Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2013 Written Update

Radha tells Gopi that she will make breakfast for “him”, gopi is confused and asks “him” Radha covers up saying she will prepare for everyone, Gopi goes to set the table

@Dining table, Chirag tells that every month the woman of the house should fast, and eventually they will be ready for modelling, Parag agrees to it..

Radha, serves breakfast to Ahem, Gopi is shocked, Koki is glaring at her, Rashi fears that her plan might backfire on her.. Ahem gets a call, Gopi gives his mobile, Ahem skips the breakfast as he has to leave for a meeting, Radha is angry at Gopi as Swayamji (Ahem) left without eating, she thinks Gopi is jealous of her .. Gopi notices Ahem’s wallet on the table and was about to take it, Radha gets hold of it before Gopi and tells

she would give “his” wallet ..everyone are shocked

Madhuben wakes up a snoring Urmi, Radha calls out for Ahem as “Suniye ji.. suniye ji” Koki is right behind her, she takes the wallet and gives it Ahem and later tells Radha that he is her jijaji and call her as jija ji .. Radha wonders how can she tell that he is not Ahemji but “her” swayamji

@Rajpal nagar – 4 goons come to Urmi’s house, Dhawal fears if they are here for him, they ask for Urmi and barge inside and search for Urmi, Dhawal manages so that gopi’s dad doesn’t know about it.. the goons warn Dhawal to tell Urmi to give back their money .

Radha tells Rashi that she is willing to fast for Swayami, Rashi is scared and takes a kasam from Radha and tells her not to do any vrat as that will raise innumerable questions on her ..

All the ladies are making ornaments with flowers in the hall, Rashi also joins them, Urmi gets tea for baa much to the surprise of the rest, Madhu ben taunts Urmi and tells her to do the ornaments with the flowers.. Radha sneaks in her room and does the ornaments of flowers and decides to fast against Rashi’s kasam…

Meethi asks Koki to taste the pickle, Koki says all the ladies are fasting so they can’t and tells Radha to taste it,..Radha refuses, all are shocked and confused, Jigar comes and tastes it, Radha is relieved, Rashi wants to check if Radha is fasting and goes to her and offers juice to her, Radha refuses and lashes out at Rashi as she doesn’t want to break the fast and pushes the glass away from Rashi’s hands which breaks, Rashi is convinced that Radha is fasting

Radha sleeps in GoHem’s room thinking that she would stop Gopi from sleeping in Swayam’s room (Ahem’s) Ahem comes and is confused to see Gopi sleeping at this hour, he calls her name, radha doesn’t respond… Ahem walks to the window and is shocked to see Gopi near the swing, downstairs, he is confused with the sleeping person and was about to check on the person, he gets a call, he walks out, Radha sneaks an opportunity and runs to rashi to confront her

Radha confronts Rashi about lying to her regarding swayamji.. and she says that she doesn’t believe that there is any Swayamji … Rashi says Swayamji is there .. Radha asks her to prove it .. Rashi says Swayamji wears a wig which he takes off when he sleeps and tells her to trust, Radha doesn’t trust her.. Rashi says she will get her Swayamji’s wig to her . Radha agrees.. Rashi fears how to cover it up now.. Tolu Molu are crying .. Rashi tries to console them by showing a teddy and she gets a instant flash idea !!

Rashi gives a wig to Radha and tells this is your swayamji’s week and asks her if she believes her

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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