Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 25th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Jalandhar asking Shukrachrya-so Mahadev is a Vairagee?.Shukrachrya says yes-he is Mahayogi Mahadev.Had it not been for him perhaps this earth would have gotten finished,had Mahadev not drunk the Halahal from the Samudra Manthan,selfessly-hence proving that he was indeed Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev.

Jalandhar smirks and says atleast someone is there who is a little diffrent.He then says if he defeats Vishnu,Bramha and Mahadev-then the Asurs will be victorious right?.Shukracharya looks alarmed.

Meanwhile at Dadhichis aashram Swarcha is looking at Dadhichis plants sadly and is going to water them when she realizes that there isnt any water.Parvati approaches her and tells her to take rest,she will do whatever is needed.

Mahadev smiles and says now its time for Parvati to move to the next starge of Yog.

Parvati guides Swarcha back into her hut,when Mahadev once again comes before her.Parvati is angered and asks him why does he keep comming.Mahadev smirks and says i came to see how can you find solutions to your problem by putting water to plants.Parvati gets irritated and tells him to leave.He tells her if your Gurus guidance is so good why are you so upset,why havent you fully realized who you are?.Parvati snaps back and says i with my Gurus help will prove myself to you,and leaves in a huff.Mahadev smiles.

Meanwhile at the warground Vrinda is worried for the war the next day and asks the Daasi to fetch more attendants and medicines.Jalandhar eneters and says there is no need for any preprations.Tommorow the Devtas will loose as tommorow he will alone get into the battle field to fight them.Vrinda is stunned.

Meanwhile at Swarga Lok,Indra yet again feels threatened and is worried,and asks why Mahadev isnt doing anything.Brihaspati tries to calm him down but Indra gets hyper.Brihaspati asks him to go to Narayan.

Once he leaves Brihaspati expresses his helplessness to Narayan,how he tried many times to tame Indra but never succeded,yet for all his bad behaviour he is Indras Guru and says its his duty to protect him.

Parvati appraoches Adi Yogi,who is meditating and hesitantly asks him if there is any aasan she has left to learn?.He says yes-“Shavaasan”.Parvati looks stunned and asks Shavaasan doubtfully.Adi Yogi agrily tells her if she is doubting him she can leave.

Parvati hurriedly takes her position on the mat,as a Shav-dead body-lying on the Mat.Adi Yogi tells her to leave her body loose,almost like her soul is leaving her body to lay limp and lifeless,and asks her to close her eyes.Parvati closes her eyes and immidiately gets flashes of Satis body after her immolation(without seeing Mahadev),her being carried around and her body being broken to pieces.Parvati opens her eyes trembling.

Adi Yogi asks her to try again,and this time Parvati sucessfully finishes her task.

Adi Yogi comes out and tells Kartikeya,Gunesha that Parvati has successfully finished the 3rd stage of Ashtanga Yoga.Now she advances to the 4th stage which is all about -Urja.He will teach her the art of Pranayam but they have to leave from here and go back to Himavans palace.

Swarcha is sad,when Mahadev approaches her and tells her its time Parvati leaves.She asks did i do anything wrong?.Mahadev says no-despite all what happened you looked after Parvati,Gunesha and Kartikeya so well,they have to leave for Himavans palace for the next stage-priorn to which Parvati has to do something important.Swarcha says she feels lonenly now that Dadhichi is gone.Mahadev tells her that this aashram was Dadhichis Tapovan he will always reside here,although he may not be visisble.And tells her not to forget a part of him is still there with her-her unborn child.Mahadev promises her that he will always protect this aashram.


Jalandhar and Vrinda have a fight.Vrinda says if needed she will even help injured Devtas.Jalandhar says after all he has seen of them he can never like them.Vrinda says then this means they will never meet again.

Parvati finds a Damru in the sand,she picks it up and starts playing and sees flashes of her as a child playing the Damru.(little green eyed baby Parvati-so cute!!!)

Update Credit to: shruti.nil

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