Suvreen Guggal 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 29th August 2013 Written Update

Suvreen says she kissed rc,and she is sorry.Yuvraj leaves the room tearyeyed.Ira sees yuvraj leaving the room.Suvreen is stunned wondering he did n’t listen fully and left.She blames herself atwhat she has done.At that time Ira enters and asks what has she done.Suvreen remains quiet,to which ira says its okay u take your time.Are u in love with someone else,and did u have some misunderstanding.Suvreen doesnot react.Ira tells her to go home because in such state she will not be able to work.She gives heradvice to talk to yuvraj because communication is very imp in any relationship.
Suvreen talks to camera saying she has made a very big mistake and yuvraj will not forgive her.She runs towards the lift to stop yuvraj ,but yuvraj ignores her and leaves in an auto.Suvreen decides

to give yuvraj space to think about what happened and returns to the office.In the office she remmembers all the good time she spent with yuvraj.Here rohan tells trisha that he is busy so he can’t have lunch with her.They both argue on phone and phone gets cut.Rohan asks Suvreen her reference material,but she is busy in thoughts and he has to come near her and ask,He is surprised seeing her state and asks what happened,even preti tells something happened between her and yuvraj.Suvreen excuses herself and leaves the office in haste.Rohan is surprised,but preti tells him love of your life is always your center of your happiness,rest nothing matters.To which rohan says then why I can concentrate even after fight with trisha.To which preti says answer to that u should know yourself.

Suvreen is about to open the door of her house when she hears her mom and dad are in cheerful mood,so decides not to enter the house.She tries contacting Yuvraj,but his phone is switched off.She calls rathi and asks him where is yuvraj ,even he doesn’t know.He asks suvreen why is she crying,she justs disconnects the phone.

Yuraj is walking on the road ,when maddy sees him,He asks whether he is trying to commit suicide.Yuvraj doesnot reply .Samar asks whether goodgirl left him,to which yuvraj tells him to leave alone.Maddy is surprised by yuvraj behaviour.

Suvreen rings yuvraj door but noone opens the door.She finds the key and opens and enters the house.She cleans the room and is waiting when rathi comes.He asks her why are u crying.At that time she realises its very late and she forgot to inform her parents.At that time phone rings and she tells her mother she had work and she is just now leaving.
Samar meets suvreens father near her house asks whether suvreen is with him.samar is surprised and says he had some other work and not to worry she will come home.Samar wonders that some big problem has happened between these 2 lovebirds.
Here yuvraj is walking alone in the beach and the song SUn rahaa hoon from aashique 2 is being played.
Samar is seeing the pics he clicked in lonavala,and is surprised to see pic of rc and suvreen.He tells there nice twist in the story and he will try to twist it further.

Looks like a dream because they show suvreen standing the door of her office.

Precap’Suvreen tells yuvraj nothing has changed to which yuvraj says nothing will be same again and u have hurt me so much nobody has ever hurt me.


Update Credit to: sujairohit

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