Mahabharat 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with our hero Arjun ensuring if his mom is really happy. She confirms that she is happy. He then walks off to bhishm who is lost in thoughts. He pays his respects to his great grand father. Bhishm is dissapointed that because of his impatience he lost his chance at a prospective throne. Arjun says that he has four other brothers can he can fight for the throne. But bhism says then he would have to fight with him first as he will always fight for Hastinapur.

He leaves asking Arjun to pray. Krishna gives his gyan on what praying to god actually means,

Ashwathaman comes with a really funny smile to his father and says that his friendship with Duty will bear its fruit soon. Drona breaks his hteart and smile by saying that Duty will not become the king. Ashwathama says

that Dhrit is going to make him the crown
prince tomorrow. Drona again confuses him talking about rights.

At the corridor Duryodhan his highly reduced in number of brothers and his two friends are having a chat. Duryohan says the man who is making his statue to make it the biggest. That man says he was ordered to make similar statues for everyone.

Duryodhan says then his should be placed above all others and whose will be placed just under his feet. Karn says his should be.. Duty says that he won’t let that happen… he treats all friends equally.. that position under him will be reserved for his rivals. Ashwathaman notices the arrival of the inseperable five and passes a taunting comment.DDuty and Karn catch on.. Bheem gets angry, but Yudistra manages to stop him. Each of the five get their screen space trying to show their fury… (but failing miserably in acting) and they finally walk away.

Gandhari is doing her favorite pastime, near the Shivling. By the way, due to space constraints, Krishna and Shiva have decided to share the set… did you all notice?
When she is praying, a knife falls near her and her creepy brother follows. He says that his long time desire is going to get fulfilled. With his nephew becoming crown prince gandharwill win. Gandhari mid understands her brother first but he explains that his rivalry is with bhishm and he would be defeating bhishm forever if Duryodhan comes to power.

At the court everyone is looking expectantly at the king. Vidur announces that the kings decision to choose a crown prince will come after bhishm gives his speech. Sakuni is confused but Duryodhan assures him that nothing is going to happen with blessings speech.

Bhishm gets up to speak,

Precap. Dhrit is about to announce, but guru Dron walks in.

Update Credit to: Peeves

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