An Online Game Love Story – a devakshi ff ! epi-5

The episode starts sona loging in game nd sees 4 guys  surrounding her who are none other than dev , Vicky , Aryan nd ayush .

Ayush(monkey game name ) to sona : so… u are the girl who seduce our third bro ?( they have group chat )

Vicky to ayush ( directly to him as they are in same room ): u don’t even know how to talk ….see now

Vicky ( silly )to sona : so …u are the girl who got seduced by our third bro ?

( nd laugh naughtily )

Sona confusingly

Reed Sona : nd ….u guys are ?

Devrath : they ‘re part of my fixed team mates …….silly ,monkey nd mozarta

Reed Sona : hi everyone! I have heard manythings about u guys

Three of them gets surprised reading it

Aryan  : wow ! so we really have a third sister –in-law ….

Vicky : even the one who’s detined to be single forever has a girl friend .

Ayush : hey…..third sis-in –law id looks similar

Aryan: now that u say ,it looks similar ….

Ayush : I know !i know! Reed sona ,isn’t she the ex-wife of yuvi.k?

Ayush ( monkey ) to sona : were u in a relationship with yuvi.k before?

Sona was about to type but before dev replies to it

Devrath : that’s right ! ur sister-in-law (SIL)once trusted the wrong ppl,plz don’t look down on her .

Sona smiles in blushingly nd stupidly reading it . while other’s too laugh reading it .

Ayush :Ok!i understand ,I understand just as the saying goes : who doesn’t meet a couple of jerks in their life ,right ?

All the three points finger at him while he just gave look like ok! Ok! Type .

Vicky  (silly ): SIL forget ur ex …….our third bro is definitely better than him !

Ayush : okay let’s just do a raid to get eachother know better

Nd all the 5 start a fight with monsters nd atlast they kill him

Aryan (mozarta ) : rarely we find ppl that play in our team so well

He says to sona

Devrath :thank u !

Vicky (silly): it’s not like we praised u

Aryan (mozarta) : hey! When’s the big day ? don’t forget to invite us

Devrath : the day after tomorrow .

Vicky ( silly ) : the day after tomorrow ? don’t u have something on …?

Devrath: don’t worry ,I can make it

Reed sona : if u have something to do then,we can reschedule it .

Devrath :no need ! the day after tomorrow is better …’s an auspicious day for wedding .

Vicky : bro ! I am about to get down on my knees u re only getting married in a game nd u have to pick an auspicious day for it ?

He just leave the place without answering nd while sona also goes offline too.

The epi ends ,hope u all like it plzz share ur views in comment nd give me lots of thumbs up .srry for being so late but these days as clg has started I am busy . will try to post asap nd also can post in few hours if poosible , till then stay tune to it .

  1. Niyati

    Amazing as always ….I already said that I love ur concept from beginning …Eagerly waiting for next & lots of love ? ?

  2. Very nice…

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