Amrit Manthan 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 12th March 2013 Written Update

First seems creatives are kinda having memory loss for they used.. Navi. .bhangu.. waseem.mushtaq and vivek jain once was vivek jain too for that businessman in mumbai when Agam was introduced after leap..

Epi starts with must be Agam has wished Nimrit best of luck because Bani said so later ..The video i watch always have the first mins missing..

The organiser introducing the judges and each contestant should come as per their turn to present their dishes..Tej walks towards the kitchen with Agam looking on at him..Tej tells Nimrit after 3 other contestants their turn will arrive..Nimrit suggests to heat the food in the meantime..opening the cover of the utensils with food its a bad smell..Bani says mama wat’s this bad smell..Nimrit is perplexed and tells Tej the food and the color has changed too..Tej replies there is poison in this food..someone must have done this…Nimrit tells Tej we must withdraw our name in the competition..just then someone comes and tells Nimrit it will be your turn in a few minutes..Nimrit tells Tej before someone comes here we must throw these food away..Nimrit goes in search of the organiser to withdraw her name..Bani..jyothi are sad that Nimrit wont win the competition..they meet Nimrit and ask her to cook some other food quickly as she is used to it..Nimrit replies at home its ok to prepare something easy but here we must prepare something special..she asks them to not worry about it..Jyothi emotional tells Bani she cant see their mama so sad..Bani tells her dont cry we will do something that mama wont be sad..both goes in the kitchen to prepare food..

Scene where the angels of Nimrit convince Agam to help them..Both thinking what they can prepare when Bani says the Dhaba is for both Mama and we must prepare one of their fav dish..jyothi says yes mooli ke parathe and baigan ki fact i was having this feeling this will be the dish for the competition..Bani trying to make dough but too much water in it..Jyothi tells Bani this has become something else..Bani tells her dont worry i will do everything..jyothi tells her while you cut the bringels i will light the doing so she drops a utensil making noise..Bani tells her to be quiet..Agam passing by hears the noise and walks towards the kitchen..he smells of gas and there jyothi trying to light the matches..she tells Bani its not lightning the matches..Bani says give it to me i will do time Agam comes in and switch off the gas..he asks them wat’s they doing here..Bani replies we are cooking food as all our food got spoiled…Agam gets angry and says how can your mother let you do irresponsible ..i will talk to her..Bani stops him saying dont tell her,we just want our mom happy..Agam tells them kids should not be near the stove and do you know how to cook food.Bani instantly says do you know how to cook?..cute jyothi tells him you are grown up so you can light the gas and also cut vegetables..Bani tells him mooli ke parathe do you know how to prepare it and you have told my mom best of luck so you must help her.. Agam says sorry your mom cant win this competition.Bani replies even if my mom dont get the first prize its fine but she must not back out..thats what my mom has taught me…their please finally melt Agam’s heart..Nimrit waiting to get her name withdrawn from competition..

In the kitchen Bani all smile watching Agam rubbing the mooli into shreds on a grater..she does same later..all three having a great time cooking the food with the tu mera aina song in BG…next Agam makes both taste the food..jyothi says yummy and Bani tells Agam its good but something missing..he replies but i made it as per the recipe you gave me..Bani tells them i’ll be back..Nimrit tells the organiser she is withdrawing her name as all the food is messed up.. just then Bani comes there and tells him we are ready and drags Nimrit to the kitchen..she is surprised to see the food.. Bani tells her its your recipe and we asked to make it same..Nimrit asks them who made it..Bani replies that bad uncle and corrects herself saying the good uncle..Nimrit perplexed to see Agam.he tells her the kids wanted me so ..Nimrit tells him you helped me but Agam says no i helped the kids..jyothi tells him my mom says fighting is not good so dont fight…Bani tells Nimrit mom something missing in the dish..she tastes it and says i know wat’s missing ..she adds some spice with Agam looking on..Bani tastes it and says its perfect.the bad thing though even that Agam dont remember anything.D’ohNimrit a request hit Agam on his head please so as he gets his memory back…ok joking ..LOLits all in the famous creative hand .lets bear the torture more..

Nimrit name is announced to bring her dishes..Agam walks away..Yug is all happy that now Nimrit will ask for forgiveness to the judges..Yug..vishal waiting to see Nimrit humiliation but a shock for Yug as Nimrit comes with the food..he stands up saying how its possible all her food got spoiled..the judges tasting the food and Agam had his eyes on Nimrit face..finally the judges liked the food saying amazing and since morning its the best food they have tasted..Nimrit smiles with Agam staring at her..Yug not happy at all with all applausing her..Nimrit tells the judges i want to say fact all the food i prepared got spoiled but its the courage of my kids here that has made it possible..i want to thank them for their courage and to someone else also without whom this wont have been possible..The judge asks whom ..Nimrit says MR sehgal..Agam expression clearly says he was not awaiting this and it touched his heart..Yug angrily looked on at Agam.. the kids pulled Agam close to Nimrit…she tells the judges without him this would not have been possible..Agam tells her it was your recipe and i just helped..time to announce the winner ..judges tell Nimrit you could have been the winner but only one dish and mooli ke parathe is not enough…you deserve a special prize though for not accepting defeat in such bad moment but to show courage..she is called on stage to get the prize..Bani with Nimrit walks on the stage followed by jyothi and Agam..all four with their trophee in was just a kodak moment..a happy family..wish its soon the reunion..

Another unrealistic creative idea..let Nimrit not recognising Agam in sardar look but yug ..really absurd..same voice just a fake beard still Nimrit did not recognised that voice and face..when will creative stop fooling us viewers with these nonsense.

Precap: Tej telling the helpers in dhaba that someone has torn up their dhaba must be the same person who has put poison in the food..The helper say it must be Agam sehgal..Tej says how are you so sure?..he replies one of the guest told us he saw him spreading something in the food with Nimrit hearing all this…does Nimrit blame Agam or she puts on her thinking cap to get the real truth..cant really predict anything exactly as creative have their own idea..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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