Anamika 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 29th August 2013 Written Update

Jeet comes to meet Chhavi and says how could she stoop so low as to do black magic at her house. He hands her mangalsutra back to her and says now this means nothing to him and that he is breaking all ties with her right from this moment, and also hands divorce papers to her which he had already signed. Chhavi says how could he take such a big decision without even asking her once. She begs him to give her one chance, but Jeet says he had already given her enough chances. Chhavi begs him to let him show one last thing. Jeet gives in, and goes inside and Chhavi locks Jeet inside a room to keep him away from Anamika. She then asks Ritu to keep guard on him. Ritu asks how would she be able to stop Anamika, and Chhavi hands over Ganga Jal bottle to her and asks her to sprinkle it in front of the door every now and then to keep Anamika away from sensing Jeet out. She then tells her that she is going to act upon Shalaka’s instructions to expose Anamika’s truth in front of Jeet and also tells her that Shalaka did not kill Rano, but rather tried to save her, but could not. Chhavi prays to Mata Rani to help her protect Jeet and expose Anamika.

Jeet tries to call Anamika but her phone is busy. Chhavi is driving and sees Anamika in front of her. They have a verbal duel and Chhavi says that Jeet is not in Anamika’s destiny. She challenges that she would expose her within 24 hours, but Anamika says that she would take him into her world within next one hour. Chhavi challenges Anamika to first find Jeet. They both drive away in different directions. While Anamika goes in search of Jeet, Chhavi goes to Anamika’s house.

Ritu places Diyas outside Jeet’s door but just then Jeet manages to escape through the window. Anamika comes just then and Ritu is shocked seeing her. She attacks Ritu and goes in search of Jeet. Meanwhile Chhavi enters the room of dead bodies inside Anamika’s house. She remembers Shalaka telling about this room and that she is to take a strand of hair from each of these bodies and do some ritual to make Jeet remember eveything. She does that while Anamika keeps looking for him. She comes outside just when Jeet is driving away but manages to stop him just in time. Meanwhile Chhavi burns those hair as per Shalaka’s instructions. According to Shalaka this will bring true face of Anamika in front of Jeet. While Jeet is walking towards Anamika, Chhavi is burning those hair strands. Jeet is about to reach Anamika when his vision turns hazy and he suddenly sees Chandralekha instead of Anamika. He then recalls Chhavi’s words that Anamika is a 350 year old evil spirit. Jeet is shocked.

Precap: Anamika hugs Jeet but he is only seeing Chandralekha…

Update Credit to: ..Bournville..

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