Amita Ka Amit 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th November 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with phallu expressing her worry on amita’s pregnancy But amita pacifies her saying that mummy g, it were you who told me that time does not always remains the same…May be this time with lord Kaanha’s blessings, My pregnancy wont suffer any complications and baby will come giggling in our house. Phallu says what if baby does not come this time too… last time with your baby I lost my family’s togetherness.. I don’t want to let it happen again.. Amita says that I know how much I suffered by going away from you all… I have realized the importance of family and learnt my lesson. I won’t commit that mistake again. God forbids if my baby does not come, even then we all will stay united and will face the situation whatsoever… amit praises her saying that it is very brave of you amita. Amita praises him in return that it’s all your support that gave me strength. Phallu says, ok fine..but this time I want both baby n mother healthy.. Amita happily nods.

Time is shown flowing.. Amit taking amita on morning walk hand in hand.. Baa feeding her apple, in kitchen Phallu Naani Riya Tina all fighting over who will cook amita’s fav dishes when amita announced that she only came for water in kitchen and all laughed, Amit came home saying I have brought something for you amita.. Amita very excited”What..?? Amit shows him bag full of bitter-gourd.. as its healthy for u. Thus months flew by and amita is last month pregnant. She comes in living area with tea and phallu rebukes her for doing work. Just then amit arrives and says, enough of work amita, you sit comfortably and I l make tea for u..hww shweet..Naani teases him at it.. Just then Amita’s labor pain starts and she is taken to hospital.

In hospital, amita is in OT and amit n shah n patels worried outside.. OT bulb is off and doctor saroj comes outside..She straight goes to amit.. and gives him the good news, ” Congratulations Mr. Shah.. you hv bcum daddy and your Amita is fine too. Amit in super happy mode hugs the doctor tightly n thanks her tons. Amit goes inside OT.

Amit goes to Amita and holds her hands.. Amita congratulates him for their baby…and says, see amit..we won.. Amit nods saying yes amita we won..Amita asks him to look at their baby-boy lying in baby-swingbed. (The A2 junior is DAMN CUTIEEE… oh gawwd itna golu molu pyaara baby ..awweee..) Amit looks and has happy waale tears in his eyes..he goes near the baby, Sits by baby’s swingbed and adorely looks at his face..another tear escaped his eye..(must watch scene) seeing his baby so delicate, he is reluctant to touch him.. Amita notices it and says Go on amit.. take your baby in your lap… Amit is about to take baby in his hands when doctor saroj enters and tells A2 that baby is very week and so it needs professional care for few years.. Amit nods to doctor and doctor leaves. Amit assures amita that don’t worry.. we won’t let anything happen to our baby.. I am with you. Amita says that with your support and with our family by our side, m not worried at all.. Now I just want to spend happy times with our baby. A2 lovingly smile at each other. (pls do watch this scene coz I dont think I v done full justice to it)

A2 with kirit and phallu on their way home visit temple and their family priest. Priest announces that the future of A2′s baby is very bright and he will bring prosperity to shah family. BUT in his kundli, a danger from outer source is predicted n the danger is near. All are worried and move back to car. Meanwhile, A lady with a snake’s tattoo on her left wrist is shown in background and she is watching A2 baby with an evil eye.

A3 (A2 with baby) reach home and are welcomed by all. Naani brings “Aarti plate” to welcome the new member but Aarti’s diya extinguished. Amita is worried at it and recalls what priest said and epi ends on her face.

Precap: Lady with the snake tattoo rings shah home’s bell and amita opens the door. Lady says that she got to know that you need a baby-caretaker.

Update Credit to: grintson

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