Anamika 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the family mourning over Jeet’s death. Chhavi comes there again and the family shoos her away. Aamika comes home and sets the other 16 dead bodies on fire and breaks down. Jallad comes to fetch her saying that now that Jeet is dead, she has nothing left to do here, but Anamika says that Jeet will have to come alive even after his death for her as her 350 years wait cannot go wasted. At the cremation ground, Bebe faints and the family takes her away. Anamika comes and collects his ashes. She says that she will make his body again with this and take it away with her so that they can live in her world at least once.

At home Chhavi comes to meet Bebe, but Nani drives her away saying that now that she has killed Jeet, why is she here. She says that it was an accident, but noone believes her and throws her out of house and asks her if she can bring Jeet back.

Anamika brings Jeet’s ashes to Jallad who says again that time has come for her to depart from this world. She says she will go but with Jeet. She has brought his ashes and will recreate Jeet with it. He will have to return for her. Jallad warns her of the consequences, but Anamika says that she can go to any extent for her love. she does some extreme black magic and a body is remade but its not Jeet’s. She is shocked and says that means she was right that Jeet isn’t dead.

At the temple Chhavi is sitting with Shalaka chanting some mantras and Jeet is also there. Shalaka tells them that she is doing this havan to make a halo kind of aura around Jeet, so that Anamika cannot sense him. Flashback shows how Shalaka and Chhavi had already made safety arrangements so that nothing happens to Jeet and then doing some tantra on him so that he seems dead to even Anamika and later on she has exchanged his body in the mortuary. Chhavi is still tensed, Jeet asks what’s wrong and Chhavi tells him about Bebe being unwell and wanting to meet him. Jeet says, he would have to go. But Shalaka stops him and says that this night is very heavy and that if he steps out of the temple before tonight then Anamika will sense him else she would accept her defeat and go to her world.

Anamika is furious that Jeet did this to her. She tries to sense him and gets to know that he is in a temple. She says that Jeet cannot hide from her in a temple and that till now Jeet has only seen her love, but now he will see her obsession.

Precap: Jeet saying that Anamika would do whatever she wants but he cannot risk Bebe’s life and leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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