Amita Ka Amit 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 27th June 2013 Written Update

Amit opens the door of his room happily. But his smile disappears when he sees Ammu ready with a bag in her hand. Ammu too notices him and the both look at each other hurt / confused. He asks her where she is heading to with the bag. She replies that she was just going to keep it in the cupboard. He feels relieved. He tries to take the bag telling her that he will keep it but she insists to do it herself. It is empty so no point fighting over a suitcase. Even if it was full then I would have kept it myself. Their hands touch accidentally and they share an eye lock. She recalls seeing Amit with Antara at various points and takes her hand away. While keeping the suitcase he asks her if she isn’t going to her home. She replies in negative. If I go before you leave for US then Shah Family will find it weird. He smiles at her answer. I too was thinking what is the hurry to go. She tells him that she is slow in understanding some things. Before he can say anything she goes out. He thinks this point is right though.

At the dining table, everyone is seated. Ammu comes with the food. Amit looks at his spoon and thinks of attracting her attention towards him. Please give me another spoon as this isn’t clean. She silently puts another spoon beside his plate and leaves (lol…silent treatment of a wife is the most dangerous thing ). Seeing no option left he checks his plate. He asks for another plate. This time Fallu, Baa and Nani look at him surprised. Ammu changes his plate as well. Baa jokes if they should get the dining table changed too? Next you will ask for another Baa (poor Amit he he he). Eat your food silently. Amit nods. He looks at Ammu who is busy serving food quietly. What has happened to her? Why is she not talking? He asks his mother for some special dish and asks Ammu about the same. She doesn’t reply to him. Fallu tells him that it has already been made at home. Amit’s face brightens up. How did you know? Nani adds that Ammu has made it for you especially. He looks at Ammu and asks for something else too. They explain the whole menu to him. he continues looking at Ammu when Baa tells him if he will eat something or keep staring at the person who has cooked it all for you (wow….I love Baa’s one-liners and poor Amit ). Nani and Fallu smile. Nani tells Ammu to join them too. She sits next to him. He makes sure no one is looking towards them. He asks her how she knew that he wanted to eat kadhi-rice. She goes quiet at first then says, got to know it….maybe a little late but got to know it. He wonders what has happened to her. She tells him to eat first talk later. He nods in a yes. His phone rings. He excuses himself even as Fallu tells him to finish his food first. Baa wonders who calls him so much these days? Ammu is sure that it would be Antara only.

Amit says to speak fast what is the matter. It is Batuk and Sanjay on con-call. Batuk teases him that he seems in so much hurry these days. Amit feigns ignorance. Sanjay too tells him to tell all to Batuk or he will tell him. amit says, he doesn’t have time to waste with you both. I have left very yummy food to attend your call. Batuk wants to know why he was in a hurry to leave when he had gone to meet Sanjay.
Amit explains that only a few days are left for him to go and there is so much to do. Sanjay again teases him if only this is the matter? Amit says only you both know it and I don’t. You tell me what is the point here that you both know and I don’t. Batuk speaks up. You weren’t in a hurry to return home but to Amita. sanjay laughs. Amit smiles. You both are mad. Sanjay shares with Batuk how Amit was praising Amita in front of him. batuk again teases him. sanjay tells him to relax. It isn’t bad to miss your own wife. She too must be missing you. When you will go to the US then you both will miss each other. Batuk teases him in a girly voice. You left me here and went to America. I miss you so much. He smiles. Ammu comes from behind and calls out to him. He disconnects the call.

She kind of taunts him when he asks about the bowl she is carrying. You can eat it when your important phone call ends. His smile disappears. She hands him the bowl and leaves. He SMELLS the rabri (sweet) and relishes it. He wipes the bowl clean with his fingers (so cute for once he dint worry if it was clean). Nani observes him enjoying it. Is it good? He nods. She asks about the rabri this time (clever Nani…hi5). He nods….rabri too. He realises…rabri hi….meaning only rabri. She asks him if he will miss it in America. He replies a lot….meaning rabri, where will I get it there. She adds that he also wont find someone like her who can make it. He smiles shyly.

Ammu comes in her room. She calls Preeti and tells her that she is coming over to her place. When Preeti tries to ask her something she cuts her off telling her not to ask anything. She leaves after taking her purse along.

Amit comes in his room searching for Ammu. He looks everywhere even in the whole house (my my he is so worried to lose her). He rings her up but she doesn’t pick. Instead she messages him that she is going to Preeti’s house. He calls her again. This time she picks it up. He asks her why she leaved all of a sudden without telling him anything. She tells him that she finished all the household work then only she left. He corrects himself. You should have told me before going at least. You dint even pick my call but smsed me. She repeats his own words to him. You only said that I talk a lot so sent you an sms instead. They start into a small discussion about the call rates and sms rates as equals. He cuts her off. You should be here this time. She asks why. Without thinking he blurts out that as he is going to US….stops realising what he said. She is confused. He replies that he meant about all packing that needs to be done. She assures him that she will do everything. You go there without any tension. Like always he gets confused. She disconnects the phone.
He speaks aloud to himself. Amit Shah now you will have to do the packing alone. He takes out the bag again. As he holds the handle, sweet background music starts playing. He has flashback of when their hands had touched and their eye lock. He comes out of his reverie. He lays the bag open on the bed. As he opens the cupboard he realises that it is Ammu’s clothes. He is about to move to next cupboard but stops. He looks at his favourite suit of hers (the one that she wore in Lonavala). All their happy romantic moments spent in Lonavala come flashing before his eyes. He is smiling to himself. What has happened to you Amit Shah? Why are you not able to concentrate on your packing? Why is your mind roaming here and there for no reason?


Ammu is sitting lost with the ice-cream bowl in her hand. Jigna prods her to speak up as she is only eating ice-cream. Preeti takes the bowl from her. ammu tells her that she will leave. Preeti tells her to go ahead. Ammu gets up upset. Jigna gestures Preeti not to do so. Ammu stays put. Would you not stop me? preeti denies. Why are you not going anywhere? Jigna again tries to stop her but Preeti signals her to keep quiet.
Ammu becomes sad. Ok don’t stop me. You too stop supporting me (she sits back on bed dejected). Preeti and JIgna become worried for her. Tell us what happened that you are behaving this way. Ammu says – there is another girl in Amit’s life. Both her friends are shocked.

Amit is with Batuk and Sanjay. I am angry with Amita. She went to Preeti’s place. I know she can go anywhere she wants to. I too am going to US but still I got angry as to why she went there. His friends exchange confused looks. What is happening to me? batuk asks him if he is feeling angry about it. He affirms. She is making preps for me to go with so much enthusiasm that it looks like she is going not me. I can take care of myself. Why does she have to worry about it?

Ammu is crying. Preeti tries to make her see sense. It cannot be. You are mad. She says she too felt the same but it isn’t so. It might be that I made some mistake but…(cries). They ask the other girl’s name. Ammu says someone was to come in his life if not that girl. This doesn’t change the truth. He doesn’t love me. jigna gets angry. How can he not? he cannot do what he likes. We will tell at both the homes then we will see. Ammu begs them not to tell anyone. You are my friends and he is my hubby. I don’t want him to feel ashamed in front of the whole world. That is why I am asking you not to tell anyone not even Sanjay. Promise me! they reluctantly do and share a tearful group hug.

Amit tells them that he is angry with Amita as she left without telling me anything. She did so many preps for my birthday and dint even fight with me when I dint turn up. Sanjay says that he should be happy then. Batuk is confused. You want her to fight with you? Amit gets all the more frustrated. Yes, I do. I don’t want her to make my family so happy. I don’t want her to do so much for my family and….me! I don’t want her to live for my family through day and night. I want her to fight with me so that is becomes easy for me to go to US. I know it is my decision but still I’m feeling bad. Why is she not stopping me?
His friends smile up now. You want her to stop it? Amit fumbles. You tell me why is she doing so and why am I feeling so bad about this whole thing? batuk makes him sit. What you said hints at the romance. Amit is taken aback. Romance and me? Have you gone mad? Sanjay agrees with Batuk. This is the truth – you are in love with Amita. batuk and Sanjay repeat it in chorus while Amit stands confused and surprised.


Update Credit to: pooja

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