Arranged Marriage With Love (RIANSH)- Episode 39

“Apa khabar tuan!, selamat datang ke hotel kami.”

Ridhima gaped at the person who was standing at the entrance of the hotel that they were going to stay in for the next few days. It’s been a hour that they have landed and soon they were travelled to the hotel.

A tall man with sharp features and a pleasant smile was there at the entrance of the hotel waiting for their arrival. There were few more staff behind him who were holding few things. Ridhima demented when she heard him speak some other language.

‘Here I am who knows only few languages that too pure Indian.’ She huffed at herself

 “Salam untuk anda, saya Vansh rai singhanaia”

 She gasps when she hears Vansh speak the language which was quite similar to the one she had heard before from that very person fluently.

‘Does he know that language.’

Ridhima was continuously gaping at him while he looked at her and winked with a smirk on his lips. She stared at him in Awe.

‘My husband is definitely a perfectionist. Damn sure my kids will also inherit his wit and glamour.’ She blushes profusely at her thoughts.She looks around and finds Sanjana scrolling through her phone and goes towards her.

“Do you know what they are speaking?” She whispers to her but guess she was too loud that Siya who was standing beside Sanjana giggled at her while Ridhima returned her a mocking smile.

“Saya telah dimaklumkan mengenai penginapan anda di” The same person who was wearing a black tux and cooling glasses spoke, to which Vansh nodded.

 “That person, who is the manager to this hotel, welcomed us to the hotel to which Vansh bhai introduced himself and now that person said that he knows about our visit to the hotel.” They three snapped their heads towards Ishani who was smirking at her victory of translating the language.

Sanjana opened her mouth to speak something but Ishani winked at her and pulled her chin up followed by a pat on her head.

“You know that language?” Siya asked her to which Ishani huffed in anger.

“What do you mean that I have goggled its translation?” Ishani scoffs at her and then Sanjana chuckles.

“She didn’t say that Ishu, and that is not even possible because Google cannot translate that language which they are speaking.” Sanjana says while pointing her fingers at Vansh and others.

“No, but it really did translate for me.” Ishani says rather confused and then cups her mouth realizing that she had just spilled her secret.

“So you were using Google translator. Now I realize how I got all those traits of being perky.”Siya laughs at Ishani who just fakes her smile.

“Let’s go.”

They turn back to see Vansh and Aryan coming towards them. Vansh gave the room tags to everyone. He booked 5 rooms. One for the married couple while remaining rooms for each one of them. Ridhima looks at Ishani who was already glaring at Aryan who in turn returned a smile sheepishly. Ridhima giggles as she knows that they both wanted to stay together but what to do as Vansh is hell of a protective brother than anyone can be.

They moved to their respective rooms bidding each other their send off’s. It was 7pm evening, so they have decided to end the day and meet at 8pm for dinner. Until then they would just relax their tired bodies.

On reaching the room, Ridhima jumps on the fluffy bed and soon her muscles relax at the comfort of the bed.

“Ridhima, you could have taken a shower right. You are all stinky and that bed will smell gross now.” She frowns at Vansh who was removing his blazer.

“I am tired to even move from here. My shoulders are paining.” She winces in pain that her shoulders are facing right now. Immediately she heard Vansh hissing and soon he reaches towards her.

“Turn back and let me see.” He says and immediately rotates her half letting her back facing to him. He immediately removes her coat and tosses it away. He places his palms on her shoulders and began massaging them.


His fingers were totally magical. She could feel herself melting in his hands. All the pain was flowing away with her enjoying his massage.

“Ahhh.” She moans when he puts more pressure on her shoulders. She could feel him stiffened for some time before starting again.

“You have such magical fingers. I wonder what all things they can do.” She said not bothering her context as right now she was totally immersed in pleasure.

 “Want to know?” She frowns hearing him as confusion laces in her brows.

“Will you tell?” She whispers while her eyes being closed at the relaxation she was feeling.

Vansh slowly bends towards her leaning near her ears and blows some air. She stiffens at the sensual touch of the air and her eyes wide open. She feels him towering on her and tries to get up only to find that he had placed his arm on her back pining her to the bed while he pressed himself to her back.Her breathing’s begin to race with the intimacy they were having. This proximity from him is the least she was expecting right now.

“Vansh..” Her mere whisper was enough for him to know his effect on her. She slightly shivers when he slightly nibbles her earlobe. The shiver that coursed through her body was obvious to both of them which pleased him.He turns her around and locks her with his arms on either sides. Her breathing gets rapid at the proximity they had. Unknowingly her hands land on his broad shoulders which stiffened at her touch.

 “These fingers can do wonders. Want to know how?” He whispers so slowly that it was for their close proximity that she could hear his words. He took a lock of her hair and started playing with them while looking deep into her eyes as if waiting for her answer.

Words long gone, as Ridhima was already lost at the sight of him.

Her him…..

His hair was slightly messy as though he was continuously running his hands through them. His hawk eyes holding her frame as if gulping her features. His pursed lips were slightly pink making her impatient to kiss him.

“Ridhima.” He whispers huskily which makes her heart warm with love. The way he lets out her name is just too cherish able. She slowly turns towards him who was lying on his side with his arm’s support and caresses his face. Slowly stroking her finger on his jaw line while feeling his stubble. He closes his eyes while a breathtaking smile emerges through his lips. She leans forward while holding his cheeks and places a chaste kiss on his lips. His breath becomes soft and smooth as of a kid.

“My heart swells with confidence and pride in the love I have for you…. My husband. I love you so much.” She says while closing her eyes to hold back her unshed tears. Her this tender gesture makes him love her fervently. Unable to see her tears he immediately engulfs her into his embrace compactly. Her embankment of emotions break at once in his arms and she weeps heavily. Vansh pulls her towards him, making her lay on top of him. She snuggles more into his chest and weeps soundlessly.

“Ridhima, please don’t cry. It hurts me please.” His splintered voice makes her miserable and she looks up to meet his murky eyes with her lament eyes.

“Don’t cry.” He mouths again while wiping her tears away. She holds his hand on her cheek and leans into his palm.

“It hurts Vansh. Every time I look at you, my heart races towards you. I love you because we are far greater together than either one of us could ever be apart. But with every moment of love there comes a constant fear which is making me miserable. If one told me that falling in love can be this intense then also I would have fallen for what you are. But also it hurts whenever you back off from expressing your stance, your love, your respect. Why are you not able to speak the feelings you already have in your heart? Please tell them before these dark thoughts envelope me. It is very agonizing.” Her muffled voice makes his heart swell in pain. Seeing his love in twinge is the least he ever thought and much worse is the helplessness he was having to condense her vulnerability.

He knew that Ridhima is too naïve to face all the insecurities she is having that too for him.

“Ridhima, please don’t hurt yourselves mentally. You are my life. You sooth me, you calm me, you understand me, you hold me, you understand me, you stand by me. I owe you, I f**king owe you everything of mine. I may be pathetic at expressing my feelings but believe me the day I express it would be worth for you because you deserve it. You deserve every concession and I will make it happen.” He kisses her forehead for what seemed like ages. It soothed her heart to see his care, to hear his words but the inner turmoil she was having was utterly sore. She was afraid of all ‘What if’s?’ happening in her mind. Her heart knows that Vansh is the one for her while she for him but her mind points out at her flaws that she is not worth of him.

We cannot find peace when the mind rages war against the heart.

Ridhima moves back from him while wiping her tears and a smile stretching on her lips.

“It’s ok. I was too carried away. I think I reacted a bit heavily too. I know you are all mine but Vansh delay the things which are related to heart. Heart breaks are more painful than death sometime.” Ridhima says in her feeble tone while Vansh gets up along with her. He thinks profusely and nods at her. She pecks him softly but firmly once again and smiles.

“I am really hungry now.” She says while holding her growling stomach.

“Come on now, lets get freshened and leave for the dine.” He says while looking at his watch.

Ridhima nods and goes to the washroom while Vansh lays back on the bed and gets into thinking. He knows that his love is too deep for her but she was right that he fails in expressing himself. He was always like this. After seeing their parent’s disturbed relation he was too introvert to relate himself with love. Never did he interact with people in his education phase. Angre was the only friend he had that too their friendship started with a fight for food they had once in their high school.

His chain of thoughts broke when he heard Ridhima come out. He immediately rushes to the washroom and comes after taking his shower.

“Let’s go.” Ridhima intertwines their fingers and they leave after locking the room.


Walking heatedly outside Siya’s room, Sanjana mutters few curses for her sister who was staying in her damn room in the name of getting ready. Her patience fading away with each second making her red with anger.

She fists out her phone and scrolls through her mobile while walking in the corridor. She laughs maniacally at one of the memes she saw on internet when suddenly she bumped into someone leading her to fall on her butt.

“Ouchh! What the hell?” She yelps in pain while rubbing her arms which got hurt. She then checks her mobile which was out of danger without any cracks. She heaves looking at is safe and then looks up to find a tall man in black specs standing in front of her.

He checks around and finds the corridor totally empty so she confirms that he was the one who bumped into her.

The person forwards his hands for her but she simply slaps his hands away and stands on her feet.

Looking at him closely, she understands that he was a foreigner with blonde hair and a small stubble making him boyish. When he removes his glasses, she takes a look at his deep blue eyes which held a pinch of fear.

She smirked at the fear she saw in his eyes.

“I didn’t see you. I was looking through the phone….

She pities his misery and smiles softly at him before saying.

“It’s ok. Even I was looking in my phone.” She says sweetly and waves her hand in her saying it was nothing.

He lets out a nervous chuckle while rubbing his nape before saying “It’s so sweet of you. But I am really sorry sister…..

Remaining words long gone when her ears heard him calling her sister making her eyes go wide. Did he really called him sister?

“Abey koun sister? Main tujhe Bhehen ji type dikayi de rahi hun kya? Kitni sundar ladki ko tum didi kaise bol rahe ho? Dimak teek hain ya kuch bemari hain. Agar firse bola na to dekha.” She threatens him in her piercing voice while he stands still with a stoic voice.

“I didn’t understand anything sister.”

“Phirse! Gadhe…. Kutte….Andhe….yeh bhagwan mujhe toh dang se galiyan bhi nahi ate hain. Ise ab kya kahun. Par dekh agar tum yaha se nahi gaya na to dekhne main tujhe yahi kurma banadungi.” She threatens him with her finger and he gulps before nodding at her foreign language and rushes from there.

“That was fierce.” She turns to see Siya holding her phone horizontally as if recording a video.

“You were recording it.” Sanjana asks horrified before rushing towards her and snatching her phone. She swiftly deletes the video and threatens her with her eyes to forget about the matter.


“Bhaiya, tomorrow we will leave for travelling right?” Siya asks Vansh while wiping her mouth with the tissue.

They had come to the dining hall and had their dinner.

“Yes and we must leave by morning 10 so be ready.” Vansh says while sipping water.

“Sampath Bhaiya will miss it right?” Siya says with gloomy eyes making Sanjana stop her eating. She always had the void of missing her brother that she couldn’t face bravely.

“He has some work and he will join us soon.” Vansh says while holding Sanjana’s hand who was beside him for which she smiles at him feebly.


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