Amita Ka Amit 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 3rd December 2013 Written Update

After Kajri leaves, Amita goes to the guy whom Kajri met and gave money. He says he doesn’t know any Kajri. Amita shows him bunch of money and says she can give more. He now asks her what he has to do.

At home, everyone is worried for Amita. Amita returns. Amit tells her you should at least tell me when you go somewhere. Amita says when a truth is outside, then one has to go outside for it. Kajri and everyone is confused. Amita says she has brought someone who will give certificate of not being mental to everyone. She calls the guy in and asks him to tell Kajri’s truth to everyone. He says Kajri gave him money and jewelries to send somewhere else, and he doesn’t know anything more. Kajri and everyone is shocked. Kajri is leaving. Amita stops her and asks where

she’s running now. Kajri starts her drama and says to Amita, I know you want me to send out of this house, but why this drama? He tells the guy, I am also poor like you, why are you doing this to me? After Kajri’s emotional drama, the guy tells Amita that he can’t lie more. He tells everyone that it was Amita who gave him money to lie so she can get Kajri out of the house. Amita is shocked. She tries to explain to Amit and everyone that she is not lying. The guy returns money to Amita and says he doesn’t want money by doing wrong to someone else. Amita says, I gave you more money, where’s rest? She then gets quiet after realizing what she said. Amit says, so finally you spoke the truth. He tells the guy to leave from there before he calls police. Kajri tells Amit not to say anything to Amita as it’s her mental condition that’s making her to do all this. He asks him to leave her alone. Amit leaves from there.

Amita is crying in her room. Kajri comes and says, so you didn’t listen to me.. now you see the results? She gives her two options. First one to give Raunak to her and live happily with family. Amita doesn’t show any interest. Kajri then says, then get ready to get separated from your husband and son together. Amita gets mad at her and says, a maid is threatening me to throw me out of my house? Kajri says, I have already created doubts in everyone’s mind for you. Even if they feel bad for you and let you stay in this home, then will you be able to make place in everyone’s heart like before? Especially when I am here? She laughs and then leaves.

In the living room, everyone is discussing about solution to Amita’s problem. Everyone convinces Amit to show Amita to a doctor before it’s too late. In end, Amit agrees. Kajri is happy to hear that.

In his room, Amit takes an appointment with a doctor. Amita then comes there. She tries to justify herself, but Amit doesn’t let her say anything and hugs her. He says he can only request to her and says, if you change your opinion for Kajri, then I will talk to everyone in the house and tell them that you’re normal. Amita moves back and says, you all can call me mental, but no one in this world can change my opinion for Kajri, not even you. Amit says, then get ready by 4pm. I have taken an appointment with a doctor. He leaves. Amita looks at a clock and it’s 3pm now. She says to herself she still has an hour to expose Kajri to everyone.

Precap: Amita finds some bank papers in Kajri’s room. Some other name is written on those papers. Amita comes to Kajri’s area and shows her photo to her neighbor. Kajri’s neighbor says, this is Savita, she lives right here. Amita is shocked and says in her mind, so she is living in our house with a fake name.

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