Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th August 2013 Written Update

Episode: 516

Bhabo tells that two matkas broke & sandy will become free of her dream when the third one breaks… She will be handling only her family. Adds that whether chavi was at sandy’s place she would have done the same. & sometimes it is necessary to to drink kaada at times for health sake. Babasa tells that for the first two matkas bhabo’s happiness was the reason & adds that for the third one suraj’s vonfidence is there & she can’t break it at any cost. Sandy will win this competition at any cost.

Babasa leaves… Bhabo tells self that she knows very well that sandy would do anything for suraj & she must convert her strength into weakness…

Next morning.

Suraj informs babasa that ther eis one programme gonna

be held by the SBC organisers. Babasa feels happy. Sandy gives babasa tea & searches for bbhabo. Asks chavi about the same who replies that she must be in temple… Meanwhile meena mocks emily with rope & asks her she would never forget the world till her death…

Suraj asks babasa why there is no sound of bell if bhabo is in temple. He goes on to check but he finds the place empty & asks about the same to babasa & others. babasa tells that he doesn’t know. Meena tells him to relax as bhabo would have gone to big temple for praying for her DIL. Sandy looks at the prasad thaali intact. Sandy tells that same to suraj…Suraj leaves to find out & mohit too… At the same time bhabo comes in…

Suraj finds some scars on bhabo’s hand which bleeds too… Suraj asks sandy to bring turmeric paste. Babasa asks where she went. Bhabo replies that she went for the happiness of children. Babasa finds it fishy. Suraj applies the paste. Meena tells that she was right saying that bhabo went to temple & sandy exaggerated things using her IPS mind. Suraj can’t apply the paste … cries… Bhabo looks at him. Mohit offers help. While applying bhabo feels the pain. Suraj couldn’t tolerate… Sandy thinks that BhaRaj have a deep relationship & suraj can never tolerate pain of bhabo. Bhabo notices new dress of kanha & asks about the same. She replies that she wants to take kanha to the competition. Adds that she has also got another dress to wear on sandy’s b day. And adds that it is the d day for matka. Suraj sternly opposes that it will never break with confidence…


Everyone get ready to leave… Chavi mocks meena for getting ready with such heavy dress… Meena inturn mocks for applying so much powder. Vikram is not there due to some work… SurYa come.

Chaturi informs bhabo that she has got a call from satish chandra. Mohit wonders who is that. Suraj asks them to leave & adds that sandy & himself will come with bhabo.

Bhabo on phone tells that she came that morning to meet him but couldn’t… Some bg plays… Bhabo thanks him & keeps the phone… Gives a stern look… SurYa leave with bhabo (who looks at the third matka)…


Abhi welcomes all & tells that this party is for revealing the trophy of SBC. Invites the four semi finalists on stage – sandy emily prateik & ashutosh. He then adds that there is one locker there in which the trophy is kept… Shows the key of that locker too.

Break: Abhi asks whether he can go.. Eveyryone nods.. Abhi stops & asks why should he go???

Abhi asks whether he can go & bring the trophy.. Eveyryone nods.. Abhi stops & asks why should he go??? He adds that this should be done by the competitors. He gives the key to sandy & get the trophy. He asks the four to go & bring the trophy. SAndy leads . Abhi gets permission & leaves for a minute. Meena thinks that she must make use of the opportunity to advertise her saree shop. Meena slightly moves & starts advertising to one person. The person responds & tells that she wants 50 sarees as her daughter’s wedding is on the cards… She gets the address… Meanwhile one woman notices meena & goes on to ask whether she is the same person who won the SMBC.. Asks about mishri & thinks that she got two children… MEanwhile bhabo comes.. Meena panics.

Precap: Sandy tries to open the locker but the key get broke. Sandy & others get shocked… Abhi comes there and asks her what was she dong & adds that how will they go out as everyone is waiting to see the trophy. She adds that she has got him into trouble…

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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