Pavitra Rishta 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th June 2013 Written Update

Manav cannot believe Archu returned with Arjun’s signature instead stopping him. Savita too joins Manav and asks Archu, how much do you know Ovi? She sent these papers in anger. Don’t you think she will still remember Arjun after divorce? Before there was a hope, but now? Manav tells Archu, you know we were about to get divorced as well and you know how sad we were. Archu says, the big truth was hidden from Ovi and no woman can take that. You tell me if I had relationship with someone else, wouldn’t you think about divorce as well? There’s a big difference in our relationship and their relationship. We were about to get divorced because there were misunderstanding. Despite those misunderstandings, there was love between us, but there is nothing like that in Arjun-Ovi relationship.

No relationship can last without love. I can talk to Ovi and make her agree not to give divorce, but can you give me guarantee that Ovi will stay happy with Arjun after that? Savita asks Archu, can you give guarantee that Ovi will stay happy after divorce. Archu says, no I can’t, but I know she won’t stay happy with Arjun either. How will she react when she sees Purvi or Pari? She tells Manav, I don’t want to any of our children suffering. I am doing this for her good. Try to understand. Manav says, I don’t know whether what you did is right or wrong, but I can’t see Ovi in this condition.

Gauri is talking with Purvi, but Purvi is lost in her own thoughts. She tells Gauri, Archu aai went and made Arjun sign divorce papers. I will have to talk with Arjun. Gauri says, what will you tell Arjun? You just said your mother made him sign the papers and he did that means he also wants to give divorce. Purvi says, I don’t know, but I feel their relationship deserves one more chance. I will convince him about not sending papers to the court and I know he will listen to me and rethink about his decision.

Other hand, Onir discusses this with Kinsukh and Shalini. He says, I got out of Purvi’s way, but to make sure Arjun and Purvi come together and don’t face any problem in future, we will have to do something. He tells them his plan which is fake marriage of him and Shalini.

Arjun tells DK, Archana aai came yesterday. Dk says, Archanaji, not aai. And I know you signed divorce papers. Arjun says, I should have told you about this before, but I am just too lost. Dk says, I understand. Arjun says, I gave divorce and now am scared about your and Manav uncle’s relationship. Dk says, no one forced Ovi to make any decision and I hope you thought before making your decision. Arjun says, yes.. I did and I thought it’s better if Ovi gets divorced. Dk says, I can talk to Manav if you want, but Arjun says to give time to Manav as he’s too close to Ovi. Arjun then gets call from Purvi. Purvi says, I want to meet you right now. Arjun asks, what’s the matter? Purvi says, I will tell you that when we meet. She asks him to meet outside mandir.

Onir and Shalini are getting married in mandir. Kinsukh brings a photographer and tells Onir, I told him everything and you can trust him. Purvi arrives at the same mandir. Onir has arranged a priest who is on his way. He goes outside to pick him up and stops by Purvi’s auto. Priest comes and they go in. Onir, Purvi fail to see each other. Arjun arrives now.

Purvi tells Arjun, I am very worried for you and Ovi. Why can’t you understand it’s not good to take decision in hurry. Think one more time. How can you forget what Ovi did for you.Arjun says, I didn’t do anything? Purvi says, I am not saying that, but Ovi compromised with so many things to stay with you. To give you father’s happiness, she left her all bad habits. Please think one more time. Arjun says, fine I will, but decision of getting divorce is not mine. I can’t believe you’re telling me all this despite knowing everything. Purvi says, right now all I know is that Ovi tried a lot to save your relationship. Now it’s your turn. Arjun says, that’s what I have been doing since beginning. I don’t believe you..why your expectations from me keep increasing. I am a human in the end. You said marry Ovi for your family’s happiness, I did. I made you promise that I will keep Ovi happy. I made all efforts to keep her happy and she still can’t stay happy because I can’t give her that happiness. That is because I don’t love her. I never loved her and I will never be able to. Our relationship was of compromise which you know very well. You’re still telling me not to divorce her? I was feeling guilty till now that because of me she started drinking in her pregnancy. I didn’t go to anyone to say anything. No one thought about me. Even after all this, if Ovi says that she is not happy with the marriage and I don’t love her, then she is right. Purvi says, I know. Arjun says, no you don’t.. otherwise you wouldn’t be questioning or telling all this. Purvi gets quiet.

Arjun continues, how many times do I tell you? Ovi is just my friend and that marriage was just a compromise. I made a mistake by listening to you and marrying her. I won’t repeat same mistake again. If she wants to get freed from this marriage, then I will free her. I have made my decision and I won’t change it. Seems like Purvi finally gives up. Purvi asks, are you sure? Arjun says, yes I am.

Arjun receives a call. Purvi turns and sees a couple (Onir-Shalini) getting married, but she can’t see their face. She gets lost in thoughts. Arjun asks her, I am sorry, but where did you get lost? Purvi says, I was thinking why Onir married me when he wanted to betray me. I could never imagine that Onir can do such thing to me. Our lives are so changed. Arjun says, whatever had to happen happened already. And if I tell you the truth, then I feel all this happened because of you only. Purvi asks, meaning? Arjun says, meaning.. your habit of forgetting yourself and thinking about others.. trusting others easily. Maybe Onir took advantage of that. Anyways, you should thank God that you found out the truth. He puts his hand on her and says, there’s none of your fault for what Onir did, so don’t blame yourself. You just trusted him. Purvi says, I understand you, but I don’t know what to do now. I feel everything is over. Arjun says, nothing is over. Pari is with you. Purvi says, you’re right. Now I will have to live for Pari’s happiness. I will have to move on for Pari’s future. Arjun tells her to cheer up. They leave from there.

Episode ends.

Precap: Onir-Shalini and Arjun-Purvi face to face. Arjun then takes Purvi with him. Purvi watches at Onir after sitting inside the car.

Update Credit to: DesiTvbox

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