Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu saves Bindiya

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babu telling Kaushalya why did she forget the teachings which she gave him. She asks why did you send baby from here and made me alone. He says I was happy with my life, you got me married and asks him to fulfill the dharma. I did all that whatever you had said. He says if I am wrong or your teaching. He asks why did you throw her out of the house and tells that this thing is making him suffocated, and asks her to answer him to make him quiet. Kaushalya says you said right that I was living in illusion that I was right, and tells that someone came between us. She says you couldn’t understand your Amma for the first time. She says you will understand one day that whatever I have done is for the family. Babu says Amma thinks I am in trouble, due to Baby. He says I have to prove myself innocent to make Amma understand. He asks Hanuman ji to give him strength to fight the big war of his life.

He comes home and recalls baby’s words that she couldn’t be a good wife or bahu. He looks at their photo frame and cries. He hugs her saree and recalls their moments. A sad song plays…..He calls Baby. Babu realizes he is on call and says Babu. He says you have identified me and asks when did you reach? She says just reached. He asks if she had any problem? Baby says she is busy and will talk to him later. Babu says I shouldn’t have let you go. Baby says I am happy and safe in my house. She ends the call. The boy asks Baby why did she lie? He says babu will scold him if he comes to know that he has hidden about her. Baby says she will stay here, and will return to her house. She finds a rat there and jumps on the bed. She thinks how will I manage here? The boy asks her to return to Babu’s house. Baby says I will manage and will not accept defeat. The boy says I stay in a nearby house, call me if you need anything. Baby thinks she will correct her mistake and the distance will not come between Amma and Babu.

Kaushalya tells Jagannath that Babu is going far from her. Jagannath says whatever you have done is wrong. Kaushalya says whatever I have done is for the family. Jagannath says you can’t held Babu responsible, as Baby is his wife. Kaushalya says I am his mother. She says Baby left, but increased the distance between Babu and me. Baby tells that the distance will be for tonight only and thinks if that girl gained consciousness. Babu thinks to meet the girl and comes to the hospital. Nurse checks Bindiya gaining consciousness and informs the Inspector. Akhilesh’s goon hears her and thinks to inform him.

Akhilesh drinks wine and comes to the bed. Rani asks him to move back from her. Akhilesh says he has won lottery and thought in dreams to get such beautiful wife. He says you are different and beautiful. He says he has right on her being her husband. Rani cries. His phone rings. His goon informs about Bindiya gaining consciousness. Akhilesh excuses himself and calls some goon asking him to return his favour. He thinks to kill Bindiya right now.

Babu is still in the hospital. The goon goes to the ward indisguise of a ward boy. Babu thinks the ward was left behind. Akhilesh tells Rani that he is her husband. Rani cries. Akhilesh gets call again and comes to know Babu is in hospital. He tells Rani that her brother is troubling him. He says if he didn’t mend his ways, then I will stop his breathing. Rani cries. The goon is about to give injection to Bindiya. Babu is about to go inside, when Akhilesh’s other goon stops him and tells that Bindiya is his relative. Bindiya gains consciousness and throws the tray on the floor. Babu goes inside and sees the goon trying to kill her. He hits the goon and the latter runs away. Inspector scolds Constable. Bindiya tells that she was forced to file fake case against Babu. Inspector asks who asked you/ Bindiya says I don’t know, I was given money by someone and that’s why I couldn’t refuse. She says she is ready to give statement in his favor. Babu smiles.

Precap: Baby tells the villagers that he will protect the girl as she is the key to his freedom. Bindiya fills her maang with sindoor holding his hand. Babu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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