Anamika 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 13th August 2013 Written Update

Chhavi challenges Anamika that she will free Jeet from her trap. She forcibly starts taking Jeet away, so Anamika makes the fallen glass pieces follow her but they fall just one step behind Chhavi as she is wearing that Mata Rani locket. Chhavi brings Jeet home and at her home, Anamika does some magic through a skull again and starts calling Jeet. Jeet is transfixed at the doorstep. Anamika calls Jeet to herself through that skull and Jeet turns to go to her. Chhavi starts praying to mata Rani to protect Jeet and brings Ganga Jal and sprinkles on her breaking his spell and just then Pushpa comes and sees Chhavi uttering something and sprinkling something on Jeet and she wonders if Nani is right and Chhavi is indeed doing black magic on her.
At her home, Anamika is tensed as her spell is breaking

and soon that skull disappears from her hand and Jeet’s spell is broken. Jeet does not remember being at Anamika’s house and Chhavi tells him that Anamika is doing black magic on him but Jeet gets mad at her and accuses her for tarnishing her image deliberately.
In her room Pushpa is tensed about Chhavi’s actions. She tells Pratap about what she saw – she tells Pratap that she herself saw Chhavi doing some black magic. Chhavi brings Jeet to Anamika’s room to show that she was doing black magic. She looks around and finally stumbles across a drawer with lemons and some voodoo dolls in it. She shows that to Jeet but Jeet refuses to believe her and says that it is not necessary that Anamika brought all this but Chhavi says that she will prove that Anamika does black magic. Chhavi tells him that she had gone there to hand him over to Anamika, but then she saw her black magic truth and changed her decision. She asks him to give her a chance to prove herself. Jeet says that though he does not believe her, he is ready to give her once chance but this will be her first and last chance. He leaves and Chhavi decides to throw the black magic stuff outside the house.
Pratap scolds Pushpa for even thinking such stuff but just then he sees Chhavi going out of the house carrying a black pouch. He also gets confused what she is doing out at this time of the night. He and Pushpa both decide to investigate and go outside the house. Chhavi buries the black magic stuff in a pit outside and meanwhile Anamika comes there and hides behind the bushes. Pushpa is telling Pratap what Chhavi was doing at this time of night. They go out and Anamika makes the black magic stuff appear out of the pit and Pratap kicks the stuff while Pushpa tries to stop him saying that this can land him in trouble, but Pratap kicks it again and goes inside. Anamika says that Pratap should have listened to his wife as the result of playing with black magic stuff can be very bad.

Precap: Pratap getting haunted by cockroaches..

Update Credit to: Bournville

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