Anamika 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 16th April 2013 Written Update

Anamika’s stare causes a rip in Jeet-Rano’s photo. Rano is surprised seeing that in the morning. She collects the glass in Guddi’s sketch paper and throws it into the dustbin without a second glance.

Anamika is sad that Jeet is not ready to leave Rano and she does not even exist for Jeet. Chandralekha tells her that for that she will have to wipe out the existence of Rano. Anamika says that she will drive Rano to wipe out her existence herself.

Rano and Jeet visit Rano’s doctor who tells Rano not to entertain any negative thoughts. Rano then goes to see her mother, who gets scared seeing her.

Doctor tells them that her BP has gone up, so it will take 2 more days of observation. Rano decides to stay in the hospital and prays to mata rani. Just then she gets a call from the doctor, who tells her that her new reports are absolutely normal. she then gets the old reports from the records and gets shocked seeing that they too were normal.

Rano asks Jeet to send someone to the hospital and she herself comes back home. she recollects throwing guddi’s sketch in the dustbin, so opens it and brings the sketch out. She sees the twisted legs and then pieces everything together and comes to know what’s wrong with her. She wants to tell everything to the family, but noone is home. She goes to Guddi’s room and asks her to trust her that she is being possessed by that bad spirit. But just then evening falls and Rano is possessed again. Guddi gets scared.

Update Credit to: dishu

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