Suvreen Guggal 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 12th March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts wid: Yuvi sayng suvi’s puppa sory abt d incident hapnd in nainital one yr bk…..he saya dt hez reaaly vry sry 4 dt cz he ws scared @ dt tym wd police so he hd lft no option bt dng mischief wd suvi’s puppa….suvi’s puppa says dt its k…people do mistakes n by d tym he hs realized dt yuvi is a gud human being….cz its becuse f him his daughter is safe tday…..n nw a dez wen suvi says hm dt puppa she vll b late n yuvraj vll drop her hme den hez vry relaxed n forgets all his tension cz he trusts yuvi a lot..

Nxt scene: mumma guggal n baby in ktchn cukng..n baby strts sayng dt suvi di n yuvi r so gud frnds na….n whu says dt a boy n grl cnt b bst frnds..dey shud c di n yuvi’s frndshp..dey r d bst xample….suvi’s mom lost in thot….den door bell rings..suvi enters..she says hello to yuvi…yuvi is abt to say hi stops n saye hi suvreen…puppa says dt u r so late yuvi ws waitng 4 u..den baby interrupts..n says di c yuvraj hs not eaten nethng..den yuvi says dt he hd enuf n he hs left sum space in hs stomach 4 dnr….suvi glares @ yuvi askng if evrythng is okay..yuvi too glares n says yup….yuvreen’s eye contact….mumma guggal sees dem..
Suvi goes to d kitchen n says dt rc hs gvn dem a sudden assignment n dts y she ws late….mumma says dt its k..she shud tk rst nw..she strts hlpng her mom makng parathas n says dt yuvraj vll eat atlst 5-6 parathas..den baby qestns dt..di u knw so mch abt yuvraj..u knw hm beter den tultuli..hs she 4gotten her best frnd also..
suvi is shocked…..n den her puppa cls her..yuvraj asks suvreen wher ws she..he ws vry tensed..she says dt she realized hw he wud hv flt bt she gt late cz f alisha whu ws vry slow in compltng d gvn asignment gvn by rc….yuvi says dt its gud dt alisha is her partner cz she seems to b smart n inteligent….suvi says he shud hv seen her in d clas n den shud hv made ds staement cz she feels as if alisha has deliberately dun ds to make her delay..yuvi interupts n says dt she cnt blame alisha 4 being late its her fault….suvi says dt he hs cum 2 hs house n ds is nt d ryt place 2 fyt..
Next scene:..evry one is hvng dnr..mumma guggal keeps an eye on yuvreen..
yuvi n suvi didnt spoke mch to ech othr..N den suvi is studyng n mumma guggal confronts her whether she n yuvraj r jst frnds or der is smthng else btwn dem mre den frndshp..suvi is shocked n says mumma i wntd 2 say ds 2 u bt..mumma gts angry n says dt ds is not acceptable…suvi strts cryng..n den baby asks wt hs hapnd n y mumma wnt away so angrily..

Mannu n rathi r wchng muvi in d laptp n r hvng fun pulng ech othr’s leg…yuvi’s fne rings..he sees suvi n dn discncts d col..mannu asks did he hd a fyt wd suvreen..he says she wantedly came home late..n he dnt wnt to continue d fyt so he vll nt tlk 2 her n she shud realize dt hez angry wd her….suvi thinks wt if mumma says evrythng to puppa..she tlks infrnt f d camera dt nw ds vll b caled as a gr8 mistake by her parnts..

Morning suvi is scared to face her she relaxes wen cums to knw dt her mom hs nt said abt her n yuvi’s relatnshp to her d canteen..rathi n mannu discusses abt being bankrupt 4 d 1st tym..n dt der name is on d list for not payng d colege fees in 2 der surprise yuvi’s name ws nt in d list as he too hs nt paid hs fees on tym..mannu n rathi suspects alisha payng yuvi’s fees..yuvi gts suvi’s cl n tls her dt he hs an urgnt wrk he vll cl her bk..n yuvi rushes upto return alisha’s money as he cnt tk so mch favour frm her..

Precap: .suvi sayng yuvi dt she hs tld abt der relatnshp 2 her mom….n her mom is cmng to met hm tday in d colege…yuvi is shocked n asks wt if she says dt 4m tday onwards dnt evr dare 2 meet my daughter

Update Credit to: nazomel

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