Urmi laughs and says that she is not a fool like Radha. Radha is hurt listening to all this and thinks that Rashi is fooling her when she trusted her so much. She leaves and goes to Gohem room.
Gohem room
She hears Gopi telling Ahem that Radha is very innocent. Gopi apologizes to Ahem and he smiles and tells her it’s ok. He gets back to his work but sees that Gopi is still standing in front of him looking tense and asks her why. She tells him that she is sad because her teej rituals remained incomplete. She had hoped that they could do the swing ritual together but the swing broke. Ahem smiles and gets up. He holds her hands and asks her if she is sad because of that. He picks her in his arms and Gopi is stunned. He tells her so what if that swing broke and Gopi blushes and smiles. They share a loving eyelock and Radha watches them from outside their room. She is feeling guilty about getting wrong feelings for her sister’s husband and not trusting her sister who loves her so much.
Rashi tells Radha that she will tell Ahem to think of something so that she (Radha) can meet Swayam. But Koki has told her to make some sweets. She tells Radha that if she agrees to make that sweet then she can talk to Ahem for her.
Koki tells Hetal in the kitchen that MB did the puja well. Rashi enters the kitchen cribbing about the puja and Koki tells her to make dessert. They leave the kitchen and Rashi cribs about the work. She decides to get it done from Radha. Radha comes to the kitchen and Rashi asks why she is looking upset. She asks if she (Radha) is sad because she could not meet Swayamji. She assures her that she will talk to Ahem to think of something so that she can meet Swayamji. But Koki has told her to make some sweets. She tells Radha that if she agrees to make that sweet then she can talk to Ahem for her. Radha thinks that Rashi is still fooling her but she is not a fool. She tells Rashi that she does not want to meet Swayamji as she is very tired. She leaves and Rashi is shocked.
Urmi is cribbing about her hurting back in her dark room. She curses MB that she did not let her sleep and now there is no electricity too. Dhawal enters her room and tells her about the goons who came to collect money from her. She tells him not to worry and assures him that she will repay them. He leaves. Urmi starts sweating and wonders where to get the money from. She reads an article in the newspaper on increasing prices of onions and gets an idea.
Next day Baa calls all the MM ladies and tells them that she has something special for Goshi on Teej. Rashi asks excitedly and Baa smiles. She shows them 2 gift wrapped boxes and keeps them on the table. Rashi is about to pick her choice but Koki tells Gopi to choose first as she is elder bahu. Rashi is worried that Gopi will choose the better gift. She tells Koki that younger people should get that choice first. Koki agrees and says that Gopi is younger than her. Rashi says that she is elder in relation. Gopi tells her to choose first and Rashi picks both boxes. She weighs them and chooses the heavier box. Rashi opens her gift and is happy to see silver anklets. She thanks Baa happily. She tells Gopi to open her gift too. Gopi opens her box and tells all that she has got gold bangles. Rashi is not happy and Radha, Koki and Hetal smile happily.
Radha tells Gopi that she wants to say something to her. She tells her that Rashi is very bad and Gopi is shocked.
Baa tells them that they got what was destined for them. Rashi curses her luck and stupidity as Koki looks at her shrewdly.
Radha bumps into Ahem again outside the mandir drops the plate of flowers that she was holding. Ahem walks away annoyed. Radha thinks that she cannot even look at her jijaji in the eye because of what Rashi did. She takes the flowers back to the temple and prays to Kanhaji that she made a very big mistake. Gopi comes there and asks her what she is doing there. Radha hugs Gopi and cries. She tells her that she (Gopi) is very nice and she will never leave her. Gopi tells her to stop crying and leave her. Radha apologizes to her for the incident with Ahem. She tells her that she wants to say something. She tells her that Rashi is very bad but Gopi tells her not to talk like that about Rashi. She tells her that she is blaming Rashi. She tells her that Rashi is older than them and very good at heart. Radha says that she is good so she sees only good in everyone but that is not true. Gopi tells her to stop crying and forget everything. She tells her not to repeat her mistake and leaves. Radha thinks that nobody will believe her and she will have to teach Rashi a lesson herself so that she never fools anyone else.
Gohem room
Gopi keeps her bangle box on the dressing table. She tells Meera that she will be back after keeping the clothes and leaves the room. Rashi is outside Gohem room with Radha and Meera calls her and points to the bangle box on the dressing table. Rashi cribs about Gopi taking away everything that she (Rashi) should get and Rad wonders how much Rashi will lie. Rashi picks the bangle box and sees the bangles. She wears them and Radha thinks she will teach Rashi a lesson. She praises Rashi that the bangles look better on her and she should have got them. Rashi removes the bangles and leaves the room. Radha thinks that Rashi has troubled her and Gopi a lot now it’s her turn. She applies glue on the bangles and gives the box to Meera. She takes her outside Rashi’s room and tells her to give the box to Rashi. Meera gives the box to Rashi and Rashi is happy on seeing the bangles. Rashi thinks that even little Meera understands that the bangles look better on her. She cribs that Gopi always gets good things.
Gopi comes back to her room and wonders where the bangles are. She starts searching for them. Radha comes there and asks Gopi what she is searching for. Gopi tells her and wonders if Meera took them while playing. But Radha says that Meera is playing with Meethi and she does not have the bangles. She tells her to search the room and goes out to search.
Rashi wears the bangles and is unable to remove them.
Radha comes down to the hall and tells Koki Baa and Hetal that Gopi lost her bangles. They come to Gopi and ask and Gopi tells them where she kept the bangles. They tell her not to worry and search properly as no outsider has come so it has to be somewhere there only. Radha comes to Rashi’s room asking if she saw Gopi’s bangles. Rashi tells her worriedly to help her remove the bangles but Radha starts shouting that she found the bangles and the ladies in Gohem room hear it as Rashi tells her worriedly to be quiet.


Precap Rashi tells Radha that she should keep a love letter in the tiffin box but Radha says it’s not right. Rashi asks why and Radha replies that for how long she will communicate like this and it’s high time she meets him. Rashi is shocked

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