Uttaran 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 28th November 2013 Written Update

Meethi is in front of Iccha’s photo and says she is missing her mother a lot. If she was here today, then she could tell her how much she is missing Akash. She says, everyone has gone to mandir to pray that my legs get fine soon, but how can I tell them that I am not sad because of losing my legs, but I am sad because I have lost Akash.

At mandir, Damini asks why God tests them only. Nani says, everything will be fine, you’re in mandir, don’t doubt God. Damini says, I am not doubting, but I am only thinking that Meethi is alone at home. How she would be.

A courier comes at Meethi’s house on her name. Meethi receives it. She wonders who sent that. She reads the name and it’s sent by Akash. She tries to open it right away, but it falls down. A red envelope comes out. Meethi tries to pick it up, but she can’t reach it. Meanwhile, the puja continues at the mandir. Meethi tries very hard to pick it up, but no success. In end, she falls down from the wheelchair. She’s in pain, but is still looking at the envelope.

At mandir, pundit asks family members to ask whatever they want Meethi. Nani wishes that all, who have hurt Meethi, go away from her life. Damini recalls Meethi’s words that Akash didn’t shoot her. Damini closes her eyes and Meethi’s face comes in front of her. She feels like going home. She feels that Meethi needs her right now. She gets up and walks out. Nani notices it and is not impressed. She says in her mind, for whom we are doing this ‘expensive’ puja, she left from here.

At home, Rathore comes and sees Meethi on the floor. He runs to her and puts her back on the wheelchair. Rohini comes out and is worried. Rathore is mad at her and says that she should have paid attention to Meethi. Meethi is looking at the envelope. Rathore notices it. He picks it up and Meethi is very curious to see what it is. Rathore reads it and then suddenly stops. Rohini asks if Akahs is getting married. Meethi is stunned and shocked! Tears fall from her eyes. She then leaves from there. Rathore sends Rohini behind Meethi. Rathore gets angry and throws the wedding card and asks, what the hell is going on?

Akash is getting ready. Sankrant says, according to the rituals, younger brother has brought shoes for his elder brother. He asks him if he knows what he is doing. Marrying someone to whom he doesn’t even know. He asks Akash, why are you doing this? Why are you punishing yourself by doing this marriage? Akash says, will you give me the shoes? Sankrant puts the shoes on Akash’s feet, pats him, and then leaves from there.

Akash turns and looks at his and Meethi’s photo. Other hand, Meethi comes to her room and recalls Rathore reading Akash’s wedding card. She cries. Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan song plays in the background. Akash looks at the photo and recalls his and Meethi’s moments. Other hand, Meethi recalls their moments as well. Akash takes all Meethi’s photos off his room wall.

Rohini comes to Meethi’s room and asks if she is okay. Meethi says, it’s all my fault. I separated him from me. He tried a lot, but.. It’s good that he’s moving on in his life. At least he will get all the happiness. He was never in my destiny. Rohini says, everyone went in puja for you. Akash will come running here. Meethi says, nothing like that will happen. I have given a lot of pain to you. She asks Rohini to tell Rathore that she is okay and want to stay alone for a while. Rohini tells her to take care of her and leaves. Meethi doesn’t stop crying.

Everyone has returned home from the puja. Rathore asks everyone if anyone talked to Akash. If Akash said why he’s doing this. Tappu says, everyone tried, but he is not ready to listen to anyone. Rathore says, I hope this is not a drama. Mukta and Vishnu come there. Mukta says, no papa. This is not a drama. This is true that Akash wants to go away from Meethi… in spite of knowing all truths about Meethi. I just came from his house. It’s his engagement today. Everyone is shocked while Nani is happy.

Akash comes to his engagement function. Maiyya welcomes him. Akash meets his father in law. The bride arrives. Maiyya welcomes her. While the function is going on, Akash’s phone rings. Sankrant has Akash’s phone with him. Before he goes to Akash, Maiyya comes to Sankrant and takes the phone away saying Akash won’t talk to anyone during engagement. Rathore keeps calling, and Maiyya keeps disconnecting. Rathore says something is wrong.. will have to do something.

Precap: Ring ceremony is going on. Maiyya asks Akash to forward his hand. The bride’s father gets surprised seeing a ring in Akash’s finger already. He asks Maiyya what is this? He has a ring already.

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