Anamika 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Anamika 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th September 2013 Written Update

Anamika calls out Shalaka, she comes out and says that her game is up. But Anamika says that noone can stop her. She makes the electricity go off. Shalaka asks Jeet not to move an inch. The electricity comes and everyone is worried for Jeet, but Anamika says, Jeet has two choices, either to come with her himself or he will take his mom away with her. everyone is shocked to find Pushpa missing. She then leaves. Jeet decides to give into Anamika, but everyone stops her. Shalaka asks why is he risking his life, he says for his mother, but Shalaka says that Chhavi is fighting for him risking her life, but Jeet says that if he does not go, Anamika would harm someone else then. Suddenly the family gets shocked seeing that Monty’s doll on the stairs with bleeding eyes. He starts to go, but Chhavi stops him and Shalaka places a necklace around his neck telling him that it would protect him from Anamika’s attack. Just then Anamika calls him and tells him that if he doesn’t come to him right now, then his mom will meet the same fate as that doll. The family decides to call Police, which Shalaka rubbishes, meanwhile Jeet rushes out from the house and reaches Anamika’s house, where he sees Pushpa ties in some magical chains. She pleads with him to go, but Jeet does’t go.

Anamika asks him to take off all Shalaka’s things before entering. he takes off everything and asks Anamaika to leave his mom. She does that and Jeet steps inside and the door gets closed. The family and Shalaka come there and Shalaka tries to do some magic, but it fails. Anamika tells Jeet that the time has come for them to go. He says he is ready. Anamika says she knows that right now he hates her but in her world, he will only see her love. He makes him unconscious. Meanwhile Shalaka tries to break open the door to all her tricks, but everything fails. Anamika calls out to her assistants to help her take Jeet to her world. Something happens and next moment we see Jeet’s soul separated from his body.

Shalaka finally manages to break open the door and enters inside while Anamika tells him that they would have to hide his body at such a place where nobody can find it. Anamika and Jeet disappear from there while Shalaka enters inside and starts looking for Jeet. She chants some mantras when she is unable to find him. Anamika and Jeet reach the gateway to Pataal lok and Anamika tells him that noone would be able to separate him inside the Pataal Lok. Shalaka comes and informs the family that Anamika has taken Jeet to Pataal Lok. Chhavi says that she would bring him back, but Shalaka says that it’s impossible as only evils dwell there and no human has ever gone there or returned from there. But Chhavi pleads that she is ready to die fighting for him. Shalaka agrees to help her.

They return to Saluja house and after some thinking Shalaka says that no human has ever gone to Pataal Lok, that means that Anamika has taken Jeet’s soul there leaving his body somewhere on this Earth and if Chhavi wants to go to Pataal Lok, then she would have to do the same thing, she would have to separate her soul from her body. Shalaka tells her that now Anamika would be trying to be the mother of his kid, and Chhavi has to bring back Jeet’s soul before the new moon night tomorrow and meanwhile they all would have to find Jeet’s body here.

Inside Pataal Lok, the black ladies do some rituals on Jeet and place a necklace around his enck which he throws away. Anamika too is getting ready when Jallad comes and congratulates her on her half success in bringing Jeet here. He tells her that as soon as she gets Jeet’s part inside her, Jeet will forget everything else and then they both will depart from here to a new world which would be somewhere in between Earth and Pataal Lok.

Precap: Shalaka telling Chhavi about what she has to do.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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