Dil Dosti Dance 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th August 2013 Written Update

Adi was leaving from Rey home when Rey comes inside.He asks Rey

They are your friends can’t they wait for you.Don’t they miss you that they wrapped up. Rey says if it was so I would have been convincing them.Adi says but that way they could have atleast spoke with you anfd not ignored.

Swayam and Sharon are walking on the road and the children around have some camp fire.The thunder strucks and Swayam says that now god is giving his siren.The children come to play and Swayam and Sharon go inside the shed.Swayam calls her to dance but she denies and Swayam says she will regret it.Sharon says no.Swayam goes and Dances when Sharon realizes its one of Swayam wish and even gods signal..She notices a ghagra there and changes to it and goes.The children on the radio and takes

ones phone on switches on the recording. The song Chokra jawan starts playing and they start dancing on it..Swayam lifts Sharon and Thanks her and says she is too precious for her. Sharon keeps her head on his shoulder and he walks forward with her in his arms.

The gang is in the canteen and walking around discussing how happy they were when first time they met Adi but now its not.Vicky suggests that Adis real name must be Adi Announcement Khurana. The walk and meet girls.Simmi asks Nil for her coffee when he says he forgot.Rinni ask did Rey ask anything.The team nods in negative .Aashi says its different and Vicky asks whose team she is in. They speak of bet when Sharon comes in and sneezes.Vicky asks did she say anything when Sharon says yes and it was No. They will win the bet.Rey asks what Bet when the team manages with whether Sharon will sneeze or not. Just then even Swayam comes in sneezing.Nilesh asks why are both Sneezing.Swayam says its rainy season and cold and cough happen. Aashi suggest him to have honey with ginger .Nil asks why did she not say it to Sharon.Aashi says cause Sharon wont take home made remedies.

Rey gets a message from Adi saying he is here. He informs it to the team and moves to rehearsal hall.Vicky says now Rey wants to move forward and not with them.Swayam says he needs to organize.The gang comes in and sees Adi and Rey laughing.The team comes in and Rey asks Adi to say the news.Adi says its their first look tomorrow.Rey gets excited and tea is silent.Adi says team is quite Vicky says they are stunned. Adi tells meet is over and wants to speak with Rey over a coffee.Rey says he has class but Vicky and other boys ask him to continue.Sharon asks girls about the makeup and accessories. Swayam moves with boys and they speak of plan.To speak it without girls knowing they move to projector room. Vicky asks Swayam about his plan and Swayam says if Adi asks strange they will act different.Nil says Daal mai kuch hai kaala Bharath adds but mamala kya hai saala.The boys decide neither anger nor attitude but with love and smile they will work not from the heart but mind. God helps those who help themselves.They decide to just be cool not a fool no basdhan no tahsan…

Precap: Rey’s photo shoot.A assistant comes and informs Adi that team is not cooperating

Update Credit to: asmaju

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