Amrit Manthan 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 25th April 2013 Written Update

Yug sees Agam drying her hair and comes to her and tells that he wants to say something.
Amrit’s phone interrupts and it is Vishal who says that he couldn’t call her as he was busy in London.Vishal says that he is getting Agam treated for his memory and says that there is best doctor in London who said that there will be positive result.. . Amrit shocked hearing this and asks Vishal why he did not tell all this before and Vishal says that he didn’t want to raise their hopes unnecessarily incase the treatment did not work.Amrit angry and frustrated hearing the news tells Yug and Bani overheras the conversation Amrit says that they still have the upper hand as she is the only match as donor for bani.
Bani calls Nimrit and tells all that she heard saying Amrit was talking about London and memory back.Nimrit elated and thinks that Sehgal is her AgamJi only and shares it with Tej.Tej says that they need to find London’s address as Amrit can manipulate again as she is very hoshiyaar.
Nimrit says that she needs to find out Agam’s address from Amrit’s house . When Tej says they can ask bani to get the information, Nimrit denies saying she does not want bani to get involved in this.Jo comes with a trophy and says to Nimrit that she showed all her friends the trophy and Tej says that jo is smart and she can do it . Nimrit asks if She wants to go to live with Bani with few days Jo says yes.Tej says you will also need to find some information for us like a detective and she agrees.
Bani drinking juice and someone rings the bell. It is Jo and they both hug. Amrit is shocked and asks what she is doing here. Jo says that Bani has promised to spend with her during holidays and Bani requests Amrit if Jo can stay with them and Amrit with scary look agrees..
Jo tells Bani that mamma has send her for a secret mission to find address telephone of some London.Bani says how can they find as amrit aunty never leaves her alone and they make a plan make Amrit work like crazy so she will sleep well
Jo makes their room a mess and Bani requests Amrit to clean as she cannot sleep.Amrit cleans the room and sleeps next to Bani . Amrit sleeps as she is tired. Banjo goes out and sees that Yug is watching TV.Jo scolds yug in her filmy style as their plan is flopped

Tej and Nimrit at dhaba and Tej asks Nimrit if she knows Agams address and they show that there is a person who is overhearing the conversation (they just show the hand with Glove) ..
Amrit serves breakfast and makes lot of dishes on request by kids and is tired and dozed of sitting on dining chair .Jo jo gives her hard time by requesting something else and Amrit is tired of hadling her.She goes and complains to Yug that it is getting hard to handle both and Jo jo is very shaitaan.Yug suggests that they hire a governess so it will be easy for her and Banjo overhears this conversation.Amrit says it is a good idea and leaves to take shower.

Banjo sneaks into a room and checks all the documents and they find address. Jo calls Nimrit to inform and Yug comes inside calling them. Bani hides the paper in the diary.
Yug comes and he gives chocolates to both and while leaving notices diary. he opens and see the paper and is mad that Amrit has left it in open such important paper. He takes it to keep it in a locker. Bani informs Nimrit that yug has kept the info in a locker.
The glove shadow who keeps shadowin Nimrit is now revealead to be a girl and tells the informer that from the info he/she has given it seems like Agam will be found soon. ( They do not show anybody’s face just the glove and a voice)
Nimrit says to Tej that she cannot take this wait anymore and says that we will do something.
Yugam interviews the governess and Nimrit comes in disguise as a south indian and introduces herself as Rajaammajyothi Laxmi prabaDiwakaran

Jo Jo was a star today..She makes us laugh with her cute antics..She is the only one who can handle Amrit well
Suspense getting intense as the suspect is a girl and is clearly looking out for Agam..Only question though is that if she is Visal’s sister why is it so hard to find Agam’s hideout unless she is not in talking terms with Vishal

Update Credit to: saina

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