Anamika 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th August 2013 Written Update

Chhavi suggests taking Cheeku to a hospital which Jasleen and Jeet oppose, but Pratap agrees and Cheeku is sent off to a hospital. The whole family us upset. Then Nani is puzzled what happened suddenly that Cheeku behaved this way when he was completely alright when they had left. She then sees his food plate and is shocked to see lots of worms in there. She then asks Chhavi who served food to Cheeku, and Chhavi said she herself served and if anything wrong happened and Nani replies yes there was a big trouble with his food. Nani then places this matter in front of the family, and Chhavi tries to defend herself saying that they must be due to rains, but Nani insists that they were not rain worms. The family asks Chhavi about Abhay Singh and she tells that he has informed that he is out of town for

a special case and the flashback shows Anamika talking to Chhavi in Abhay Singh’s voice.

Jeet gives turmeric milk to Chhavi and asks her to sleep and leaves the room. Chhavi sees a shadow outside her room’s window and goes to check who it is, and finds Anamika there. Anamika says that Nani should not have behaved this way with her. Chhavi tries to say that she is elder, then Anamika suggests that she should impress Nani by giving her turmeric milk. Chhavi goes to her room but Nani is fast asleep. She keeps the glass and goes after closing the door. Nani wakes up hearing the door creak, she opens the door and sees Chhavi going from there. She goes back to her room to sleep and Anamika then sprays some powder inside her room which fills the glass of milk as well as Nani’s entire bed with lots of worms. She comes out of her room in fright and sees Chhavi going out of the house. She follows her out.
Nani asks Chhavi what she is doing at this time of night, she replies that she was out here as she was not getting any sleep. She then asks if Nani has drank that turmeric milk. Nani gets angry and Chhavi asks what happened, Nani says that we will talk in the morning in front of everyone and starts leaving, but Chhavi grabs her hand, in their kheencha taani, Nani falls on the ground and they see a hand in the soil. Nani screams and the whole family gathers there and everyone is shocked. Pratap asks Jeet to call Police and meanwhile Nani gets hysterical and starts blaming Chhavi and takes everyone to her room.

She then questions why she kept a worm ridden milk for her, but there were no worms there anymore and Bebe starts to drink the milk, but Nani stops her and says that she saw similar kind of worms as she saw in Cheeku’s plate and that Chhavi is trying to take revenge from her. But Bebe and Pratap scold Nani only. Chhavi tries to tell Nani that she would never do any such thing. Just then the police arrive and they dug up the ground and unearth Abhay Singh’s body.

Precap: Family us shocked seeing Abhay Singh’s body and Chhavi breaks down.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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