An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-4

The episode starts with dev asking sona in game to get married .

Devrath : let’s get married reed sona

Sona gets shock listening it

Sona : did somebody hack ur computer master ? ( nd she laugh lightly )

Devrath :  have u seen the latest news on the official game website …..their is a couple competition …..nd u are the only female player in the game who maded up to in the list of top 10 players .

Sona : so u re looking for me because of that competition ?

Devrath : yes nd I have justified my reason too

Sona’s pov : so he asked me because of competition …..but my first marriage was also for competition nd marrying second time for that reason only ……but he is devrath the top legend may be I will learn some new skills nd we can also win the competition

Devrath: sona…sona

Sona : let’s get married ….lets go to the stone ( it’s a place for registering marriage nd plus to get divorced )

Devrath : wait…I still have to prepare so, three days after at 8 pm we will go .

Sona : but prepare for what ?

Devrath : for wedding ceremony

Sona : aren’t u taking the game so seriously master …….we just have to register that’s it plus we are doing this for competition only .

Devrath : still….it’s my wedding how can it be so simple .

Nd he go offline leaving sona dumdstruck

Back in the real word

Dev smiles while logingout of the game nd takes a book nd starts reading it .while Vicky comes in the room at same time nd Aryan nd ayush are also busy in studying something .

Vicky : every day is same …..but today is different . brothers ,I have a gud news ! gud news ! ……we have a opportunity to change our relationship status

No one gives a look to him nd they act as they didn’t listen anything .vicky gets angry

Vicky : u all desever to be single all ur life . I am serious guys

Ayush : say what happened ?

Vicky : today I got to know a girl who lives with the campus beauty .

Aryan : then , is the girl interested in u ?

Vicky : obviously ! I am so handsome ,which girl wouldn’t like me .now I just have to wait for the msg from that girl nd few min before she called me saying the campus beauty’s computer is not working nd asking us to fix it

Aryan : ( excitedly ) bro how was it broken ?

Vicky : I think the RAM went down

Aryan : oh ! it’s so boring nd not challenging at all

Vicky : seriously u all really deserve to be single  all ur life ! we have a chance to go to their hostel ,just fix computer nd ask for dinner

Ayush : even though I am interested but I am sure that campus beauty wouldn’t be …..( nd then he points towards dev who is still busy in reading )

Vicky : bhai ,we should know our limits who is interested in her but we can get to know her frends nd as for the queen we will leave it to……

( nd points towards dev )

Dev : I got married in the game nd I will introduce her to u guys soon

( three of them gets shock nd they get stand nd runs towards dev )

Vicky : u got married in game ?

Dev : so I am a man with family now so, it would be inappropriate for me to go ………..if u guys are interested u can go

Dev was about leave nd Vicky stops nd says

Vicky :brother ! I would like to meet ur wife in the game

Aryan : yes third bro , I would really like to see the girl who captured ur heart .

The epi ends on dev ‘s smiling face.the next epi will up in few hours .so stay tuned nd don’t forget to share ur views nd press the like button if u like it.

  1. Niyati

    It’s fabulous dear …loved each & every scene….Sorry for reading late….Lots of love ? ?

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