Amita Ka Amit 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th November 2013 Written Update

Amit hands over Raunak to Kajri and Amita is shocked. Amita tells him how he can even think that her son is not safe with her, her son matters her more than anything else. Amit says this is the problem that you think about Raunak too much and that brings fear in you. The truth is that you cannot take care of Raunak. Amita is surprised hearing that. Amit continues, I am Raunak’s father and I care for him more than you and your behavior is making me think of only one thing – keep Raunak away from you. Amit’s family tries to calm him down saying this will have bad effect on Raunak. Amit’s mum says AA won’t understand this. Nani takes Raunak and everyone leaves. Amit then tells Kajri that he will apply medicine on her hand. Amita is shocked. Kajri refuses, but in end she agrees. Amit leaves with her. While leaving, Kajri glares at Amita. Amita cries.

Outside, everyone is discussing Amita’s recent behavior. Nani says we all saw how she was taking care of children at orphanage and when she can take that kind of care of others’ children, then wouldn’t she take care of her own child? Amita comes and says, all this mean nothing until you explain this to Amit. He’s comparing me to a maid? He has faith on her, but not on his wife. Even if it’s just my misconception, then can’t I even tell to remove Kajri and get a new maid? Amit’s mum says that it’s against their values to remove someone from work without any fault and asks her to show one mistake that Kajri did and they will remove her. Amit’s mum then tells Amita to forget what pundit told her and then she will realize how safe and happy Raunak is. Amita says she will go outside for some time to cool herself down. She takes Raunak with her, but Amit’s mum tells her to keep Raunak at home. Amita keeps Raunak at home and then leaves.

Kajri brings tea to Amit and tells him that the place where she worked before, there was someone like Amita as well. In worry for her child, she had no clue what she was doing. Once because of her, her child’s and other family member’s lives were on a risk. Amit asks then what happened? She says, they took her to a doctor of mental people and until she didn’t get fine, they kept her away from her child. Amit laughs off and says there is no need to take Amita to a doctor. While Amit is leaving, he’s not feeling good. He loses his balance. Kajri runs to him and holds him. Amit moves her back and says he’s fine. He leaves.

Amita is crying at Jigna’s house and telling her that she gets weak when Amit doesn’t trust her. Jigna suggests her to be strong and try to find why Kajri is doing all this. By being weak, she is only helping Kajri. Amita decides to be strong now and find Kajri’s mission.

Raunak is with Amit’s mum. Kajri brings milk. She first says she will feed him, but then says no as if Amita finds it out, then she will get mad. This makes Amit’s mum to give Raunak to Kajri. Kajri says, what about Amita? Amit’s mum says she will take care of that. Nani says Raunak is looking so happy with Kajri. Amit’s mum says, everyone knows it except Amita. Kajri leaves from there with Raunak. Amit’s mum asks Nani if they should take Amita to a doctor. Nani laughs off and says, we should take you for talking like this.

Amita returns home and asks them about Raunak. Nani doesn’t know what to say, but Amit’s mum tells her that he is with Kajri. Amita gets shocked, but controls her feelings and leaves.

In a room, Kajri throws milk bottle and says to Raunak, when your mother is here, what’s the need of this bottle? She is then feeding him the milk and says, soon Amita will be out of this house and you will be only mine. Amit overhears it and is shocked. She shouts, Kajri! Kajri tells Amita that she was just trying to make Raunak sleep. Amita says, don’t lie! Kajri then shows her true colors to Amita. Amit says, she will expose her to everyone right now. Kajri laughs and asks Amita if she still thinks that family will believe her after what she has done recently? Kajri then tells Amita that soon she will be on her place, and Amita will be out of this house. Amita watches her in a shock and disbelief.

Precap: Amita tells the family that she has called someone to their house to prove that she is not mental. Someone enters the house. Kajri seems worried seeing him.

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