Amita Ka Amit 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th April 2013 Written Update

Amita comes out of bathroom drying her hair. From behind, Amit steps out of the bathroom wearing a tee and towel. He hides behind the door. She apologizes and looks down. He says what sorry, you only said I can use this bathroom so I will undoubtedly use this room too. He asks her to look the other side so that he can take his clothes. She does and smiles.
She has flashback of how Amit made her wear the mangalsutra again earlier in the day. She wears it and does the rest of the makeup (vermilion, bindi, lipstick etc.). Title song’s tune is playing in the background. Amit walks in all dressed to while she is combing her hair. He steps on her dupatta as he is about to turn but slips due to the dupatta and both fall on bed. They share an eye lock. Amita smiles while Amit looks up. Seeing him uncomfy, she tries to get up but her hairs get stuck in his shirt’s button. She removes it and both get up from the bed.

Amit turns to go when Ammu sees that his shirt has her lipstick’s marks. She tries to signal it to him saying he should change it. He doesn’t take the hint and taunts if she thinks this isn’t up to what he should wear at her parents’ house. I will wear this only for I have to go to office too. I wear these kinds of shirts only.
Amita again signals him to look. He does and sees the lipstick mark. He goes to change it quietly while Ammu sighs in relief.

Fallu is lighting diyas in the puja room. Tina comes and takes over from Fallu who obliges sweetly. Tina tries to tell Fallu that she finds that something is definitely wrong between Amit and Amita. Yesterday they slept in two different rooms.
Fallu says actually their AC was not working. They both slept in the guest room only. There is nothing wrong between them. Tina agrees but says she does find something weird between them. I wish from the bottom of my heart that they stay happy together. I have even gifted them the honeymoon package but… Fallu asks but what?
Tina says truth is something else. You must watch them closely. You will feel too.

Amit’s Dad comes with Dadi followed by Amit and Amita. Tina lightly teases him….he is looking so happy as he has to go to his in-laws house today. He will get all the attention from them.
He says he has to go to office from there. I will go there directly after dropping Ammu.
Fallu hands them both aarti thaal and they do the puja together. Ammu prays Kanha ji, I hope everything goes well when they go to her home for the ritual. Please don’t let anyone find out the truth. Ammu gives aarti to everyone. Dadi teases her to give them a grandkid soon. All smile while the newlyweds feel awkward.
Amit’s dad asks them to convey their good wishes to Amita’s family. He too teases him look at his face. He has already become so sad as Amita is going to her house for the ritual. Amit asks Amita to come and both leave.

Both are in the car. Amita asks him if he would stay back to have food with her family. They would have done so many preparations for him. Initially, he refuses saying when he will be there, she will be tensed only thinking what if I do something wrong. I have a very important meeting to go to.
She asks him to stay back for some time for their happiness. Can you not do at least this much for them? See Amit, just as your family has their hope on me similarly my family has hope on you. We will have to continue this drama there too.
He asks her to let him drive carefully. She again asks if he will have food at her home or not. He says he will see.

Both reach Amita’s home. Ammu rings the bell. Hemant opens the door and all the family members and Amita’s friends are standing behind him. They become happy to see them and welcome them in.
All friends tease Amit to relax they wont ask for the neg again. On Hemants asking first he says uncle then corrects himself. He says papa, he is worried about how much they will feed him. All have a hearty laugh hearing this including Ammu.
Dadi compliments that Ammu is glowing. Her parents are very happy to see her happy. ammu’s friends take her to her room to talk. Ammu looks at Amit as they take her away.

All want to know if she is happy with Amit and what happened on suhagraat. She becomes quiet and recalls Amit’s words. If I would have left then this marriage wouldn’t have happened. This marriage has no love; there will never be any love among them. They have done this for their family’s sake.
Aarti insists again to know how Amit is. Amita replies he is very romantic. They say they are happy to see her happy. A tear rolls down Amit’s cheek.
Just then, Amita’s parents walk in. They ask what’s happening. Aarti says Amita is sad thinking that she will have to stay far from Amit.

They all go outside leaving Amita with her parents. Varsha says she is lucky to have Amit as her husband. Hemant says, she cant even imagine how happy he is to see her happy. It is every parents dream to see that their daughter gets a very good house, life partner. Amit Kumar, his family is best for you. Seeing you happy we feel so relaxed too. Amita hugs him.
Varsha tells her when you left us we were very sad. But today seeing you both happy together, we cant explain how happy we are. She hugs Amita.
Amita says they must go out as Amit has to go to office after having food. Hemant says she has become very intelligent. Ammu smiles.


Everyone is making Amit eat. He keeps protesting but they insist so he has to.
Hemant asks him to check the basundi. Amit takes a spoonful and says it is very good, very sweet.
Hemant takes the bowl to check. He eats and shares that it is tasteless. All become worried and check on their own. They realise and ask Amit why he said so.
Amit says their love made it sweet. All become happy to hear him and Ammu feels happy too. Aarti tells Ammu that she is the luckiest girl as she has got Amit Kumar as her husband. Varsha says Amit Kumar is the best son-in-law ever.

Amit gets up saying he must leave now. They nod in agreement. He comes behind Amita and holds her shoulders. She is startled.
Amita is startled but manages to smile. He bends down toward her asking her to take care. All smile looking at them while Preeti is somewhat suspicious. Hemant offers to drop him till door. Dadi tells him to wait here as Ammu will do it. She happily gets up to go.

They come out and Amita thanks him for showing in front of the family that they are a perfect couple. If they would have gotten to know then they would have been heartbroken.
He says they had decided together that they will keep each other’s families happy. No need to thank. I have a very important meeting I must leave. Bye. She nods in a yes.
She starts coming back inside when Hemant confronts her. She is worried thinking if he heard anything.


Hemant asks what Amit Kumar said. She asks if he heard anything. He asks if what they had seen or thought is a mere show. Are they faking it? He asks for the truth. I heard you thanking Amit Kumar for pretending in front of the family. Tell me beta what is the tuth.
Amita thinks hard. She says they keep fighting on small things like wet floor, lights on. They have to keep the magic in the marriage alive. Don’t think too much as there is nothing to worry. Lets go inside all must be waiting. He smiles at her but is worried after she leaves.

Precap: Hemant takes Preeti in the kitchen. He asks her to share if there is something wrong between Amita and Amit Kumar. If there is something that she knows but he doesn’t. She is pensive.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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